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Doomsday Preppers star Tyler Smith was arrested for to his actions on the hit National Geographic series. Tyler Smith was shown shooting targets and testing homemade body armor on the Doomsday Preppers episode. During his time in front of the camera on the Doomsday Preppers, he fired multiple rifles in order to test the homemade body armor.
According to the most recent estimates, there are approximately three million prepping families in the United States.
Recon Agency LLC founder hopes to inspire and teach others about preparedness via new National Geographic television show. The truth is Doomsday Preppers is not about the apocalypse, Mayan Calendar or end of the world but rather about the lives ordinary Americans who are preparing for life’s uncertainties.
Recon Agency LLC founder, Arizona veteran, husband and father of three, Tim Ralston to appear on the new NatGeo show, “Doomsday Preppers” in mid-February (Feb 14th). The Presidential Policy is a directive aimed at strengthening the security and resilience of the United States through systematic preparation for the threats that pose the greatest risk to the Nation’s infrastructure. NatGeo utilized “preparedness experts” to identify a variety of threats, some more catastrophic than others, to analyze the level of preparedness of each prepper featured on the program. In the past month, Ralston has appeared on several national news outlets to discuss his work and philosophy on the topic of emergency preparedness. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Smith, 26, was the focus of a very controversial episode of the series, which depicted survival marauders. I got to thinking that maybe I was judging the show unfairly and decided to watch a few episodes and make an informed decision. The show follows disaster and survivalist “preppers” from all walks of life who prepare for any number of catastrophic threats that can potentially occur. Despite the stereotypes, preppers don’t believe the world is going to end anytime soon or hide out in bunkers. It is unique to geographic areas, threats perceived and fitting to individual comfort levels.

The preppers appearing on the show had to identify a threat they were most concerned about. Facebook and other social media outlets went wild with heated debate after the prepper told the world that he and other survivalists were preparing and training to become marauders and steal from other preppers during a doomsday scenario.
Smith is reportedly a convicted felon and is not legally allowed to own or even be anywhere near a firearm. The Spartan Survival leader also strongly boasted about his plans to loot and raid the ammo, food, and medical supplies stockpiled by others in the preparedness and off grid community.
Since moving to Pierce County, Smith has not registered with law enforcement as directed by law.
I watched most of two episodes, most because I lost interest in one and saw too much crazy on the other one. They are typically community oriented and wish to contribute to safeguarding the nation from harm.
While some prepper’s contingencies may seem more extreme than others, prepping at any level gives most an ease of mind in the event that an emergency should happen. Those who know me know I am an extremely positive person--but I don't bury my head in the sand either.
Some have claimed I’m profiteering on my new Crovel tool invention rather than manufacturing American-Made products and creating jobs.” says Tim.
The Spartan Survival leader could face additional jail time due to the failure to register. Frankly, I think it is our responsibility to ensure that we have extra food and water on hand in the event of an emergency. His current charges include a second-degree felony of unlawful possession of a firearm, according to The News Tribune.
If all your preps are built towards one specific disaster it leaves you wide open to everything else.
While you can’t be prepared for everything by generalizing your preps you maximize your preparedness for a wider range of disasters.
In one episode the family was running out of room in their home for all the preps they had.

It cost only a few hundred bucks, would solve the space issue and would look completely normal in backyard.Doomsday PrepperJust CrazyOne couple I saw was worried about civil unrest and violence. They were worried about the government taking their guns away so instead of arming up with gun they decided to make home made throwing stars to fight off mobs of looters.
Really that’s the solution they came up with, because the government might take something. I know the producers of the show look for the most extreme, crazy people and use creative editing and prompts to get them to sound worse than they are. Now that I’ve given the show a chance I will go back to not watching it, now with reasons to no watch it.
I get a few casting emails to be on shows, documentaries and ignore every one of them.Do you watch Doomsday Preppers? Let me know in the comments!Looking for the best prices and best customer service in buying Silver and Gold online? I know I never want to can a meat loaf, got to be the uglest thing on earth, looked like a tumor. I think to go on TV and share your preps with the world is just dangerous…whether the enemy is the government or the crazy neighbors down the street. They do offer good advice when in extreme survival situations, however, which is why I tolerate them. I’m 35 now and understand and appreciate the power and beauty of being properly prepared for any situation. Gear is good, but gear, stockpiles of food, and weapons is not the be-all-end-all of being prepared.
Investing in gold and silver, building container houses and tiny homes, growing food, going off the energy grid, using nature all good.

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