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Track StarThis site is a good resource for worksheets, lessons, and activities for the classroom. Biology CornerBiology corner is a website that can be used to find biology curriculum and lesson plans for students of all ages. Science Academy SoftwareThis site has some great test banks and interactive software that is free and then some of the other types you have to pay for. Education PlanetThis site is a wonderful search engine for all subjects for teachers and students. Education WorldThis is a good site for teachers to find answers to questions and example curriculums. The Around-the-World Potluck is a chance for you to share your culture, learn about others and enjoy good food.
KARACHI: Although educational challenges in Pakistan are huge and require efforts at multiple levels, a single change that could transform the sector is to shift its focus from rote learning to activity based educational tools that encourage children to think, analyse and question, said experts at a conference on Tuesday. The discussion titled `Transforming education in changing times` was organised by the Charter for Compassion Pakistan in collaboration with the Eqbal Ahmed Centre for Public Education. Opening the discourse, Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy said that educational problems had multiplied over the decades with the result that Pakistan today stood far behind not only from the developed countries but also from its regional partners. Speaking about quality learning, managing director of the Oxford University Press, Pakistan Ameena Saiyid said it was vital to expose children to different material of knowledge and information and then let them form their own opinion.
Dr Almina Pardhan briefed the audience on the development of early childhood education in the country. Her presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session during which speakers shared their concerns over the present state of education and recommended measures to rectify it.
It was said that there was no single solution to all the problems being faced in the private and public sector education and what was needed was to initiate reforms at every level. An important problem discussed was related to school syllabi that in some cases contained text which, it was said, could help develop extremist mindsets.
It was also highlighted that non Muslim children across the country were often forced to learn the Islamic text present in school syllabi. He showed school textbooks pertaining to subjects other than Islamiat published by Punjab and Kyber Pakhtunkhah governments that contained Islamic text which, he said, non-Muslim children were forced to study. We’ve recently opened a Pinterest account and seen lots of inspirational teachers out there. There are so many great teaching and education accounts on Pinterest, and we want to provide our teachers with some resources of our own.

One of the most popular that has stood out to us are the many quotations about teaching, education, and lifelong learning. As a teacher, you can often forget how important you are in shaping and changing the way children see the world. As a supply teaching agency, World Class Teachers are committed to valuing the role of supply teachers, and understand how vital a part they play in the British education system. You might go to work thinking you don’t make a huge difference, but teachers are central to opening young people’s minds and encouraging life-long learning.
We really love this quotation: although it may sound trite, a real passion for teaching and your chosen subject is a magical combination in the classroom. We are constantly trying to add to our collection Pinterest boards, and are always on the look-out for new teaching resources and education inspiration. If you have any suggestions on what kind of teaching resources you would find useful, from lesson planning tools, to subject and topic-based classroom planning material, just let us know! Advice and experience from a Teaching Agency with over 12 years experience placing Teachers and Teaching Assistants in positions across London.
First, foundational skills acquired early in childhood make possible a lifetime of learning.
Second, getting results requires smart investments—that is, investments that prioritize and monitor learning, beyond traditional metrics, such as the number of teachers trained or number of students enrolled. Third, learning for all means ensuring that all students, and not just the most privileged or gifted, acquire the knowledge and skills that they need. Achieving learning for all will be challenging, but it is the right agenda for the next decade. Nelson Mandela – Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Bring a homemade dish from your culture, feel free to dress in traditional clothing and bring in any other cultural items worth sharing! Though the government was bound to early childhood education through international and local commitments, there were still challenges as the critical area was still low prioritized and faced issues such as funding constraints, lack of teachers` training and poorly resourced classrooms, she said.
The practice, it was pointed out, was a major violation of the constitution that provided a safeguard against such actions. Pinterest is a great (and free!) way for you to collect and save your favourite images from around the web. The human mind makes possible all development achievements, from health advances and agricultural innovations to efficient public administration and private sector growth.

While enrolments have risen in promising fashion around the world, learning levels have remained disappointingly and many remain left behind.
The traditional view of education as starting in primary school takes up the challenge too late. Major challenges of access remain for disadvantaged populations at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
Education in itself cannot do the work but educated people can be used or bring about the necessary development in the environment or the nation. This methodology has produced brilliant minds that have made their marl< in the field of science and technology,` he said. For countries to reap these benefits fully, they need to unleash the potential of the human mind. Because growth, development, and poverty reduction depend on the knowledge and skills that people acquire, not the number of years that they sit in a classroom, we must transform our call to action from Education for All to Learning for All. The science of brain development shows that learning needs to be encouraged early and often, both inside and outside of the formal schooling system.
We must lower the barriers that keep girls, children with disabilities, and ethnolinguistic minorities from attaining as much education as other population groups. Apollo Hospitals Group India has identified Chennai, Hyderabad and Madurai to set up three medical colleges to expand its medical education venture. Prenatal health and early childhood development programs that include education and health are consequently important to realize this potential. In the primary years, quality teaching is essential to give students the foundational literacy and numeracy on which lifelong learning depends. Without confronting equity issues, it will be impossible to achieve the objective of learning for all.
Adolescence is also a period of high potential for learning, but many teenagers leave school at this point, lured by the prospect of a job, the need to help their families, or turned away by the cost of schooling.

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