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From Yusra Mardini, a teenage swimmer from Syria who braved a Mediterranean crossing in a leaky dinghy, to Popole Misenga, who spent eight days hiding in a forest as a terrified child to flee bloody fighting, each of the refugee athletes have overcome daunting odds to maintain their Olympic dreams. Mardini, who has now settled in Germany with her family, says she will proudly represent Syria, the Olympic movement and her recently adopted homeland when she competes in Brazil.
For Congelese Judoka Misenga, recalling the devastating toll that conflict has had on his family was too much.
The 24-year-old broke down in tears when he was asked to comment on what message he hoped to send through his Olympic participation. Misenga was nine years old when he fled fighting in Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The refugee team have no way of representing their countries, from which they were forced to flee.
This will mark the first time in history that an all-refugee team has competed at the Games. RocketNews RSS News FeedsRocketnews is a leader in live news stories, a resource for daily news feeds.
About Us: Rocketnews is an aggregator of the top online news articles and stories from around the globe. Each athlete participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics will be given a supply of 42 condoms for the duration of the games. While the distribution of condoms in the athlete’s village by the International Olympic Committee is not exactly new, the number of contraceptives in 2016 Rio Olympics is three times the total in previous events, according to Yahoo Sports. This August, there are around 11,000 athletes from around the world who will be in Brazil for the summer games. The standing record for the number of condoms distributed in the Olympic village was in 2012 in London when about 150,000 contraceptives were handed out. The first record of condom distribution was in Seoul in 1988, as cited in different publications. While described as Spartan in conditions, the Olympic village would put most houses in Rio to shame.
Paul Ramler, the RSG events founder, told CNN, “The athletes are going to have everything they could possibly wish for during the Games.
RSG events has supplied furniture for the Olympic villages since scoring the contract in 2000. Olympic gold medal winner, Zac Purchase, told The Guardian that the amount of condoms being distributed in the 2016 Rio Olympics borders on the ridiculous. While nobody is coming out to admit that the distribution of condoms at the 2016 Rio Olympics could be related to fears regarding the Zika virus, some news reports did not rule out this possibility. Babies born from mothers who contracted the Zika virus exhibit very small heads and slow development. On average, Gen Ys are $50,000 short of the deposit they expect they’ll need to buy their first home.
Steven Rowley is Director of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute's Curtin Research Centre.
Amity James is a Senior Research Officer within the School of Economics and Finance, Curtin University.
Rachel Ong is Deputy Director of the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, an independent economic and social research organisation located within Curtin Business School at Curtin University. This article draws on survey data from more than 4,300 respondents collected as part of the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Housing Affordability Report 2016.
The vast majority (86%) of Gen Y households living in the private rental sector or with their parents aspire to own a home, although not necessarily in the short term. Although many are choosing to delay home ownership as a lifestyle choice, others are forced to delay because of a lack of affordable housing options. The survey reported that those living in unaffordable housing were making significant sacrifices to meet their housing costs. Among Gen Ys already in home ownership, 38% reported they had received financial assistance from their parents or grandparents. Therefore, almost 60% of Gen Ys surveyed are unlikely to receive the benefit of intergenerational assistance.
Among Gen Y survey respondents, three-quarters rated the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty relief as being important in helping them into home ownership. So what can be done to help those who wish to enter home ownership but lack financial support?
Shared ownership products enable the purchaser and a third party to share ownership of the dwelling, which reduces deposit requirements and monthly payments. The National Rental Affordability Scheme had its critics but at least provided a supply of affordable housing that reduced the rental burden for many households. The rental sector is in dire need of a replacement scheme, which could possibly be enhanced using a model whereby investors offering new rental dwellings below market rents for a defined period are eligible for stamp duty relief.

Ultimately, the only long-term solution to improve the home ownership prospects of young Australians is to change the imbalance between incomes and house prices. It is more critical than ever for government to implement meaningful structural reforms that improve home purchase affordability for Generation Y.
It is one thing to have a good theory of learning and a choice of appropriate teaching method, but it is quite another to implement the chosen teaching method successfully. Once again, though, there is extensive research and experience that point to the key factors to be taken into consideration in the successful implementation of teaching. We shall see that these principles may vary somewhat, depending on the chosen teaching method and the underlying epistemological position of each teacher, but a large number of the core principles in learning design extend across several of the teaching methods.
In order to implement these core principles of design, we need to construct effective learning environments for our students. The latter definition recognises that students learn in many different ways in very different contexts. There is a tendency in the literature to focus on either physical institutional learning environments (such as classrooms, lecture theatres and labs) or on the technologies used to to create online personal learning environments (PLEs), but as the definitions quoted above make clear, learning environments are broader than just the physical components. Thus one place to start in designing a learning environment for a course or program is to identify some of the key components.
Figure 5.1 illustrates one possible learning environment from the perspective of a teacher or instructor.
I have listed just a few components in Figure 5.1 and the set is not meant to be comprehensive.
Once again, our choice of components and their perceived importance will be driven to some extent by our personal epistemologies and beliefs about knowledge, learning and teaching methods. Lastly, I have deliberately suggested a learning environment from the perspective of a teacher, as the teacher has the main responsibility for creating an appropriate learning environment, but it is also important to consider learning environments from the learners’ perspectives.
The significant point here is that it is important to identify those components that need to be considered in teaching a course or program, and in particular that there are many components in addition to content or curriculum. My next post will be on learner characteristics and their potential influence on the design of teaching – especially in a digital age. Chris Baehr on Advice to students about Athabasca UniversityThat's basically what happened to me. I've been reading this article for awhile now because this is something that I've struggled with.
Return to top of page This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Separated from his family, he hid in the jungle for eight days before being rescued and taken to a centre for displaced children in Kinshasa.
Rocketnews uses news feeds from a variety on online news feed providers including Feedzilla, Yahoo, and the BBC.
Of course, that doesn’t count the estimated 6,000 coaches who will also be hanging around in the village.
While the virus is not life-threatening to adults, pregnant women, especially during the early stages, are particularly vulnerable. In fact, the Australian contingent had been bringing their own condoms (in addition to the contraceptives being passed around at the 2016 Rio Olympics) just to be sure.
According to the advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Zika virus can be transmitted by a contaminated person to another through sexual contact. He receives funding from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre. She receives funding from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre. The centre was established in 2012 with support from Bankwest (a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and Curtin University. We use a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives licence, so you can republish our articles for free, online or in print. Between 1982 and 2011, the home ownership rate for young adults aged 25 to 34 years dropped from 56% to 34%. Of these households, 30% believed they would be able to buy a home in the next two to five years.
Across all age groups, home owners were more likely to perceive their housing as affordable. And 55% said sustaining high housing costs was leading to mental health issues, with those most affected in the private rental sector.
The survey calculated the average gap between the deposit currently available to an individual and the amount the individual expected to need for home purchase. For those yet to enter home ownership, only 17% expected to receive some assistance to buy. They are being dubbed “Generation Rent” as the Great Australian Dream of home ownership moves further out of their reach.

Government-backed low-deposit loans such as Keystart in Western Australia and Homestart in South Australia, which are designed for those on low to moderate incomes, have made a real difference to thousands of households.
These are successful in the UK, accounting for 18% of total housing stock, and are growing in popularity in Australia under the schemes noted above.
This option could be tied to developer contributions as part of inclusionary zoning requirements. The argument will be raised that this will encourage demand from investors, raising prices. Otherwise, growing numbers of Gen Ys all over Australia face a lifetime of renting without the financial and emotional security of home ownership. As noted in the previous chapter, teachers and instructors may need a mix of methods, depending on the circumstances.
In essence we are talking about using best practices in the design of teaching – sometimes called learning design. Since students may learn in a wide variety of settings, such as outside-of-school locations and outdoor environments, the term is often used as a more accurate or preferred alternative to classroom, which has more limited and traditional connotations—a room with rows of desks and a chalkboard, for example. Since learners must do the learning, the aim is to create a total environment for learning that optimises the ability of students to learn. There is an infinite number of possible learning environments, which is what makes teaching so interesting. They include the goals for teaching and learning, what engages or motivates students to learn, what student activities will best support learning, and what assessment strategies best measure and drive student learning.
The preferred teaching method and epistemological position will influence which components of the learning environment get the most attention from a teacher or instructor. Indeed, adult or mature learners are capable of creating their own, personal, relatively autonomous learning environments, and this will also be discussed in more depth later in the chapter. Is it legitimate to focus on a learning environment from a teacher’s perspective rather than a learner’s perspective?
Does thinking about the whole learning environment overly complicate the teaching endeavour?
Addition news feed providers included online media suppliers, local and regional publications, industry journals, companies, governments, universities, PR companies, official organizations, associations, shopping guides and weblogs.
In 2000, Sydney’s initial 70,000 condoms were totally spent, and organizers had to deliver 20,000 pieces more.
Although the organizers decided to use recycled fabric on the wardrobes, each room is equipped with an air-conditioning unit. We need to take care of this garden and we tried to share this message, a message of hope," Balich said."It is a very contemporary ceremony.
Growing concerns about their home ownership prospects have prompted those in Generation Y (defined as 18-35 years for the purposes of this article) to become increasingly vocal about the difficulties of achieving home ownership. Although not without risk to government, these type of loans could be introduced in other states. There may be scope for community housing providers to step into this sector in partnership with private developers. However, it must be structured in a way that ensures any discount on the market price is retained in perpetuity. This means deliberately planning methods of teaching and a broad learning environment that will facilitate the development of the knowledge and skills that are needed.
Developing a total learning environment for students in a particular course or program is probably the most creative part of teaching. Within each of the main components there are a set of sub-components that will need to be considered. For instance, an instructor with a transmissive or objectivist view of teaching is likely to focus mainly on content and certain kinds of assessment tools, while a more constructivist or nurturing teacher will pay particular attention to learner characteristics (particularly their goals), and learner support. Featured content providers include Reuters, Metacafe, News Corporation, About, BBC and The Sun. In fact, it is in the sub-components (content structure, practical activities, feedback, use of technology, assessment methods, etc.) where the real decisions need to be made. Photo: Reuters Edwina Bone of Australia (left) competes with Nicola White of United Kingdom during the preliminary round of Hockey at the Olympic Hockey Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 6, 2016. Photo: AP Iveta Vacenovska of Czech Republic plays against Tetyana Bilenko of Ukraine during their table tennis match at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, August 6, 2016.

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