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The Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) replaces the a€?Statement of Special of Educational Needsa€™ and can apply to children, young people and young adults from birth to the age of 25, providing that those over 16 are still in education or training. For children and young people who meet the criteria for a statutory assessment of SEN the Education, Health and Care Plan will also include all of the information which is currently held within the statement. There could be opportunities for you to have more choice and control about what support services your child receives through Personal Budgets. In considering whether to start an EHC assessment, the council will consider whether there is evidence that despite the early yearsa€™ provider, school or post-16 institution having taken relevant and purposeful action to identify, assess and meet the special educational needs of the child or young person, the child or young person has not made expected progress. They will be the person who keeps you updated on the progress of the assessment, or who you can contact if you have any questions throughout the process. Assessment needs to happen over time to get a true understanding of your childa€™s needs and any barriers which might prevent them achieving their potential. Once an EHC plan has been agreed, a Lead Professional will be identified to be your new single point of contact.
The process from applying for an EHC assessment to sending out a final EHC plan should take a maximum of 20 weeks. The reviews will happen through a meeting, which you will be invited to alongside all of the services and professionals involved in your childa€™s plan. All existing Statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDA)A will be turned into EHC plans by 2018. We will use the annual review of your childa€™s statement as the way in which we will turn the statement into an EHC plan a€“ we will not make you go through two processes in the same year!
We will give priority to children in years 2, 6, 9 and 11, so it may be that your childa€™s statement may notA be turned into an EHC plan until they reach that school year.
For those young people over 16 who have an LDA, we will turn these into EHC plans before September 2016, if you are still at school or in college.
You can complete the Request for an EHC Assessment or a professional can apply on your behalf with your consent.
If you would like support or advice about how to complete the Request for EHC Assessment form, please contact the Information, Advice and Support service on 023 8055 7607. You can find the EHC Needs assessment referral form to the left of this screen, under "Downloads". Plans to transfer existing Statements of SEN into EHC Plans - Transfer Plan priorities and timetableTransfer Plan priorities and timetable Summary On 1 September 2014 the Special Educational Needs (SEN) system changed.
EHCP Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease click on the questions below to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Education, Health and Care Plans.
SEND Area Wide OfferSupport for Children, Young People & Young Adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Southampton.
Independent Support is a Government funded programme until March 2016 to provide additional support to young people and parents during the implementation of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms. Independent Supporters will be used specifically to support young people and parents through the introduction of the new assessment process and the development of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans.

In Cumbria, Inspira works in partnership with the Cumbria Parent Partnership Service to recruit volunteers and deliver the Independent Support Service. Inspira will provide support to young people from year 9 upwards; Cumbria Parent Partnership will focus on young people and children from 0-13 years.
Contact the Cumbria Parent Partnership Service on the confidental phone lines 01946 506416 and 07795110940. Mrs Jones has received a letter inviting her into school to a Transfer review meeting, her son’s statement is to be transferred to an Education, Health, Care Plan.  She doesn’t really understand what this means and is concerned that her son might not get the help and support that he has had previously. Independent Support can help Mrs Jones by talking her through the transfer process and what this involves. Independent Supporters can provide Sophie with support to contact the Local Authority to requests a needs assessment for an Education, Health Care Plan.
Mr Tomms has received a section of the new Education, Health, Care Plan to complete prior to the Transfer Review meeting for his daughter.
Independent Support can help Mr Tomms by talking him through the information that would be useful to be included about his daughter and her needs. Mr Patel would like to know more about the services that are available in his local area to support him with his son who has a learning difficulty.
Independent Support can help Mr Patel to look at the Local Offer website to identify the provision that is available . Independent Support can help by providing Jade’s parents with a named contact of someone within the Local Authority whom she can contact about an assessment for an Education, Health, Care Plan. Jack’s parents have been informed in writing by the Local Authority they do not feel that an Education, Health, Care plan needs assessment is necessary at this time. Independent Support can help Jack’s parents understand what this means and to understand their options. Katy’s parents are awaiting her draft Education, Health, Care Plan but it seems to be taking a very long time. Independent Support can help Katy’s parents understand the process and the time frame of the production of the Education, Health, Care Plan. The Dept for Education produce a huge number of publications, letters and information leaflets.
We are seeking views on proposed improvements to the way that high needs funding is distributed, and other ways we can support the administration of funding for pupils and students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities, and for those who are in alternative provision (AP). Minister Edward Timpson announces £80 million to extend opportunities to children with special educational needs and disabilities. A multi-million pound package ensuring thousands of children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) have the same opportunities as any other child has been announced today (29 January 2016). The template and style guide that contractors writing research reports for the Dept for Education should use. The executive headteacher of a leading special needs school will oversee a new review into how to assess accurately pupils with lower attainment, Schools Minister Nick Gibb announced today (13 July 2015).

It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 pupils whose ability falls below the standard required to take national curriculum tests. Section 41 of the act allows the Secretary of State, by order, to publish a list of approved independent special institutions (independent special schools – England and Wales and special post-16 institutions) for the purposes of satisfying Section 38 (Preparation of an Education, Health and Care plan by local authorities) of the act.
The next application window for the list for independent special schools and special post-16 institutions opens on 8 May 2015 and closes on 19 June 2015.
Nick Gibb - The Importance of Phonics - Transcript of Speech given to the Reading Reform Foundation Conference, 28th March 2015. Latest updates from the Dept for Education on funding and timescales for the introduction of the Early Years Pupil Premium from April 2015. EHC assessments are undertaken and EHC plans drawn up under the Children and Families Act (2014) and associated regulations. Remaining in formal education or training should help young people to achieve education and training outcomes, building on what they have learned before and preparing them for adult life. They will happen at least once a year or more frequently if your child has very complex needs or circumstances change. It is used to detect spam and changing its value may result in your submission being rejectedPlease do not change the value of the following field.
They can help her to look at relevant websites for more information and accompany her to the meeting if she would find this useful. She can now only concentrate for short periods of time, has limited mobility and her eyesight is impaired. This might include things that are currently working well and where he feels more support is needed. She doesn’t have a Statement of SEN but her mother is concerned that she is not making the same progress as other young people of her age. Those that relate specifically to the SEND reforms, the Chlldren and Families Act (2014), the SEN Code of Practice and other matters relating to SEND provision, policy and practice for children and young people, will be added on the site here (and may also be reproduced elsewhere on the site).
The review will consider how best to assess the attainment and progress of this group of pupils so that parents know how their children are doing and schools can be given appropriate credit for the work they do to support their pupils. It is used to detect spam and changing its value may result in your submission being rejectedPlease provide feedback on our website. Sophie would like to return to study at the local FE College and she thinks that she should be eligible for an Education Health Care Plan.
They will consult widely with heads and teachers to find a solution for a comprehensive statutory assessment for these pupils. Try to include any constructive suggestions for improvements and we will do our best to incorporate them.

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