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I was excited to discover many things that I can morph into learning solutions for my library. I must admit the number one reason I started using Edmodo was to avoid standing over the copier. The second reason I started using Edmodo is myA lack of patienceA in repeating what I say (which is probably weird for an educator when you think about it). Working alongside ninth Grade pre-AP teacher Kim Mitchell was my favorite collaboration of the year. As you can see, the project’s technologyA lesson plan is a simple one (please feel free to download and copy) to implement. As the bell ringer activity, I post the Edmodo group code on the white board with the instructions to get logged in and read the session background.
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If you will remember, Edmodo was one of AASLa€™s Best Websites for Teaching and Learning in 2011. This necessary teaching prep drudgery is particularly painful to me, especially when students leave the copies scattered all over the floor in the librarya€™s computer lab.
If the librarian decides to create a webpage with the expectations and resources, repeating the URL repeatedly will result in severe hoarseness before the day is over. I created a single group for our eight Freshman Studies classes to use for announcements, handouts, reading suggestions, etc.
Romeo and Juliet in the Cloud: Technological Exploration of Outside Influences Affecting Romeo and Juliet was a project spin that the students enjoyed as well. As a unit debrief activity, she required students to create an artifact of some kind (banquet menu, invitation card, costume design for masquerade party, etc.).
I helped students with their research, the creation of the artifacts, and the upload of their artifacts for presentationA usingA the online magazine tool Issuu.

After carving out time (usually after school) to make the copies, I want students to USE the materials I give them. My most extensive use of this Edmodo group has beenA for my teaching collaborations though. Between the use of Edmodo and Issuu, a whole host of technology standards are met in this one classA session.

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