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Crime Scene Investigation has brought into the home an in-depth view on how a crime can be investigated and solved by CSI Agents with state-of-the-art technology. In the field of criminal justice, skilled & qualified professionals are always in demand.
Many accredited online schools allow you to study criminal justice around your schedule at your leisure. Some of these online degree programs allow you to focus on specific fast growth, high income, and intereasting aspects of the field.
Online degree programs in criminal justice provide a flexible higher education to students who need balance – with work, family commitments and education. The criminal justice field includes three main sectors: law enforcement, corrections and security. Karla Lant is a retired criminal defense attorney and an adjunct professor for Northern Arizona University’s Master of Administration program. Now more than ever, students with high-quality training in criminal justice are crucial to the reform and support of our justice system. An online associate degree in criminal justice provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level career in the field. Students who earn an online associate degree in criminal justice can transfer to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor’s degree. Solving crimes was a matter of who done it, and with what shoe size, and whether anyone left traces of evidence behind that the blue ALS light could find. AIU Online, University of Phoenix, Kaplan University and Westwood College Online are some of the more famous online schools offering. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows some of the fastest growing careers being in the criminal justice field. Over the past few years we have seen an increase in the numbers of students choosing to earn criminal justice degrees, due in part to the broad range of employment opportunities available with this type of education. Top online programs offer not only flexible schedules, but also great teachers, tremendous resources and student support to rival their on-campus counterparts. Numerous professions fall within these areas, such as forensic scientist, police officer, paralegal, probation officer, security guard, loss prevention specialist, teacher and many more (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). She teaches students working in law enforcement routinely as they study administration and leadership.
For those interested in the field, but perhaps unsure about their direction, it’s important to have as much information as possible.

All students must take a certain number of general education courses in addition to courses in law enforcement, corrections and criminology. Policework and detecives are are is not the only career field for a criminal justice student. A CJ degree can open up career opportunities in public safety, corrections, law, forensic science, investigation, and law enforcement. While many of these careers are quite demanding and challenging, they can also be extremely rewarding and satisfying. The following page helps aspiring criminal justice majors move their college and career forward in two ways.
Many careers in the field require some type of post-secondary education, from vocational training through advanced degrees. During her years as a trial attorney her specialty areas included forensic science and medical and scientific evidence. The days of simple experience being enough for criminal justice professionals are in the past; today even officers working the streets need sophisticated technology, well-informed theory, and an intellectual strength to excel.
To simplify the investigative process, the timeline below identifies the educational options available from an associate degree to a doctorate and examines the important considerations involved in pursuing each of these degrees online. Out of the many different jobs that people with criminal justice degrees may work in, the following criminal justice careers are some of the most popular choices.Crime Scene Analysts*Crime Scene Analysts are those professionals who gather and investigate the evidence left at crime scenes. First, it provides a quick and easy way to search for online CJ programs from top colleges and universities across the country. Traditional and online institutions across the country offer criminal justice degree programs via distance learning. They must sort, evaluate, and process and collect the evidence while adhering to the specific regulations dictated by the agency in charge. They spend much of their time performing detailed tests on items such as weapons, fibers, hair strands and human tissue. Second, it dissects the various higher educational journeys available in the field, from earning an associate degree online to seeking an advanced credential in the field. They must have a clear understanding of chain if custody protocols as well as transfer of evidence processes. Crime Scene Analysts must maintain composure and rational thinking in sometimes unpleasant working conditions.
They are often times the assistant to the medical examiner or pathologist as well as a liaison between lab technicians, attorneys, other investigators, and the law enforcement agencies.

Their main tasks often include analyzing the data collected from a crime scene, facial reconstruction, testifying as an expert witness in court proceedings as well as verifying the authenticity of documents or results.
They work closely with both government officials and police detectives, striving to solve crimes in a timely manner.
Additionally, a forensic scientist can choose to become certified in one or more specific fields such as Odontology, Ballistics, Biochemistry, or Pathology.Criminal Investigators*Criminal investigators are responsible for many aspects of” the burden of proof” that go into a criminal prosecution. Some of their tasks include checking criminal records, conducting inquiries on crimes, developing informant relationships, identifying and obtaining evidence, and conducting inquiries on misconduct of trials and other such accusations. Investigators perform many of the same tasks as police officers; therefore they must know how to operate police radio, carry and use firearms and other law enforcement equipment, as well as obtain and use search or arrest warrants. Occasionally, criminal investigators may need to testify in court pertaining to the processing methods used at crime scenes.Legal AssistantsLegal assistants are trained professionals who are the backbones of many legal practices today.
Legal assistants cannot practice law, but they do perform many tasks that were once common only to lawyers .
More and more often, attorneys of all types are relying on legal assistants to perform these essential tasks. Legal assistants spend much of their time researching cases, electronically filing court documents, drafting legal documents, and organizing and maintaining case files. They may also be required to interview clients and witnesses, prepare case briefs, trial notebooks, and responses to complaints and discovery requests.Court ReportersThe main job of court reporters is to document exact word for word transcripts of legal proceedings, discussions, speeches, and dialogue. They create a document of legal proof of all things spoken verbatim in court proceedings, trials, and meetings using a stenographic. These recorded transcripts of varying situations, require a complete history of all that has been said and identification of all parties involved and at times gestures and reactions must be notated. People who choose to work in this field must have a strong command over the English language, create, customize and maintain a dictionary of phrases , parts of words, entire words, and terminology specific to the proceeding, event, or program recorded. They must also posses excellent listening skills and sharp recollection as they are often called upon to search for information, provide snippets from the transcripts, or real time translations of these notations.These are just some of the terrific careers that people may choose among if they have criminal justice degrees.

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