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A staggeringly small amount of Japanese women sought treatment for eating disorders in 2014: 10,000 people compared to the United Kingdom's 725,000. Akeso Clinics are a group of dedicated Mental Healthcare facilities offering specialised private inpatient care. Along with a team of practitioners and clinical caregivers, we strive to provide an environment of safety, comfort and expert care, servicing patients throughout South Africa including Gauteng, the Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal.
On this site, we hope to provide you with the information you need for yourself, a loved one or someone you know. Massage therapy can help to reduce the feelings of hopelessness and despair and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are known to increase feelings of wellbeing and happiness in people. Relatives or friends can be taught to massage the person, which can reduce the anxiety and bring comfort to both people. Body Massages are a luxury for many in Western countries, but in Asia, you will find them affordable. You can get more information about massage and finding a trained massage therapist from the General Council for Massage Therapy. Different oils have different effects: for example, an aromatherapist may use cedarwood for a pleasant and relaxing effect, or rosemary for an invigorating and refreshing effect. For more information about Aromatherapy and to find a trained therapist, contact the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.
Acupuncture needles are placed along point in the energy channels to help release the flow of chi and restore health and balance in the body.
Studies show that during acupuncture the body releases endorphins, natural chemicals which can relieve pain, relax muscles and increase feelings of well-being. Reflexology is a specialised form of foot or hand massage that is related to the Chinese practice of accupressure.
Systematically putting pressure on points in the feet or hands is thought to stimulate the flow of energy along energy channels in the body. Tai Chi and qigong are two Chinese Philosophies which aim to strengthen the vital force (chi) of the body. Tai Chi- is an ancient chinese practice that focuses on building strength, balance and flexibility through slow, fluid movements combined with mental imagery and deep breathing. Both Tai Chi and qigong can help generate a sense of well being and peace and can reduce pain. Yoga provides a safe context for disordered eaters to confront, deconstruct, and move past troubling thoughts without acting on them. According to Eating Disorder Guide: The practice of yoga, especially slower and non-competitive forms of yoga, shows promise as a method for treating eating disorders.
The Sanskrit word yoga is translated as union between mind, body and spirit, and the practice aims to lead to a better balance of mind, body and spirit.
Most of the treatment centres and hospitals offer yoga as part of their complementary therapy programmes.

Islam and Eating Disorders founded in 2012 – run by Maha Khan, the blog creates awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world, offers information and support for sufferers and their loved ones. Many suffer in silence, but in countries like Australia and America, there is at least an abundance of access to recovery programs and rehabilitation centres. When you consider the size of Japan's population, just over 126 million people in 2015, that is an appallingly low number.
However, the crux of eating disorders globally is related to standards of beauty and the idea that only skinny is beautiful. Our clinics offer specialised treatment for adolescents, eating disorders, post-natal depression, addiction, geriatrics, seniors and other general psychiatric disorders.
Contact us today with any questions you may have or to speak to one of our registered practitioners. That is why, at 'Rehab Cape Town' with CapeRecovery, we work with the best place here in Cape Town both for locals and for overseas people. Even if someone has never before been diagnosed with one of the above, disordered eating of any kind is often a symptom of various underlying stuff that must be dealt with. Overseas people can get eating disorder treatment as a part of the CapeRecovery Experience and all that involves, specially tailored just for them! This post discusses eight physical therapies; massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, shiatsu, tai chi, qigong and yoga. Instead, they should form part of a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan to increase the quality of life of the person with the eating disorder. Massage is a form of structured or therapeutic touch which can be used to relax, to relieve muscle pain and tension.
Massage can be a form of communication between the massager and the patient, as well as relieving anxiety,  and muscle tension. Citrus oils, such as lemon, also may be helpful because they stimulate the digestive juices.
It uses thin, sterile acupuncture needles inserted just below the skin to affect the flow of energy in the body. Acupuncture can help with all sorts of physical problems such as pain, nausea and a sore mouth, and can also help to reduce fear and anxiety. One study performed in Germany showed that patients with anorexia have lower-than-normal levels of leptin, which likely contributes to the fact that anorexia patients often stop getting their periods. The theory underlying this therapy is that different areas on the sole of the foot or palm of the hand represent and are connected to body’s internal organs.
Like acupuncture it is based on the idea that good health depends on the balanced flow of energy through specific channels in the body called meridians. The slow, graceful movements increase strength and flexibility and improve balance and circulation.
Yoga also assists individuals with eating disorders to establish a new basis for self-esteem by shifting the emphasis of self-image away from what the body looks like and toward what the body can do.

The medical system in Japan is clearly failing in some capacity to address the stigma of eating disorders.
A trend to see if women could wrap an arm around their stomach to touch their belly button exemplifies this glorification of unnatural thinness. It is not uncommon for those suffering with eating disorders to have other existing metal health or addiction issues and our clinic shares CapeRecovery's personalised assessment and treatment philosophy in order to provide individualised care for every single one of our clients. They maybe used during massage, but can also be used in special aromatherapy burners or in baths. As well as the circulatory nervous systems in the body, in Chinese medicine there is also a system of life force (energy) channels. Researchers in China looked at how a specific acupuncture point, known as sifeng, which is located behind the fingers, may affect serum leptin levels in anorexia patients.
Pressure is placed on the appropriate meridians to help the person’s energy regain its balance. Listening to the body and responding to its sensations in a positive way is the first step for many disordered eaters in learning to properly care for themselves and their bodies again. Culturally, Japanese women are often afraid to vocally admit their disorder because it is perceived as shameful.
While the government committed to bringing awareness to the issue in 2014, it only sponsors a "handful of community support groups." It have hopes to improve this lack in the future.
Significant weight loss and severely impaired psychological and social functioning.Pica - A relatively rare eating disorder. Completing a treatment program can help individuals regain their balance, but the treatment program is only the beginning. The study showed that acupuncture can increase levels of leptin, meaning there may be some promise for acupuncture as an eating disorder treatment. The therapist may also gently stretch or massage areas of the body to reduce stiffness and soreness. But there is hope — as more people begin to speak about the issue, more people will come forward. The consumption of non-nutritive substances, such as clay, paper, soap, chalk, mud or laundry starch.
It is very important that if you have these therapies outside the treatment centre, you always make sure the therapist or practitioner is trained and registered.

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