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This fully-updated second edition of Learning Through Child Observation is a handbook for professionals working in, or students preparing to work in, children’s services. More than half a century has passed since India had adopted democracy as a way of governance. The book provides an in-depth study conducted on the school going students of Bihar (India) who are going to be the main participants of the democracy in the country. Greg Jobin-Leeds develops conversations, with regular guest bloggers, on social movements, highly effective international educational practices, school leadership, youth organizing & participatory democracy.
Charter schools operate independently of local school districts, but the districts must pass along to charter schools roughly the same per pupil funding it would provide to a school within the district. The corporation will get the same amount as schools that offer playgrounds and gyms and learning specialists. Please keep sending me stories, especially ones that have examples of average people rising up against this specific brand of barbaric corporations. Where I live, in the Pacific Northwest, aboriginals and many newcomers refer to ourselves as The People of the Salmon. We are all occupied this week by sports in Rio, grotesque politics in the United States, endless wars in the Middle East, and global financial markets in flux. In the hierarchy of demagogues, Donald Trump is not in the same league as the Philippines new president, Rodrigo Duterte. Why has plastics pollution been so intransigent from a global governance perspective? Two options seem most viable for crafting a binding international agreement to deal with plastics.
August 9 was National Peacekeepers’ Day.  I’d really prefer, please, that we just keep peace. Marisa Vesco embraces her nephew Luca Squarci during a visit to Cossato, Italy, June 22, 2015. Presented by his followers as a learned scholar and orator, Fethullah Gulen leads a transnational social and economic network.
The Earth is so hot this year that a limit for global warming agreed by world leaders at a climate summit in Paris just a few months ago is in danger of being breached.
The New York Times Magazine devotes a special issue to one 40,000-word article on more than a decade of war, terror and revolution in the Middle East, Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart. On Earth Overshoot Day, Day August 8  humanity began exceeding the limits of the natural bounty our planet provides. I, for one, can no longer bear to read news about the unspeakable man who would be president, or the horror show of American politics. Perhaps America’s remaining good is as an object lesson, for those places where democracy still has promise. It’s one of the ultimate chicken or egg questions: Does democracy lead to increases in education and income, or do education and higher income lead to democracy? Using a data set going back to 1870, with statistics from 70 countries, they conclude that education (particularly increases in primary schooling) and, to a lesser extent, per capita income levels, are strong determinants of the quality of political institutions – not the other way around.
Over the last two centuries, many countries experienced regime transitions toward democracy.
So, now that Egypt is less than a month away from its first elections, is there evidence of these findings in the recent events there? Maybe they're just not considering the right variables: maybe a society's quality of education, quality of institutions, productivity, and efficient institutional frameworks are all driven by the same underlying variable, namely intelligence. Could the relative decline of ou democratic institutions in the US over the last couple of decades, be explained by the relative decline of our educational system (especially at the high-school level)?
I believe one of the arguments of neo-conservatives like Condoleezza Rice was that free market dictatorships tended to drift towards democracy, I think because they developed middle classes who would eventually demand greater control of the country's future.
True, but India has gotten a lot more democratic since the economic reforms of the early 90's, which have created a burgeoning middle class, and a watchdog media that caters tot heir interests. The legacy of the caste-system and its entrenched inequality is the z variable that has made Indian progress lopsided and the statistics still abysmal, though improving.

He identifies 6 factors which directly correlate to economic prosperity and national vitality. The implication is that democracy is one logical outcome of a culture which includes these factors. Niall Ferguson is a smart guy, but he too fails to consider IQ, which makes his observations a bit useless, really. The sad flip side to this is that this means it is in every tin-pot dictator's interest to run its people and economy into the ground if they want to stay in power. The very notion that the USA will be able to call itself a Democracy or Capitalist is on shaky ground. The Norman Rockwell portrait of Democracy America has often been close to complete collapse. Standing in line represents a particularly sloppy — and frustrating — way for supply and demand to meet.
This accessible text examines the value of observation, its use in assessment and the practical aspects and methods of observational study. It has tried to diagnose various issues critical for the development of democratic way of living.
Shailendra Kumar Srivastava, a nuclear physicist by training, has been fighting for the cause of under-privileged for the last 65years. Greg is co-founder of the Schott Foundation for Public Education and Access Strategies Fund.
Capitalism in the US is getting crazier and crazier, profiteering from children for corporate and adult personal gain.
Duterte shows a diagram he says shows connections between drug syndicates in the country, at a press conference at Malacanang July 7, 2016.
This week, sports fishing was cancelled, alongside closed commercial harvests, on the mighty and mythical Fraser River. Unlike Duterte, whose approval rating is at 91 per cent since he came to office at the end of June, Trump doesn’t have the guts to say what he means. 11, 2015, the day Nonna died in Biella, Italy, I was across the world in Brooklyn, New York. If Gulen helped orchestrate the July coup in Turkey, as the government claims, tens of thousands of affiliates and sympathizers, as well as those of us who have tried to more objectively study this man and his movement, will need to come to terms with one of the most fantastic frauds in modern history. For the rest of the year we will sink further into our debt to nature, overfishing, overharvesting, and over emitting, so much that we would need 1.6 Earths to continue supporting our species. Its meltdown shows us why civility, intelligence, education, respect and tolerance for other opinions matter. A new working paper (full version here) by Fabrice Murtin and Romain Wacziarg attempts to untangle the two to understand whether democracy grows from education and higher income, or vice versa. It would seem so, considering the advances Egypt has made in education over the last few decades. But most economists still fail to include that crucial dimension in their analyses; one hopes the work of pioneers like Garrett Jones will help change that, and the sooner the better.
They referenced Greece, South Korea, Taiwan and so on as examples of right-wing dictatorships that would eventually turn democratic. China today, with its increased wealth and education levels, is certainly more democratic than it was 100 years ago (or even 40 years ago). If its education levels and wealth formation that lead to democracy, how can we explain India? Taken together they provide an explanation for the dominance of European based cultures over the last several hundred years.
North Korea, central Asia, and half of Africa aren't run by insane despots, they're simply economic agents rationally acting in the way that benefits them most with the incentives presented to them.
Do television viewers watch a particular news channel because they agree with its views and are seeing what they want to see (an example could be conservative people exclusively patronising Fox News Channel) or do news channels form opinions and engender political leanings in a person?

It also suggests special interventions in the form of ‘Education for Democracy’, which can pave way for evolution of a democratic society. Widely acclaimed for his researches in the field of creativity and innovation, he is credited to have developed an innovative system of education known as ‘Creative Learning’.
He retired as a university professor of physics and is a social activist engaged in issues of education, tribal & women’s empowerment. Yet our new study, published in Nature, shows that by far the largest current hazards to biodiversity are overexploitation and agriculture.
We use historical time series of income, education and democracy levels from 1870 to 2000 to explore the economic factors associated with rising levels of democracy. Sure, they aren't a "democracy," but it seems pretty clear that this theory already applies to them. They were very impoverished and largely illiterate, yet still managed to form a democracy under these conditions. Democracy is just a word that pertains to an ideal that is abused to a fare-thee-well by plutocrats, aristocrats, oligarchs, right-wing puppets and political insiders.
I'd say all the money in the palace and hills full of starving slave shacks would yield the same curve.
Democracy and Capitalism HAD CLEARLY FAILED, and the direction the US was going to move in was very much undetermined. In this connection it outlines the nature of Social Science Laboratories to be established in schools and colleges. He has written on a wide range of subjects including physics, trade union & labour rights, social movements and education.
Even without reading the story, Inside Donald Trump’s Meltdown, the image says all, about the former democracy and its grotesque politician both.
We find that primary schooling, and to a weaker extent per capita income levels, are strong determinants of the quality of political institutions.
By 2008, (according to UNICEF) 88 percent of males aged 15 to 24 were literate, while their female counterparts were 82 percent literate. Some might say it was the British Empire's institutions that enabled democracy, but then what can we make of Pakistan which presumably had those same institutions?
I was of the opinion that people watch a channel they agree with but my professor was least impressed.
With new material and updated chapters, this second edition of a popular text will appeal to students and professionals in all children’s services, whether in pre-school, schools, social care, mental health or health settings.
It also suggests establishment of Family School to prepare citizens for a democratic society. We find little evidence of causality running the other way, from democracy to income or education. Could someone please direct me to some statistics regarding this or any studies that have been conducted? Now the time has come to study and analyse the mind of school going children who are going to run the future course of our society so as to decide the nature of interventions for our march towards a democratic society.
He has also developed a large number of books and teaching learning materials for the development of concentration, memory, thinking, imagination, visualisation, power of observation and emotional management. Despite decent economic growth, poverty rates remained stubbornly high as GDP per capita growth lagged behind its regional neighbors.
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