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Integrative Reflexology® was designed by Claire Marie Miller to introduce both conceptually and in practice, her 4-Theory integrated approach to reflexology. Claire’s approach to reflexology is innovative, and her classes incorporate both her knowledge and humor.
NOTE: While this workshop is open to the public, it is NOT intended to prepare those without a state-issued occupational license for the professional practice of reflexology.
This advanced experience will support the expansion of your skill set in both foot reflexology and bodywork. The potential for blending Integrative Reflexology techniques with bodywork is a unique combination that increases the release of tight muscle and fascia.
Register for the 3-day Intensive along with the 1-day Advanced class, and get a 10% DISCOUNT. Claire Marie Miller is a therapist and educator with more than three decades of experience in the field, and is a 2010 inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. Sensual Tantric massage therapy is an area which Mark excels in and brings to clients across London. Mark has also been fully qualified as a true Tantra practitioner from the Tantra Association in Amsterdam.

Finding a masseur such as Mark is rare treat, he is a true professional that takes his profession incredibly serious and is dedicated to continuing his education in this field.
Highly intelligent and educated, Mark speaks fluent English, German and a bit of Afrikaans. This new and evolutionary approach to reflexology is grounded as a massage therapy modality. Participants who want to receive certification as as Certified Integrative Reflexologist® from Claire Miller are required to complete an in-class written exam and document at least six reflexology case studies. We will begin with the stimulation of specific reflex points and areas, then move to the associated the muscle or part of the body. Expect an open forum to explore and deepen the gift the feet offer in every bodywork session.
She is an honors graduate of the Boulder School of Massage Therapy and is a NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (#580).
In addition to conventional physical therapy services, we offer a full range of specialized services to cover a majority of patient conditions. With over 12 years experience in massage, Mark strives to give his clients a personal touch and offers the level of discretion and  professionalism expected from a professional Tantra massage in London.

Never allowing himself to become stagnant or complacent but rather searching for new techniques and modalities to add to his repertoire.
His good looks, charm and charisma have ensured Mark is heavily in demand for his and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for exceptional satisfaction through sensual Tantric massage techniques!
Many students are thrilled to use the whole-hand techniques and save their thumbs from the conventional reflexology of finger and thumb walking.
They may also need to report a state licensing number or a certification in the beauty or healthcare field.
She has served on the faculty of several massage schools, and now specializes in the teaching and practice of reflexology, massage for pregnancy and Hatha Yoga. His style and abilities are uniquely his own and his sensual Tantric massage is really something to be experienced!
With her background in Radiology, the charts Claire has created are anatomically inspired and make more sense then other reflexology charts.

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