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Promote cooperation, respect for others, self-esteem, and literacy with these meaningful writing and art activities. For someone who is going from teaching high school Spanish to elementary school Spanish, I found that this book was very helpful in providing me with great ideas for my new classroom and school. Tonight, Saturday, October 22,  The Miracle Bookmobile will be in downtown Los Angeles beginning at 7pm in front of Exilo Studio.  Exilo is located at 435 S.

This entry was posted in Books, Greater Los Angeles, history, La Crisis, polls, Rant by Victoria Delgadillo. Elayn Martin-Gay firmly believes that every student can succeed, and her developmental math textbooks and video resources are motivated by this belief. This practical resource is brimming with easy and fun ideas for fostering a harmonious classroom community including: Autobiographies in a Bag, "Quilt of Many Faces," Class Compliments Book, Collaborative Bill of Rights, Conflict-Resolution T- Chart .
Since all teachers in my building also advise a group a students after school one day each week, I can also incorporate projects and ideas for that as well.
My best character trait is that I remember everything, my worse one is that I remember everything.

PLUS dozens of great strategies that worked for these teacher-authors and will work for you!

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