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Mauro Prosperi, a 39 year old Italian policeman took part in the 1994 Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) in Morocco. But partway through the six day, 145 mile (233 km) event, a sandstorm caused him to lose his way. He ended up disoriented, after which he ran and walked about three hundred kilometres in the wrong direction. Mauro had a compass but no reference points and it took a while before he realized that he had strayed off the route. Mauro shifted immediately into survival mode and the first thing he did was to urinate into a water bottle. He knew that this first urination was going to be the clearest and most drinkable in the event that he didn’t come across a fresh water supply.

Mauro knew enough about desert survival to only walk in the morning and evening, and to relax in the shade during the midday heat. After three days of wandering, taking sips of that initial urine, he was enveloped by another sandstorm that lasted for twelve hours. He found a small Muslim shrine, hung his Italian flag out front and crawled inside, where he finally found some nourishment. He wrote a note to his wife with a piece of charcoal and then slit his wrists and waited to die, but his blood had thickened and wouldn’t drain. He decided again to try and walk his way to safety and headed for a mountain range in the distance.
Five days after leaving the shrine, and eight days drinking almost nothing but urine, he found a small oasis. Mauro resisted the temptation to drink his fill of water which would have caused severe cramping, and instead took a reasonable, calculated amount.
Two later days he encountered some Tuareg nomads, who took him on camel-back to a nearby Algerian military camp and from there to a hospital. He was around 186 (300 km) miles off route, and reportedly had lost between 30 and 40 pounds (18 kg) in body weight.

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I eventually found a log to block the wind, but I needed to keep moving a bit to keep from getting buried.
I wanted my family to be able to recover my body so they could come to terms with my death".

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