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With campuses in Houston, Cypress, Katy, Pearland, and Kingwood, Second Baptist focuses intently on community and kids, pouring time, energy, funds and facilities into their development.
Imagine 2,000 high school students, all spaced out on blankets facing the waves as the sun sets.
Second Baptist’s worldwide Mission Trips — Bring Peace 2011 campaign includes Guatemala, Mexico, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Sudan, Nepal, Syria, Iraq and India.
Young may be best known for challenging the members of his congregation — or at least the heterosexual, married ones — to have sex every day for a week in 2008. Which may also help explain why Young has suddenly become so outspoken in his opposition to same-sex marriage. Young admitted that homosexuality is a controversial topic and that people will have different viewpoints, but insisted that the church should not be silent, and instead it should speak up loudly. On the topic of how much choice homosexuals have in regards to their lifestyle, the megachurch pastor said that everyone always has a choice.
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Ed Young communicates the message of hope and love throughout the world through Ed Young Television. He and wife, Jo Beth, were married June 28, 1959, and just celebrated their 52nd anniversary.

Additionally, church nurseries follow the strictest hygiene codes, following the same standards as any hospital. With the current crisis in the Middle East, the ministries in Syria, Iraq and India face the greatest danger. The plight of the innocent who struggle and suffer is extremely important to the Young family as well as the church.
Young staged another publicity stunt earlier this year when he used live animals — a lion and a lamb — in his Easter sermon. Well, apparently he’s trying to support a pretty lavish lifestyle — taking in more than $1 million a year from the church and traveling in a private jet. With a vibrant message, he and his church family serve the community and address the most important topics of the day. As the teens contemplate the issues in their lives — peer pressure, addiction, abuse, temptation and parental divorce — they relax and connect with God. As a time of healing and strengthening, he believes get-aways are one important way to reach a very challenged generation. Second Baptist is in its fifth year of partnership with Jesus of Nazareth Church, providing VBS, food, clothing and counseling for Iraqi war refugees in Damascus.
It is Young’s hope that peace will come to the region, and that Christianity will bring soothing and healing to a troubled population.

From carpeting to sheets to a sterilized environment, any mother can leave her newborn in our care, resting assured that the conditions are very likely better than those in her own home,” he adds.
As second year partners with Charasia, a ministry in India, they focus on church leadership training and Bible study with girls in the Pune orphanage. Over the last 30 years I’ve joined young people as they ponder the complications of life.
Young's preparation for the ministry continued at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
Young teaches two Bible classes at the West Campus in Katy and the Woodway Campus in Houston.
It is a great privilege to see them transform as they dedicate — or rededicate — their lives to Christ. Young's passion is to outfit your life with the proven truth of God's Word so you will be able to follow wherever the Master leads and experience the abundant life He intends you to have.

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