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Most commonly, pitting oedema develops secondary to increased venous pressure but it can also result from reduced oncotic pressure or it may be idiopathic. Bilateral oedema indicates a systemic cause, whereas unilateral tends to reflect local pathology. ExaminationLeg examination should note the extent of oedema, any skin changes and measurement of calf and thigh circumference.
In patients with unilateral oedema, investigation seeks to establish if venous flow is normal. Local protocol should be followed, with heparin treatment considered pending definitive diagnosis. In bilateral oedema, haematological and biochemical tests are first line with FBC, U&E, eGFR, LFT, brain natriuretic peptide and urine testing for proteinuria recommended.
Urgent considerationsIn acute oedema with dyspnoea, urgent investigation is warranted to rule out cardiopulmonary dysfunction. Importantly, up to 40% of people with cirrhosis are asymptomatic.3 There should be a high index of suspicion in anyone with chronic excessive alcohol intake or LFT dysfunction.
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC): How do they work and what are the contraindications?
This short video on Lipedema (Lipoedema in the UK) covers the causes of this disorder, the effects of Lipedema on the lymphatic system and current treatment options.  It includes patients,  researchers  and medical personnel who are on the leading edge of creating awareness and treatment options. There is no evidence that injury can trigger the onset of lipedema in the upper extremities.
I don’t know about lipedema but lymphedema is somewhat common after surgery or injury in the arms. Any suggestions for someone like me who lives on disability and can’t afford the things I need to keep the swelling down? Anita I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time managing your lymphedema.
Pulmonary edema is a serious condition where an accumulation of fluid builds up in their lungs.
The good new is that in the majority of cases treatments and medication can be very effective and as such resolve the problem. Lungs are made up of something known as alveoli which are minute clusters of air balloons and each of these are lined with a thin layer of cells which touch tiny blood vessels found in the lungs.
Should lungs fill with fluid rather than air, the available space for oxygen to build up is dramatically reduced and the expulsion of carbon dioxide is limited  which is the condition known as pulmonary oedema.
It really depends on how much fluid has built up in your pet's lungs as to the severity of the symptoms.
It is important to bear in mind that several medical conditions can be the underlying cause of pulmonary oedema. A vet would need to have your pet's medical history to hand and would perform a thorough examination so they could diagnose the condition. Your vet would typically take X-rays of your pet's chest to confirm the pulmonary oedema and once diagnosed, further tests would be done to find out what the underlying cause of the condition might be.
If your pet is having real difficulty in breathing or is disoriented and unstable, then oxygen would need to be given on top of other treatments to stabilise their condition.
In the majority of cases, a course of medication would normally resolve the problem but if the build up of fluid is extreme, then your dog may need to be hospitalised.
The outcome of a dog's condition following a pulmonary edema really does depend on the underlying cause. The Diabetes Forum - find support, ask questions and share your experiences with 211,707 people. Edema (known as oedema in the UK) is a build up of fluid in the body (water retention) which causes swelling.

Swollen ankles and legs will often be brought on, or aggravated, by long periods of standing. A high intake of salt can increase the problems of swelling in people with kidney disease. Regular physical activity and preventing long periods of standing can help reduce water retention.
You can reduce your risk of edema by taking steps to prevent kidney disease and heart failure from developing.
This can be achieved through good control of blood glucose levels, regular exercise and a healthy diet. If you can avoid long periods of standing, this will also help to reduce the risk of water retention.
Find support, ask questions and share your experiences with 211,707 members of the diabetes community. 10 week (free) low-carb education program developed with the help of 20,000 people with T2D and based on the latest research.
The first comprehensive, free and open to all online step-by-step guide to improving hypo awareness. Swollen feet can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, some of which are localised and affect only the feet and ankles, whilst others are systemic, affecting the whole body as with kidney or liver failure. It is imperative to visit your doctor if you have persistent foot swelling or in addition, if you have been experiencing problems breathing, or with weight gain or skin lesions. At DB Shoes we have long been regarded as the experts in wider fitting shoes for wide and swollen feet. Many of our shoes have padded ankle support, lightweight soles, smooth internal seams, and deep toe boxes for extra comfort. Most DB easy b shoes have been designed to be as smooth internally as possible to reduce the possibility of rubbing. A number of our styles have seam free toe boxes to reduce the risk of rubbing to a minimum. Recent medication features suggestive of underlying cardiopulmonary, renal, hepatic or endocrine disease should be noted. Cardiopulmonary examination and abdominal examination are vital, specifically assessing JVP and for signs of liver disease including ascites.
When chronic venous insufficiency is apparent, ankle brachial pressure index should be assessed and compression hosiery considered. In the top right-hand corner of an individual comment, you will see 'flag as inappropriate'. Use the “Index” list on the left side of this page and select the article you are interested in.
I suffer from Hereditary Intractable Primary Lymphedema with chronic cellulitis in bilateral legs.
It can be bought on for a variety of reasons which includes cancer, a traumatic event, strangulation or heart failure. However, this does depend on the underlying cause of the condition which would have to be determined by your vet. When a dog (or person) breathes in air it fills these tiny air balloons and once full, the cells lining the alveoli together with the small vessels they are in contact with, take in all the oxygen.
In fact, the word oedema is a general term used to refer to an accumulation of fluid found anywhere in the body. This in turn means there can be certain clinical signs which could be associated with these medical conditions.
Your vet would listen to the dog's chest to see whether air is being inhaled and exhaled normally.

It is important to bear in mind that pulmonary oedema can be thought of as the first stage of pneumonia. Should the edema have been caused by heart failure, the condition could recur if the heart condition is not treated effectively. Such medications include corticosteroids, blood pressure medications and the contraceptive pill.
A low dietary salt intake is advisable, particularly if fluid retention has been brought on by kidney disease.
Whatever the cause, what is certain is that having swollen feet can adversely affect your mobility and your comfort.
There are very few internal seams, and where seams exist, we have put them in a position that will reduce the possibility of rubbing. These shoes are less likely to chafe, providing comfort and security, provided they have been fitted correctly.
You can also use the “Select Category” window on the right of this page and select the topic you are interested in. I am a Neuroflexologist and can use this information to understand myself and my patients better.
Where trauma is the cause, it could be a bang to the head or electrocution that causes the oedema. When your dog's lungs fill up the fluid typically comes from the blood vessels and tissues. An example of this would be when another injury could be linked with a traumatic episode and this caused the oedema.
They will check your dog's heart to see if there are any changes in their heart rate and rhythm, the vet would also detect if there is a heart murmur during the examination. A vet would need to take several X-rays in order to determine how the oedema is being resolved.
Heart failure is considered to be a chronic illness which means there is a strong possibility a pulmonary edema might recur. The swelling of feet may be temporary and can be as a result of a diet high in salt and carbohydrates or the extensive use of laxatives, diuretics or other medication.
Once selected, a new page will load with a number of articles related to the topic you chose. I have severe bouts of depression when my limbs are swollen so bad which is pretty much all the time now.
There are some pretty clear symptoms to watch out for and if you notice any of these or have any concerns for your dog, you need to contact your vet immediately.
These leaks into the lungs could be caused by many diseases or a trauma of some sort although heart failure and cancer can also be the underlying cause of pulmonary oedema. However, should the edema be caused by a traumatic event which could include strangulation or some sort of head injury – the edema can be effectively treated so the edema does not recur as long as your dog recovers fully from their trauma. Some people experience swollen feet only during the summer months – this can be caused if the person has been walking or standing for long periods in high temperatures.
In general, these companies really understand the importance of managing lymphedema and the difficulties that people have in affording the treatment.

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