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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This facility allows customers to track their Order stepby-step through our manufacturing process cycle. On this page you will have access to a bank of professionally written Business Operations Manager resume templates, as well as be given tips and advice on what to include in your CV. Historically, buildings and monuments on college campuses would be named after people who had made a significant academic contributions to the institution.
Enamored with the financial achievements of business, educational institutions often seek to emulate business approaches to operations.
When educational institutions sign contracts with suppliers, this creates potential conflicts of interest. Recently some businesses have begun expanding their decision process to include quality of life factors, such as ethical labor standards and sustainable environmental practices.
The business world is driven to innovate, not because of a passion to learn and expand the horizon of knowledge, but because of a desire to survive in a competitive marketplace. The chart below shows some basic differences between characteristics of business and those of academia.

It’s actually possible to run a business using academic standards for operation, as the quote below testifies. Today, buildings, benches, classrooms, roads, and other facilities are named after those who contribute financially rather than academically.
What’s problematic in this is that businesses often will seek to skirt environmental best practices and ethical labor standards to create maximum profit. While sometimes ethical choices reduce overall profitability, the triple bottom line mentality is a different kind of compass that guides businesses to make choices that are good for society even when it might cost a little more. For similar reasons, businesses emphasize the importance of selling quality products and offering exceptional customers service. Some believe this places a greater emphasis on money than educational accomplishments and may send the wrong message to students. Educational institutions are supposed to instill ethics and social values in young people so they make ethical decisions later in life even if those decisions prove not to be the most profitable alternatives.
Other factors such as local sourcing, labor practices, environmental impact, and overall corporate ethics are left out of the decision process. There can also be a potential conflict of interest created if an academic institution won’t rigorously challenge corporate donors on the ethics and sustainability of their business practices.

As academic institutions begin to outsource, downsize, and hire consultants to look for ways to be more efficient, the heart and soul of educational institutions can quickly erode as they embrace purely bottom line thinking and assembly-line efficiency.
Rather than choice and diversity of products and services, contracts limit institutions and also give unfair advantage to those selected. Similarly, businesses that engage in ethical-emulation eventually can evolve into ethical organisms — at least the potential exists for this to happen. To the extent that non-profit tax-payer funded institutions are giving more than they are receiving, these partnerships funnel tax payer dollars to support corporations in a manner similar to TIFs. Businesses only establish relationships when they are profitable — when the business is gaining more than it is giving.
The opportunity to create brand loyalty among young people, and remove their freedom of natural brand selection (to possibly choose a more appealing product for them), is enormously valuable.
Apparently Coca-Cola pays $50,000 a year for the opportunity to be the exclusive supplier to the University of Iowa.

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