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Understanding the behavior of a child with Autism can be challenging, especially since many behaviors (good and bad) are specific to that child.
Timers are also a wonderful tool!  If your child does not know when he will be done with a task, he is probably going to be less likely to engage in the task and show more inappropriate behaviors.  Think about it as if you were told to go to work and your boss told you she would let you know when it is time to leave, but didn’t tell you how many hours you would be there and you did not have a clock. Fact: “70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within 1 year”. This is a troubling statistic but the fact remains that many businesses don’t have a written Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). XSolutions has created an Excel-based Disaster Recovery Plan template that you can use to start creating your DRP and tailor it for your business. Our easy-to-use template guides you through the process, providing ready-made sheets to hold vital information. When you begin to evaluate IT Disaster Recovery options, please give us a call at (845) 362-9675. Cautionary note: This template should only be considered a starting point and not the final outcome. Filed Under: Article Tagged With: Backup, BC, Business Continuity, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Plan, DRP, IT Disaster RecoveryRefer a Friend, Get $250! XSolutions provides convenient, fast, expert computer support services to small businesses. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Radiation has contaminated the underground pipes, water tanks, and plumbing that provide drinking water for much of Central Texas and the famed Texas Hill Country, according to concerned city officials. According to local officials, the contamination comes from years of exposure to drinking water that already tests over federal legal limits for radioactive radium.

Minor said the city made the discovery when it recently dug up older steel water pipes from the ground in an attempt to replace them.
It just brings lots of questions to my mind as far as, what s that doing to the people drinking it, he said, referring to the water that flows through the pipes. City of Brady officials spoke openly about the issue after being contacted by KHOU 11 News. The white paper, titled Implementing the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations for Radionuclides, was an internal assessment of the threat posed from radiation in Texas water, and was prompted by new federal regulations the Environmental Protection Agency adopted on Dec.
Hackers infiltrated a water utility’s control system and changed the levels of chemicals being used to treat tap water. Our endpoint forensic analysis revealed a linkage with the recent pattern of unauthorised crossover. However, when disaster strikes, here are some simple “go-to” solutions that can make a big difference. When children are screaming or crying, it is much more difficult to process information auditorily.  Looking at a visual of what he needs to do is much more effective than trying to process mom telling him what he needs to do. Write it down so your managers and employees also know what to do, especially if you’re not there when disaster strikes. In fact, we think it’s so important that we are making our template a free download, without requiring you to register.
The online shipping tool calculates each bucket shipping separately, when in real life we can stack them inside of each other and ship in bunches. Deploys TWO Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups PHILIPPINE SEA (June 18, 2016) – The USS John C. Of even more concern, they say, is that any water quality testing is done before the water runs through the contaminated pipes that could be adding even more radiation.

The call was prompted by internal documents from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which identified a main source of the region s water as radium contaminated. This system, which was connected to the internet, managed programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that regulated valves and ducts that controlled the flow of water and chemicals used to treat it through the system. Using the same credentials found on the payment app webserver, the threat actors were able to interface with the water district’s valve and flow control application, also running on the AS400 system. It seems the activists lacked either the knowledge of SCADA systems or the intent to do any harm.
So, if you’re storing this type of media in your office, then change your process and store them offsite in a protected environment. We can help minimize the risk of data loss and get your computer systems up and running quickly when catastrophe strikes. The TCEQ had initially refused to release the paper after a public-records request, and only did so under order from the Attorney General of Texas. Many critical IT and operational technology functions ran on a single AS400 system, a team of computer forensic experts from Verizon subsequently concluded. We also discovered four separate connections over a 60-day period, leading right up to our assessment.During these connections, the threat actors modified application settings with little apparent knowledge of how the flow control system worked. In at least two instances, they managed to manipulate the system to alter the amount of chemicals that went into the water supply and thus handicap water treatment and production capabilities so that the recovery time to replenish water supplies increased.
Fortunately, based on alert functionality, KWC was able to quickly identify and reverse the chemical and flow changes, largely minimising the impact on customers.

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