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I recently met Keith Wegen while he was in Houston on business and to participate in Tough Mudder.
Wegen: With a Gleason Score of 8 it was pretty clear I had an aggressive form of prostate cancer, so I chose to have it removed with a robotic prostatectomy. Wegen: As with any major surgery there was pain in my abdomen that persisted for months and gradually decreased as I healed. I’d encourage men to try any and all available erectile dysfunction therapies such as Viagra, vacuum pump and rings to help during the rehab process and beyond.  I’d also impress upon men that it’s OK to talk about erectile dysfunction, and we should not be embarrassed. Sex with a loving partner is a critical part of any vibrant relationship, and learning all the ways to heal from surviving prostate cancer is so important to both your physical AND mental health. Erectile Dysfunction Treatments and Penile Rehabilitation Programs Aimed at Assisting Sex after Prostate Surgery or Treatment.
Penile rehabilitation is the phrase used to describe the process of using drugs and or devices in order to preserves erectile tissue health and minimizes erectile tissue damage following a radical prostatectomy or radiation procedure.
Whilst the early application of penile rehabilitation treatments may promote improvement in spontaneous erections sufficient to allow sexual relations, the failure to pursue early post-prostatectomy treatments for erectile dysfunction is widely thought to contribute to higher rates of erectile problems after prostate surgery. More than ever before, there are treatments available to men that have been shown to be successful in treating erectile dysfunction.
Pharmacological treatments commonly prescribed for penile rehabilitation and erectile function recovery include: (Click on links to read detailed descriptions).
Despite many prostate cancer survivors pre-operatively reporting an interest in receiving treatment for post-radical prostatectomy-related erectile dysfunction, studies show that as many as 50% of men freely decide from the onset not to proceed with any form of therapy. Men who receive specialist advice for their postoperative erectile dysfunction are more likely to report being very satisfied with treatment outcomes and were more likely to continue treatment for erectile dysfunction. By comparison, men who do not receive specialist advice were far more likely to be unsatisfied with reported levels of treatment satisfaction, with the majority of these men being either being non-committed towards continuing treatment or having ceased treatment altogether. Men who receive detailed instruction (preferably in the presence of a sexual partner), sexual counselling and medical follow ups every three months, are likely to experience higher levels of treatment satisfaction and continued use. Men reported that physical, psychological and social adaptation to life with postoperative erectile dysfunction, and their need for PTED, were highly influenced by the strength and nature of relationships they had with their partners. Treatment compliance was influenced by partner support and involvement in the penile rehabilitation process, partner acceptance of treatment selection, and the importance partners placed on maintaining an active sexual relationship. Apart from sexual communication, relationships in which partners had demonstrated a willingness to actively assist participants in incorporating treatments within sexual activities were more likely to lead to higher levels of treatment satisfaction and adherence. In contrast, men reporting low levels of sexual communication and involvement in treatment selection and acceptance were more likely to withdraw from treatment use. Vacuum erection devices (Vacuum devices) are often used as first-line penile rehabilitation therapies.
Whilst men often will be willing and able and "making the time" to use a vacuum device whilst on leave from work, once work resumes some men will consider vacuum device usage to be impractical and it is often abandoned. PDE5's (include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) are often prescribed as first-line oral agents to treat erectile dysfunction due to their ease of use and perceived clinical value.
Whilst PDE5 use has improved erectile functioning in up to 70% of cases, levels of erectile recovery success levels have been reported in some studies to be as low as 29%.

As easy as they are to use, researchers have found inappropriate use of these drugs to occur in as many as 56% of men. Intracavernous injections are a standard treatment of erectile dysfunction in cases where the use of medications (such as Viagra) have been found to be unsatisfactory. Understandably, patients are often negative towards injection treatments due to the common perception that they are painful and they interfere with the spontaneity of intercourse.
Time, developing courage and the assistance of supportive partners, are critical for treatment execution. Studies show however that for some men, once they were able to overcome their fears of penile injection, the use of injections have allowed them to experience increases in levels of sexual confidence and satisfaction as well as improvements in relationships with partners. Within our own research, we have found that men will experience varying degrees of difficulty with different treatments for erectile dysfunction.
Ita€™s estimated around 30a€‰per cent of prostate cancer patients suffer some degree of erectile dysfunction after a prostatectomy (prostate gland removal). The new device, called the ProPep Nerve Monitoring System, helps the surgeon monitor the position of the nerves. Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice.
As the fastest growing consumer health information site a€” with 65 million monthly visitors a€” Healthlinea€™s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. The active Coloradoan from Boulder was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a young 44 and has made it his mission to raise awareness of the disease even to younger men. It has been said the the brain is the most important sexual organ, and based on my experience I’m convinced your mental health (and strength) and positive outlook will go a long way in your ultimate recovery. A Vacuum device generally takes the form of a tube that is placed over the penis, to which a vacuum pump is attached, resulting in increased penile blood ?ow and oxygenation of nerve and muscle tissues. For some men, self-injection is considered too large a challenge to overcome, so often, their partners assist in the administration of injection treatments. The device works like a mine-sweeper, detecting the location of crucial nerves buried in the tissue and invisible to the eye a€” enabling surgeons to avoid accidentally severing them.A  Doctors are now trialling it in prostate surgery to reduce post-operative incontinence and impotence. Two wire-like electrodes are placed in the tissue around the prostate and urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder). It has been developed for robot-assisted prostate surgery, although the developers believe it could be used for other robot-assisted operations, such as joint replacements, hysterectomy and face and throat surgery. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. Speak with other men who have gone through it, do Internet research (great blogs and support groups are there), speak with your partner and more. Prostate surgery is the preferred treatment option for many prostatic problems, in particular cancer.There is a major downside of the surgical option, however, and that is the reduced sexual ability you are likely to suffer from after undergoing the procedure. These electrodes are connected to an external monitor.The electrodes emit a small electrical current. Just as you wouldn’t recover quickly from, say,  an Achilles tendon rupture, prostate cancer surgery recovery takes time and effort.

In some cases, these side-effects are temporary, but in around 20a€‰per cent of patients they can last for up to two years or longer.At the moment, surgeons have relatively unsophisticated ways of avoiding the nerves, relying on anatomical a€?signpostsa€™ such as the seminal vesicles (tiny sacs at the back of the prostate gland) and their judgment. Commenting on the device, Professor Raj Persad, urological surgeon at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bristol Urological Institute, said: a€?This looks like a good idea and has potential for enhancing the quality of life of thousands of men who have this procedure every year. Having a loving and supporting partner I believe is critical to sexual recovery, as patience, understanding and creativity help. Including your partner in the discussion or at the very least keeping her informed about what you and your doctor have come up with is important, because your new situation affects her as well.
When nerves are detected, the electrodes produce a special type of warning signal, displayed on the monitor for the surgeon to see during the operation.Nerve monitoring is already used in some spinal and brain operations, and surgeons are increasingly employing devices such as these for other types of procedures, such as facial and thyroid operations.
It is also important to remember that the erectile dysfunction may not be permanent depending on the type of surgery you had. And around six in ten people with diabetes have diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage caused by uncontrolled blood-glucose levels. Even in cases when the nerve cannot be spared, some men do regain the ability to achieve an erection after some time. However, nerves are very complex structures a€” each is a bundle of fibres, like an electrical wire a€” and often dona€™t connect correctly. In most cases, dealing with ED is something that you can expect for the first year following the surgery.What You Can Do About ItAlong with talking to your doctor and your partner, there are things that you can do to treat the erectile dysfunction while your body is healing from the surgery.
Prescription MedicationsMedications such as Viagra and Cialis are made to treat erectile dysfunction and help a man achieve an erection.
While these drugs do have a high success rate when it comes to improving erectile function and rigidity, they are also known to have their fair share of side effects, particularly for patients who have heart problems. Penis PumpsThese are relatively inexpensive devices that work by creating a vacuum seal around the penis and pumping blood into erectile tissue using a hand or electric pump, which results is an instant erect penis.
See study summary at PubMed.Penis pumps are generally safe and easy to use and are easily found at drugstores, adult toy retailers and wherever male enhancement products are sold.
You should be careful not to overuse the pump to avoid causing serious injury to your sex organ.
Each product should come with a user manual and safety instructions that you need to follow.3. Herbal RemediesThe use of herbs to treat erectile dysfunction is something that has been practiced for centuries in traditional medicine.
There are some herbs known to enhance male potency by increasing blood flow to the penis as well as improving stamina and desire. Some of the best known herbs for combating erectile dysfunction include Korean Ginseng, Damiana, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), and others.Although many men use these natural sexual remedies every day, there is no concrete scientific proof of their effectiveness and none of them has been approved by the FDA so far. You may also like:Heart Dieases and Erectile Dysfunction: Is There Any Connection?Does erectile dysfunction pose a risk to heart health?

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