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I’ve met many interesting people in science including the Nobel Prize winner Professor Robin Warren and never dreamed I’d be working with one of the world’s brilliant researchers, Julian Heng, Associate Professor, UWA School of Medicine and Pharmacology.
Despite rubbing shoulders with amazing scientists, my passion has always been to further showcase our labs in primary schools innovation for which we won the award.
You won a prize for science, but how much did technology, engineering and mathematics play a part? I’m proud to say that I think our Rostrata STEM Lab has inspired many teachers to take on science specialist roles in WA.
I make it my business to know what jaw-dropping technologies are already here and what’s coming.
My big budget prompted me to seek real value for money and spend in a way unheard of in schools. It’s fun to imagine and I think the more powerful computer processing becomes the more amazing the future will be. I still work in my lab, and manage time to develop new strategies for improving student outcomes or should I say, getting kids excited about the future world of STEM.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Many of the plants featured in this quiz are used in formal bedding schemes but they generally lack the intensity of colour of the plants included in our bedding plant quiz.
Colours can be mixed together in an annual border without any problem but you will need to give some thought to the sizes of the respective plants. There are over 300 different species of Dianthus growing in the wild - many are perennials. Generally the named plants found in garden centres are propagated by cuttings and are perennial whilst the ones sold in 'packs' as bedding plants are grown from seed and usually treated as annuals. Loves hot, dry conditions and are ideal for sandy soils where moisture retention is a problem.
The plant is usually known as the Snapdragon because when the flowers are squeezed they resemble a dragon opening its mouth!
Seed is available in a wide range of flower colours and with different heights to suit varying situations.
Quite hardy and in southern and coastal areas they can be planted out in the autumn for flowering the next year.
Young Sunflower plants do track the sun but mature ones settle on constantly pointing East.

It's fun to see how tall a 'normal' one will grow but many dwarf varieties are now available. The picture shows the typical flower formation - thirty or more individual flowers in a dense cluster.
The plants with the largest flowers need to be grown from tubers but there are now many good 'bedding' varieties that flower the first year from seed. They prefer a rich loam in full sun but satisfactory results can often be obtained in less than ideal conditions. Flowers are a distinctive shape and somewhat similar to Antirrhinums (Snapdragons) to which they are closely related. The plants grow best in hot humid conditions and will keel over and die if their roots get dry. The most usual flower colour combination is black and yellow but you can also buy reds and whites. Prefers a warm situation in full sun and if this is provided they will do well even on poor soils.
Like many annual plants the seed is cheap enough to sow during the spring in the border where the plants are destined to remain.
They dislike being transplanted so most gardeners sow seed in the border where they will remain for their entire life. Aug 14, 2016 AM EDTDriven by his tough childhood, James Casap desires to make education easier for the next generation through technology. Aug 08, 2016 PM EDTDo you know that there is more to Rio Olympics 2016 awards than just a medal?
2016 Rio Olympics Badminton Men's Singles Semifinals; Live Stream Schedule: Lee Chong Wei to Meet His Most Potent Nemesis, Lin Dan!
Sorry Niantic, The Banned a€?Pokemon GOa€™ Cheaters can Still Cheat to Unban; Player Reveals How It Works! Aug 15, 2016 AM EDTNiantic should have worked harder to remove all the unauthorized apps and bots to cheat "Pokemon GO". Aug 18, 2016 AM EDTWhich one to buy and what's the difference?The dual-SIM phone offers 13 MP rear shooter and 5 MP front shooter. Together over the past two years we’ve created a program for year six students called, “Genes, Organisms and Life on this Planet”. Our success has attracted an incredible, nonstop flow of administrators, teachers and even the odd politician to our lab. I believed that in today’s world children will need a strong foundation in STEM subjects to succeed in nearly every job they can imagine.

For years, some people thought that all teachers enjoy, have the knowledge, can use the resources and have ability to teach science in a crowded, assessment driven curriculum.
Robotics are good but 3D Printing and Augmented Reality are amazing and they’ve all had an impact on how I teach. I’ve been involved with the WA Department of Education, Teacher Development Schools (science) for the past four years and I’d like to continue my role because it’s all about teachers supporting teachers. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for the RiAus Newsletter to get all the latest science.
Apparently, the augmented reality game can be used to teach students subjects such as social studies, local history, math, geography and literacy. The game's real-time experiential aspect as well as its visually-stimulating content could encourage students with autism to make friends, go out and explore the world. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
Highlights since winning include a world first in 3D Printing and runner up in an International STEM Educator Award at
I have an ever evolving website where I try to collect inspirational STEM resources for teachers that might otherwise be difficult to find or be lost somewhere in cyberspace.
Policy makers are starting to realise that it’s “untenable” for generalist teachers to have expertise across the whole curriculum.
The crowd funding platforms allow me to connect with some of the world’s great innovators, secure their creations at a bargain price and enhance my teaching programs. When you buy your first HoloLense or Vive this Christmas or see how zSpace works in Education you’ll have a glimpse into the future. Being awarded $25 000 has allowed me to become more innovative and focus on researching and developing more contemporary ways of not just teaching science but really move towards STEM education. For this year’s Science Week, I spent a week developing a super STEM activity for primary students where they could create a simple holographic projector. So I continue promoting the need for an imperative next generation style of science teaching where the science endeavour is embedded into everything we do. It took a while to find the perfect material for our children to cut and make four hundred projectors (grade 3-5s). Some of the amazing resources I’ve committed to are still in development stage and won’t arrive until 2016, this includes Jibo, CreoPop and Vortex.

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