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Pollock Halls of Residence are the main halls of residence for the University of Edinburgh, located at the foot of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Famous people to have lived in Grant House include Scottish Rugby captain Gregor Townsend.Holland House'Holland House was opened in 1959, followed shortly after by its sister house, Fraser House (not to be confused with Fraser Court, a block of University flats immediately adjacent to Pollock Halls, which is still in operation). Advanced Knowledge Technologies ? University of Aberdeen ? University of Edinburgh ? University of Sheffield ? Open University ? University of Southampton. Breast Cancer – Statistics & Screening ? EU: 24% of cancer cases 19% of cancer deaths 1 in 8 of women will develop breast cancer during the course of their lives 1 in 28 will die of the disease. Diagnostic Mammography: different views To pinpoint exact size & location of breast abnormality and to image surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. BI-RADS Ontology – Masses (details) MASS: space occupying lesion seen in two different projections.
BI-RADS: Calcifications ? Benign calcifications usually larger than malignant ones -- coarser, often round with smooth margins, more visible. 1mm usually, may have lucent centers, if calcium surrounds rather than fills an ectactic duct. Significant abnormality Microcalcifications: Clinical Procedures (guideline) Further Ultrasound and Mammography Microcalcifications Discharge!
An experience that no international student should miss out on is the British sea-side amusement arcade.
Being a wee bit away from the city centre, dining out in Portobello is generally considerably cheaper. A surprisingly well kept secret, Portobello is also home to an amazing set of Turkish baths, housed in their swim centre. They are located on the edge of Holyrood Park, 1A? miles (2 km) southeast of the centre of Edinburgh.History of SiteThe two original buildings on site were St Leonard's Hall and Salisbury Green, which were built in the 19th century. In the early 1990s, Holland House and Fraser House were merged, and are today run as one single house called Holland House, with four blocks (named A up to D). A national phenomenon, sea-side arcades exist solely for you to spend your money in a futile attempt to beat various machines at trivial games. Featuring three hot pools of varying temperature, a cold plunge pool, a relaxation room and a sauna, it’s not hard to wile away the hours here. Shortly after World War II, Sir Donald Pollock (Rector of the University from 1939 to 1945) gifted the site to the University of Edinburgh and Pollock Halls of Residence came into being.In the 1960s, a programme was begun to build more modern halls. When machine is switched on, breast pressed down between plates by machine to get clearest picture. Along with the obvious attractions of the beach, Portobello has a lot to offer a day tripper.
The first of these was Holland House, which was designed by Sir William Kininmonth (1904-1988); followed shortly by its sister house, Fraser House. The arcades in Portobello have so many classic arcade games on offer, and they’re always packed.

Vascular Calcifications: Parallel tracks, or linear tubular calcifications clearly associated with blood vessels. Other foodie highlights include Butternut Squash, offering loads of hearty dishes at reasonable prices, and the delicious Spanish tapas available at Malvarosa. This was later named the John McIntyre Centre after the first Senior Warden of the complex, who also acted for a time as a Principal of the University.The (at the time) largest house, Cowan House, was opened in 1973 replacing a hall of the same name which was demolished to make way for the regeneration of George Square. It was demolished in summer 2002, and the land it stood on was used for the new Chancellors Court building. It was named after Sir David Brewster, principal of the University from 1859 to 1868.Cowan HouseCowan House was a three-story hall of residence which was opened some time before 1933 and re-built in 1973.
Lucent-Centered Calcifications: Less that 1 mm to greater than 10 mm, smooth surfaces, round or oval, have lucent center.
They were demolished to make way for Chancellor's Court, which opened in 2003 and is now the largest on the site.A further hall, Masson House, was added in the early 1990s.
It was demolished in the summer of 2001 and the land was used for the new Chancellors Court development.Fraser HouseSee also Holland House, above.
Large Rod-Like Calcifications: Continuous rods, occasionally branching, diameter > 1mm usually, may have lucent centers, if calcium surrounds rather than fills an ectactic duct.
Included are areas of fat necrosis, calcified debris in ducts, and occasional fibroadenomas. Not to be confused with Fraser CourtThe building that used to be called Fraser House still exists, but has been merged with Holland House. Fraser House was named after Sir John Fraser, Principal of the University from 1944 to 1948.Other Buildings on SiteThe other buildings on-site at Pollock Halls are available for use as conference, meeting, dining and function rooms throughout the entire year. Eggshell or Rim Calcifications: Very thin, under 1mm thickness, appear as calcium deposited on the surface of a sphere. Edinburgh First is the commercial arm of the Accommodation Services within the University and is the main point of contact for the hire of these buildings.
Although fat necrosis can produce these thin deposits, calcifications in the wall of cysts are the most common "rim" calcifications. The house is generally kept the busiest of the tower blocks throughout the vacation period.Chancellor's CourtChancellor's Court was built on the land previously occupied by Cowan House and Brewster House. The bar was previously known as the 'John McIntyre Centre Bar', but was refurbished and rebranded as 'Centro' in 2004. The building has recently (2009) undergone an extension and comprehensive refurbishment and has been renamed the John McIntyre Conference Centre.Reception CentreOpened in 1999, where administrative functions are based.
Often less evident in craniocaudal image -- appear as fuzzy, round, amorphous deposits; sharply defined on 90° lateral -- semilunar, crescent shaped, curvilinear (concave up), or linear defining dependent portion of cysts. Its construction began in 2001 when Cowan House was demolished, with the first phase opening in 2003. The security team also have their office here.St Leonard's HallAlong with Salisbury Green, St Leonard's Hall is one of the original buildings on the Pollock Halls site.

It is a Baronial style building, with pepper-pot turrets and a tower with corbelled-out bartizans and a cap-house which is said to be reminiscent of a Highland Croft House.These days, St. Fat containing – radiolucent – oil cyst, lipoma, or galactocele as well as mixed lesions such as hamartoma or fibroadenolipoma.
Suture Calcifications: Ca deposited on suture material, relatively common in post-irradiated breast, typically linear or tubular in appearance and knots are frequently visible.
Chancellor's Court has 526 bedrooms and three Wardens flats.Several protests were held during construction, against construction company Balfour Beatty, who were at the time (2001) involved in the controversial Ilisu dam project. Leonard's Hall is home to the administrative offices of The University of Edinburgh Accommodation Services, as well as function suites which are used for conferences and other functions.The building was used as a Red Cross Hospital during World War I and thereafter served as the St. One of the protests was led by Mark Thomas, who helped the Edinburgh University People and Planet group organise a 'sit in' where students blocked the entrance to the building site. Trinnean's School for Girls until the Second World War, during which it became an Air Raid Precautions and Home Guard Headquarters.
After these and other protests, Balfour Beatty withdrew their support for the Ilisu dam project.
When the Halls of Residence were first started, St Leonard's became a hall of residence for female students until the completion of the more modern buildings on the site, when it adopted its current function as the administrative centre for the complex. Chancellor's Court is named after the Duke of Edinburgh, Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh.Ewing HouseEwing House is a five-storey tower block which was built in the 1960s. A sympathetic internal restoration was completed post 2000.Salisbury GreenSalisbury Green was one of the two original buildings on site, along with St Leonard's Hall.
It was originally built around 1780 by Alexander Scott, and was extended again repeatedly - firstly in 1820, then remodelled in the baronial style in 1860-67 by architect John Lessels for its resident at the time, the publisher William Nelson (1816-87).The building was acquired by the University after World War II and extended once again in 1979.
Several of its public rooms have been restored including the bow-fronted drawing room to the east, the Red Room with ebony fittings and the oak-panelled billiard room. Its interior includes rich painting by Charles Frechou.In 2006, Salisbury Green was given a thorough refurbishment, and now operates as a hotel.
It no longer houses students.TriviaSt Leonard's Hall was a school for girls until World War Two, and was called St Trinnean's.
It was named after Sir Alexander Grant (1826-1884), principal of the University from 1868 to 1885. Fat containing – radiolucent - oil cyst, lipoma, or galactocele as well as mixed lesions such as hamartoma or fibroadenolipoma.

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