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Organized annually by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with international education institutes from both the government and private sectors, Thailand International Education Expo or TIEE is well recognized as one of the most inclusive education fairs in South-east Asia.
Visit the full fair photo gallery for the press conference, seminars, hot products, and many others more at the photo galley page. As we mentioned above that Music Education Expo is the largest conference and event for music teachers.
Like previous years, this year as well Music Education Expo will be conducted on 7th February. The fair will showcase education-focused organizations and programs at MIT that are recruiting for volunteer and paid positions.

The panel will host a variety of nonprofits and companies focused on improving education through teaching and technology.
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The two conference theaters offers the wide variety of presentations on different topics like music technology, best and effective communication, how to boost your business and many more other factors.
Find out about job opportunities or get advice from professionals who have started their own education companies.
This event is considered to be an excellent opportunity for all the world best manufacturers.

This international conference program feature a wide variety of professional and incredible development sessions that are specially designed for primary, secondary as well as vocal music teachers.
In other words, we can say that Music Education Expo is the largest conference in the whole world for those people who are involved in the music education whether a person is a flute teacher, university lecturer or hub leader.

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