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I am finding it difficult to blog these days because my brain is filled with so many random pieces of information and ideas about what I wish to convey to the other cohort members.
Technology has transformed my Saturday mornings and who I am as a person by contributing to my understanding of the world and then allowing me to share that understanding with others.
What I have really enjoyed seeing more and more are these ginormous google docs and spreadsheets that are open to the public and are updated with peoples names to follow on Twitter, or a list of web tools for literacy based instruction. To end on a relevant note I wish to welcome the new cohort from EARCOS 2011 to the blogging community. This entry was posted in COETAIL 1 - Info Literacy and tagged blogging, critical thinking, edmodo, social media, twitter on March 26, 2011 by Tim Pettine. I just wanted to let you know that I thought you did an excellent job of effectively communicating information on what is going on with technology in education today, and resources that teachers can use. I can’t wait to explore some of your resources on this site and delve deeper into my comprehension. I know that a lot of what we did yesterday was similar to what we are doing in our COETAIL course, but honestly every time I learn something new. This work by Tim Pettine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. At Gladstone Park Primary School, we believe that ICT should be integrated as a learning tool within all learning areas, and to facilitate this, specific ICT skills must be taught. ICT has the ability to motivate and inspire learners and is regularly integrated into many part of the curriculum to enhance student learning.
Mathletics – An online maths program that caters for all students’ needs and allows them to develop their math skills at their own pace.

Edmodo – The safest and easiest way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents, and each other. Ziptales and Sunshine Online – Two, online literacy based programs that contain a large range of interactive leveled texts for students to read and explore.
Gladstone Park Primary School boasts multiple Mobile ICT Centres which are made up of class sets of netbooks and notebooks. At Gladstone Park Primary School we are continually looking for new ways to integrate technology into our curriculum and to provide students with every opportunity to develop their learning as a 21st century learner. Description: Come and celebrate book week with this fabulous act bringing the featured books to life! It is 11 am on Saturday and so far I’ve watched 2 NCAA Basketball games, explored the exciting and engaging presentations from the EARCOS Teachers Conference from Twitter, read an enlightening point of view regarding the National Writing Project, learned about 2 new design tools, and begun planning a workshop. I have been using this tool in the classroom since January and it has been fantastic for me as an organizational tool, message board, and general medium for students to share knowledge, products, and ideas. I read about ten of your posts yesterday and I wish to personally thank you for sharing your experiences in the workshops.
I could tell that all of the information you shared yesterday was a bit overwhelming at first for some of the folks, but I really believe that it is incredibly important in this day and age of 21st learning that ALL teachers really come to terms with the way education is heading and adapt. I think there are some great resources here that I can use and then incorporate into my own COETAIL blog.
The above blog response is in response to Tim’s Professional Development he gave on Social Media at Ruamrudee International School yesterday April 6th 2011. Each classroom has access to an Interactive Whiteboard allowing students to interact with digital content and multimedia.

Basically I can’t stay away from social media because I firmly believe it allows me to be a better person. Framing formative assessment around good commenting practices and concision of writing can be a start. You saved me money & time and my only regret is not being able to have a lovely beverage with all of you in a lounge or at a gala.
I know this can be a struggle for teachers used to having taught in a certain way for decades, but I appreciate your enthusiasm for enlightening others and really being the messenger at our school. In your PD yesterday I took the plunge and created a personal one for me with my own feeds (not necessarily the ones I need for COETAIL) in NetVibes. They are thinking about relevant topics in core content areas, they are practicing information literacy, and they are communicating in a variety of modalities. In two weeks I will be presenting a workshop on this to teachers at Ruamrudee International School in two parts. I especially want to thank Sara Browne for posting two great entries on working memory & revising Blooms. I believe that if you are teacher you better have some understanding of how the brain learns. They then must make a decision regarding which is the most valid response and explain their rationale for the reason.

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