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Not only are patients assured of a private, confidential environment when they come to Boston Medical Group’s Houston center, they will also receive undivided medical attention from our physicians.
Boston Medical Group has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients across the globe. Boston Medical Group’s Midtown office has been helping men restore their health and sexual function since 1999. Located two blocks from Madison Square Garden, our Midtown medical center offers private waiting rooms for a comfortable and private experience. The physicians and staff at the New York Boston Medical Group’s Midtown office look forward to providing you with the results you and your partner deserve.
Boston Medical Group’s Lyndhurst office has been helping men restore their health and sexual function since 2014. Located on Routes 3 and 17 near Met Life Stadium our Lyndhurst medical center offers private waiting rooms for a comfortable and private experience. The physicians and staff at the New Jersey Boston Medical Group’s Lyndhurst office look forward to providing you with the results you and your partner deserve.
Theatre Movement Bazaar has created several award-winning productions in Los Angeles with ample critical acclaim.
Kubzansky discusses a working relationship with Michetti that allows both Los Angeles directors to freelance at other venues while maintaining the rigorous schedule at Boston Court.
Part of that experience includes creating the right kind of rehearsal and performance parameters to serve a multi-layered production like Treatment, with evolving text and movement every step of the way before opening night. The layers of movement, acting performance and song often come together with a sense of lighthearted play in Theatre Movement Bazaar’s work.
The Treatment features the acting ensemble of Mark Doerr, Mark Skeens, Matt Shea, Jake Eberle, Jacob Sidney and Nich Kauffman.
Theatre Movement Bazaar began in New York City, relocating to Los Angeles in 1999 and has since produced work across the US and in the UK. However, adapting Ward 6, a short story rather than a play, proved a new challenge for the team and invited a completely new approach to transforming text for the stage.
As the text develops, it becomes Kronis’ job to define the movements that will inform the actors and pace the actions of the story.
Creating new work over the years has given Theatre Movement Bazaar a diverse line-up of projects in both content and style. With the Pasadena Playhouse just four blocks away, Boston Court sits in good artistic company — but with the mantle of serving a different kind of audience.

The pursuit of risk-taking that serves artists as well as audiences doesn’t always balance in box office numbers. If Kubzansky has anything to say about it, homegrown collaborations like this will continue to occur and strengthen the experience for their audiences.
Boston Medical Group’s has successfully helped men in Virginia overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation since 2002. The Alexandria medical center is designed specifically with our patients’ privacy and comfort in mind. Dr Rajesh Puri graduated with honors from University College of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, India in 1982. Dr Puri has been in private practice since 1987, working in general medicine for the first 10 years. Dr Puri is a member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Phlebology and the American Association of Physicians of India. We understand there is no single solution to treating sexual dysfunctions, and we provide personalized patient care with an overwhelming success rate. Consultations are strictly by appointment only; waiting rooms are private, and there is no overflow of patients in the office at any given time. Our physicians provide personalized programs for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, emphasizing long-term success rather than encouraging patients’ lifelong dependence on medication. Using The Boston Method®, a proprietary treatment process, our physicians can determine the most effective treatment solutions for each patient, even if other common treatment options have failed.
Thus began TMB’s fifth creative immersion into the writing of Anton Chekhov with The Treatment. It has all come to life under the watchful eye of Boston Court’s tag team of Kubzansky and Michetti, providing their own expertise in smart producing strategies for a new work in progress. They have already had some previews which allowed them to gauge the work more carefully in front of an audience. But getting to that level of freedom takes careful planning and an engineering of text matched to physicality.
This story takes place in a dilapidated mental hospital and chronicles the tricky relationship that emerges between one of its doctors and a patient. Cherry Jam, an adaptation of The Cherry Orchard, developed in 2011 at the California Institute of the Arts. It helps to get them up in front of an audience just to give them the courage to move forward,”? Kronis adds.

The “beauty and challenge”? of Boston Court is the relationship of the actual theater stage to the size of its 99-seat house. Keeping tickets for shows priced in the modest mid-$30s range, Boston Court is producing as nimbly as most small houses around Los Angeles.
A co-production with LA-based Furious Theatre Company is already on the calendar for next summer. Using The Boston Method®, a unique and proprietary treatment process, our physicians design personalized treatment programs for each patient depending on their condition, medial history, needs and expectations. Aside from earning a degree in medicine, Dr .Puri also received a diploma in Public Health and Hygiene from the same institution. Thereafter, he served as the Medical Director for the Virginia offices of the American Vein Institute of Phlebology associates from 1998 to 2003, a specialty practice focusing in the diagnosis and management of venous disorders and varicose veins. He is an active humanitarian, a philanthropist and a volunteer with several charitable organizations.
Using The Boston Method®, a proprietary treatment process, our physicians are capable of diagnosing the condition and beginning your treatment program in one consultation. Each treatment program is based on the patient’s existing condition, medical issues, needs and expectations.
Patients are diagnosed on-site and can begin implementing their treatment strategy after just one consultation.
After 14 years creating more than 11 projects, Alger and Kronis have developed a tight shorthand in the rehearsal room to achieve the TMB style. Anton’s Uncles (based on Uncle Vanya) opened in Los Angeles, then toured to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Kennedy Center in 2009-2010. His experience and interest in venous diseases and circulatory conditions led him to study sexual dysfunction. Before that, in 1999, the pair also experimented with adaptations of Three Sisters and The Seagull, produced by Sacred Fools in Hollywood. He accepted a position with the Boston Medical Group in 2003 and he is currently the primary physician at the Alexandria, Virginia office.

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