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August 5, 2016 By Melissa 73 Comments LeapFrog Leapstart Learning System Review + Giveaway! The Leapstart Learning System is set up to perfectly address each and every child’s learning needs from toddler to first grader. This system is a fully immersive experience for the kids that combines little activity books with technology to create a hybrid of old and new school learning. It includes reading (for older kids), the tactile feel of a stylus, the ability to turn pages, bright colors, sounds, and more. Scout & Friends Math with Problem Solving Activity Book - The kids can join Scout, their puppy pal, and his friends as they play and explore counting, number recognition, and problem solving.
Daily Routines with Health & Wellness Activity Book - The Learning Friends share their day with the kids, exploring the important daily routines that keep us all happy, healthy, and safe.
Shapes & Colors with Creativity Activity Book - Children explore a world filled with dinosaur friends as they learn shapes and colors. Alphabet Adventures with Music Activity Book - Leap, Tad, and Lily take the kids on an adventure, meeting all the letters of the alphabet at the Letter Factory, exploring letter sounds, and playing and singing.
Read & Write with Communication Skill Activity Book - The kids explore Doodleburg while meeting friends who help them learn early reading and writing along with communication skills. Pet Pal Puppies Math with Social Emotional Skills Activity Book - The Pet Pal Puppies play, race, and explore while helping kids understand math concepts. First Day of School with Critical Thinking Activity Book - The book guides kids from the start to the finish of their first day at school.
Kids’ World Atlas with Global Awareness Activity Book - Children go on a global journey learning about landmarks, cultures, animals, and more through the eyes of other kids. Amazing Animals with Conservation Activity Book - Children discover the special ways animals move and communicate and learn to help protect animal environments. Reading Adventures with Health & Safety Activity Book - Children explore reading and health and safety skills with Lily, Tad, and friends on a camping trip in the wilderness. Spy Math with Critical Thinking Activity Book - Kids use their detective skills to help Opal Possum track down Sneaks Weasel while exploring math and critical thinking. STEM with Problem Solving Activity Book - Kids experiment with early STEM and problem solving skills to help Professor Hamlin Hamster build a robot. Space Science with Thinking Like a Scientist Activity Book - Kids learn space science skills and how to think like a scientist while they explore the wonders of outer space. Superhero Vocabulary with Communication Skills Activity Book - Kids embark on a word-collecting adventure with some amazing superheroes to help save the day in Storyland.
My favorite feature is that there is one for Pre-k and preschool and one for K & 1st grade skills. I like the versatility of the system, It can be used by individuals with a range of abilities.
My daughter would need the LeapStart™ Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Interactive Learning System.
I like that it covers so many levels of learning, so that it really a grows with children and would be great for both of my kids. I like that it has different learning levels so kids don’t outgrow it quickly or get bored with it. My favorite feature is that it covers 4 different learning levels so both of my girls would be able to use it. My niece and nephew both like the LeapFrog LeapPad 3 the most of all of the choices available. I like that this LeapFrog LeapStart Learning System has a great age range so that it grows with your child and can also be used by many aged children in your family. I love that it has books that grow with your child’s learning and it’s easy to switch books!
Superhero Vocabulary with Communication Skills Activity Book to help my daughter learn more vocabulary! Many studies show that we communicate mainly through body language, especially when we are in an emotional state. Imagine how much you can gain by reading people by looking at their legs, arms, head, gesture, posture, eyes, mouth and hands, all before they say a single word.
Body language is highly visual and the best way to learn is by imitation, observing case studies and roleplays. Each gesture is illustrated with elaborate diagrams showing exactly how the body language signal works in practice. Exercises are provided to encourage learning non-verbal signals and allow a trainer to test the delegates based on content thought. The Body Language training materials provided by Skills Converged comes in two parts, one covering common gestures (Part 1) and the other covers more advanced gestures and their interpretation (Part 2). What is the difference between positive and negative body language and how does it affect communication? What if a person's hand is touching her face, such as her chin resting on her hand, touching her ear, touching her eyes, etc.? How would you know if an individual is nervous even if he displays gestures that show signs of confidence? This course is continued with Body Language Part 2 which contains more advanced gestures provided in the same format. NOTE: When you purchase this product you get access to all the high resolution images provided in the course. The course provided here satisfies both needs by offering a collection of gesture cards categorised into a number of sections. As with all of our training materials, you have the right to modify the content and we think the modularity of this course combined with the ability to edit content will make your life as a trainer or course designer a lot easier and more productive.
Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages. Simply add all three to the shopping basket and the discount will be applied automatically. Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development.
We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK.
RFL will be offering a Music Therapy Group for children with autism and special needs, ages 3-6. RFL is excited to offer a Summer Fun With Instruments group for children with autism and special needs, ages 7-11. Proven leader with extensive experience in change management, organization learning, and education. Rita Daniels is a proven leader with extensive experience in change management, organization learning, and education. Educational games are a great way to engage with someone who struggles with an autism spectrum disorder. One of the most popular games in the world, chess, offers some unique advantages for the autistic brain. Many people with autism are visual learners and are attracted to shapes, colors, and pictures. It's common for people on the spectrum to have exceptional spatial skills, which makes building toys and games a very effective way to teach educational concepts like colors. You can strengthen math skills and improve social routines in a child with autism by playing store. Attending to directions and sorting out important information can be a challenge for many people with autism, and this can directly affect kids' academic performance.
While many children with autism are visual learners, others struggle with this way of learning. Verbal games are another great way to encourage interaction and build academic skills with children on the autism spectrum.
You can also try printable games for autism to work on even more social, communication, and academic skills. Helping students develop stronger understanding of mathematical concepts by building students’ ability to clearly and precisely communicate with mathematics.
In collaboration with Henna Abowath, here are a few sample texts and resources for Mathematics that can be incorporated within a lesson. Math Girls is a fiction novel about three high school students and their experience learning to deal with mathematical problems seldom found in textbooks.. Educreations is an interactive recordable whiteboard for iPads that allows teachers (and students) to create and share lessons.
The video could be adjusted to be at a specific readability level so the readability analysis will vary based on the video created. This music video features three mathematics teachers from Westerville South High School who rap about the three different methods for solving systems of linear equations. Website authors: Brian Marks is an instructional math coach in Newton, Massachusetts and Leslie Lewis is a semi-retired mathematics teacher who is the web designer for this site. This website offers teachers a collection of real-world math problems that can be utilized with a variety of math topics such as Algebra, Data and Probability, Geometry, and Number Sense. Currently, my students are already used to constructing mathematical arguments of their own but they do not try to understand the mathematical arguments of their peers. The mathematical habit of mind I would like my students to have is the habit of critiquing the reasoning of others. During group work, I will encourage groups to discuss their different opinions and come up with one argument to represent the group as a whole. A function may be represented four main ways: as an In-Out table, as a symbolic rule, as a graph, or verbally as a situation. The words in this Wordle focus on graphing in general and most of my students are probably comfortable with the words presented.
Student Work: The student wrote algebraic expressions using a list of defined variables from the textbook. Teachers need to help better define content specific words and expose students to more technical math literature. I expected that the number of teachers struggling to work with English Learners would be similar to the number of teachers struggling to work with students with low literacy skills.

To function as an administrative support person as an Executive Secretary or PA of an Executive Manager in a dynamic, global environment requires a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge, skills, and behavior.
There is an interdependence between a secretary’s performance and a manager’s collaboration and communication.
Build self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence with improved focus on outcomes that achieve these critical elements of emotional excellence in each of your four life zones. Cope effectively with work and home stress by applying five valuable stress mastery skills. Target the six tried and tested assertion skills to your unique needs for maintaining focus, dealing with criticism, and fostering open and honest communication in the workplace.
Create your own career development plan with insights from the four quadrants of the self-governance model. Enhance your rapport with the business world with an understanding of what’s happening at the micro and macro level of the environment of business. Add value to your immediate manager(s), colleagues, and business unit by liberating your service excellence skills.
Optimise the tools beneath your fingertips for increased productivity for keyboarding, writing and receiving e-mails and for productive work-flow and records management. Take charge of your time and of your workstation with a choice of techniques that work for you.
Tertia has been researching, developing, and presenting her own training programmes since 1981. Customer service representatives have to provide assistance to the clients in various aspects. Gain the position of Customer Service Associate in leading IT Company where I can develop different soft skills and improve my interpersonal communication and leadership qualities. I am a science graduate looking for the position of a Customer Service Representative in the leading IT firm to learn the work culture in this industry.
I am an experienced customer service representative looking for the similar position in an IT industry where I can implement my earned skills and knowledge for working efficiently.
Seeking the position of a Customer Service Representative in a reputed organization to improve in various aspects and benefit the company in turn. The system is broken down into age ranges, with each ranged focusing on the aspects of learning that will allow your child to build from down the line. One of my favorite parts is that using the stylus helps the kids with their fine motor skills along with letters, numbers, and the like.
Math with Logic & Reasoning Activity Book - Carrot, Tomato, and Broccoli take your kids on a cooking adventure, exploring math, logic, and reasoning. With everything form early number skills to STEM introduction, the Leapstart Learning System gets the kids started out on the right foot, and it builds from simple to more complex ideas as they grow older.
It would be perfect for our toddler daughter who is learning her letters and numbers right now. The ability to grow with the child gives such a great comfort in a product they can continue to use. I have a 6, 3, and 2 year old so this would definitely be a fantastic learning tool for all three of them!
I have one going into preschool and one going into 1st grade so I like how you could use it for both. I love that I could use it fairly quickly with my new little one and that it could grow in sophistication as she grows.
Since many of our achievements in life depend on how well we interact with others, it is quite critical to know how to communicate beyond words. The course contains many exercises and comes with trainer notes with instructions on how to run the course. After all there are many non-verbal signals to learn such as reading eyes, arms placement, legs placement, head orientation, hands, mouth, zones and other signals. To teach them, you simply need to show a gesture as an image or show it in person, discuss it with delegates, get them to practice it and move on to the next gesture. You can print them as many times as you like for your workbooks and distribute them to your delegates. The course is highly modular and you can easily use portions of the course for your own specific needs or timing requirements.
One is to provide a full day course on body language that covers various non-verbal gestures and increases delegate’s awareness about non-verbal signals and how to maintain relationships. You can go through them as part of a one-day course or you can pick the gesture cards and use them in your other courses where you think it is more appropriate.
Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
From board games to pretend play, these games can challenge your child's brain while providing a safe environment for social interaction.
To play, set up pretend fruits, vegetables, and other foods to make a "store." Have the child with autism work the play cash register, while you shop. Some advantages of IMP are that it enables lifelong learning techniques, such as critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and communication skills. The advantage of this text is that it introduces advanced mathematical concepts in a student-friendly context by combining mathematics and light romance in a school context. It has voice recording, digital ink, photos and text that can be shared via email, Facebook or twitter, which allows teachers to broadcast their ideas anywhere. Some of the advantages of this video are that the rap song and music video format would draw high interest from the students.
A teacher could use this website to find ideas to help students draw connections between mathematics and the world around them. In order to critique someone else’s reasoning, you need to understand their side of the argument. In doing so, students are forced to explain their own understanding, listen to the reasoning of their peers, and evaluate which argument is the best.
For instance, M is defined as the number of Men in a family and F is defined as the number of Families in a wagon train. The mathematical expert text abstractly utilizes an analogy to describe the elements of an algebraic expression, which in itself is abstract. The textbook and student work is written in a manner that is easy-to-read and comprehend. They also need to enforce the proper use of math vocabulary within the classroom by encouraging proper language use in oral and written assignments.
However, when it comes to working with students with low literacy skills, the majority of the responses shift to the middle. Nevertheless, this survey shows that students with low literacy skills are a greater challenge for teachers than English Learners alone. This unit is based on the westward migration of Americans in the 1840’s and students have created families to guide through the trail.
To achieve functional excellence therefore demands management of the internal and external boundaries that affect the emotional, relational, and performance aspects of your role. It is strongly recommended that the manager(s) complete the Needs Development Analysis prior to the secretary attending. From the well-spring of her own energy she has been able to enthuse thousands of working men and women to direct their own energies toward personal effectiveness and the mature management of work expectations. She constantly develops and adapts material that is relevant to the dynamics of the business and its people. We all know there are so many different learning games, apps, and toys out there, it’s almost mind boggling. The only mandatory entry is to visit the Leapstart Learning System and tell me your favorite feature. I think the LeapStart™ Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Interactive Learning System for him because these would definitely help him out and they are just his age.
There is a huge power in that which allows you to improve your relationships with people, whether at work or in personal life. As a result, this course is specifically designed to accommodate these special requirements in a novel way. This course is designed to be modular, so you can easily walk through these gestures as necessary and tell delegates about the significance of each.
The other need is that many soft skills courses require the inclusion of a session or chapter on body language since you can’t really talk about communication skills in general without covering this topic. Children will have fun with music while addressing non-musical goals such as communication and language, emotional and social, motor and academic skills. This group will offer children a fun and motivating way to target non-musical skills like social, academic, and motor skills while also targeting music skills by exploring instruments like xylophone and keyboard!
However, the turn-taking and social aspect of the game provide a great educational challenge for people on the autism spectrum. Then explain that the ASD child must correctly name the color in order to receive the block.
Work on counting money, adding prices, and participating appropriately in this common childhood game. If your child is an auditory learner and finds visual processing difficult, you can strengthen this skill by playing a shape game like tangram. Think of an item, and have the child ask increasingly specific questions to find out what it is.
In the traditional format, students are told what is true and not encouraged to question concepts and theorems, which results in rote memorization, making it hard for them to adapt to the changing face of the world. The story in the book also puts less focus on getting the right answer and emphasizes the joy of learning and sharing in the learning experience.
Educreations is useful for teachers because it can be used to explain a math formula, outline a procedure, help students with homework, walk students through examples or simply be used to review some basic concepts prior to starting a new unit. As the video is set in a high school classroom context, the students can feel a sense of connection with the school and students being portrayed in the video.

The problems presented in the website are often based on current events or holidays which would help hook students’ interests. Sketches of graphs, with unlabeled axes, can provide a sense of the overall behavior of a relationship, while carefully drawn graphs with labeled axes can summarize a great deal of information about the specifics of a relationship.
I would have students use the words in this Wordle to define the different descriptive graphing words and encourage students to use a combination of both big and small words. This is further evidence to show that teachers need to help students build their literacy skills across all content areas. This activity focuses on the different pros and cons of using mean and median as measures of center for different sets of data. This targets the training, serves as a valuable post-training integration of learning, as well as a performance evaluation assessment.
When writing the resume for customer service jobs, you need to focus on making your objective statement impressive and outstanding. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. Many times, a simple eye contact can make all the difference in gaining a person's trust and building rapport, leading to better communication. The course contains a large number of gesture cards which are documented in the workbook and the powerpoint slides.
This way, you can easily use a subset of these signals in any course you deliver as necessary. The gesture images are provided in high resolution so you can print them with high quality if necessary.
To work on functional communication, you can require the individual with autism to request a piece. After the child with autism has learned the cashier role, switch roles to develop familiarity with both.
You can find a tangram game at any toy or bookstore, and your child probably has access to one in his or her classroom. You can also try I Spy, which can help with shared attention, as the child tries to find out what you're looking at. A disadvantage of the book is that the mathematical concepts discussed in the novel are very advanced. The video not only covers the three methods for solving systems of linear equations but it also shows the step-by-step process required for using the different methods.
Just because teachers have to abide by a required text, such as ourselves, it does not mean that we cannot make use of other resources and incorporate it within our lesson plans. If I were to use this website, I would identify the specific math concept I will be covering in the class, allow students to go on the website, narrow the search to that specific math concept, and have students select one of the real-world math problems to solve. A graph’s axes define a coordinate system; points in the plane have coordinates that correspond to the rows of an In-Out table.
In doing so, students will be able to connect their prior vocabulary knowledge to their new vocabulary and perhaps create their own scaffold for learning the newer words. The customer service resume objective should clearly mention the details of this position and discuss the skills required for working as customer service representative. For working in this position, you must possess excellent set of interpersonal skills as you will be personally interacting with the client. Knowledge of body language signals can greatly help people in many areas such as communication skills, leadership skills, customer services, sales skills and so on.
Both social skills and communication are essential for academic success, so strengthening these skills is very important. For older children and adults, expand this game by requiring the individual to spell the color or to name another object with that color. Some drawbacks of Educreations is that it is time consuming for teachers to make the videos.
A few disadvantages include the fact that the lyric contain a lot of technical language and is spoken very quickly. For instance, if I was teaching on line of best fit, the students would narrow their search and end up with these activity choices (Yummy Math – Line of Best Fit). If students simply reiterate the previous student and say whether or not they agree or disagree, I would ask those students to elaborate on their evaluations. Patterns in an In-Out table correspond to the shape of the graph and the form of the symbolic rule. Here we give some samples of customer service resume objectives to help you know more about writing resume statements for such jobs.
You should also have complete understanding of the subject to resolve any issue related to work. As a result, the course is structured in such a way to make it as easy as possible for trainers to select content based on their needs and include it in their training courses, or alternatively deliver it as one single course.
Statistical studies show that IMP students consistently outperform traditionally taught students. Readers are expected to understand the notation and therefore transitions between the story and the mathematics are not fluid for those who are not fluent in mathematical notation.
Also, if a school has a low SES population, then students may not have access to technology and therefore, would not be able to access these videos. If students are not yet familiar with the concepts being presented in the video, the video can be detrimental to students’ confidence in their own understandings. By allowing students to select which problem to work on, I hope that it will promote autonomous learning. Pairs of numbers that make the rule true correspond to points on the graph and rows in the table.
If you are an experienced candidate, you can talk of the additional job related services provided by you during your work. However, IMP has been heavily criticized by organizations such as the Mathematically Correct for lacking the mathematical depth and rigor that promotes greater achievement. However once the students have become comfortable with the concept and methods, the lyrics and video would be a fun and effective way for high school students to review solving systems of linear equations.
The sample text that we used for the readability analysis for the IMP textbook is a word problem that involves the student solving a system of linear equations.
As students select the problem they wish to work on, they can feel more ownership of their mathematical work. The groundwork for this fluent movement among a function’s representations is the focus of these activities. It also relies on group dynamics and therefore, learning is dependent on others to some extent. It can be used as a clever way to introduce topics or as a supplemental text in an advanced mathematics course such as calculus. Teachers are always faced with the dilemma; slow down for the struggling students and lose their high achievers or move on and leave their struggling students behind.
We would use this in our class because it would be a great way to engage our performing arts school students who love music (high interest text). For ELL students, students with learning disabilities, or even an average 9th or 10th grader it may still be a challenge. These activities can also open the students eyes to how mathematics is relevant and present in the world around them. It does however work in environments that emphasize student-led discussions and in schools and classrooms that value collaborative work since there is a lot of emphasis to working together.
However teachers would need to be sensitive to the mathematical notation presented in the text. With Educreations, a teacher can have the struggling students watch the video on their own to get caught up with the class or have her high performers be the one to make the videos to help their classmates out. We use this textbook in our classrooms because we are required to do so and there are no other options, if we choose to teach the IMP way.
Teachers could also recommend the book to students who want more mathematical challenges and applications.
We would use this in our classroom because with IMP, it is difficult to find resources online that support our students in a problem-based learning setting. Students can either choose to learn the song for a thorough review or they could simply watch it to briefly review the mathematical concept. Also, the school that we teach at is a performing arts school and the students think more abstractly and creatively, which is why we feel that this textbook is better suited for their needs. However, we wouldn’t use this in our classes because the content is too advanced for our students. The materials outside of the IMP textbook often hurt our students by providing procedures and algorithm, which is something we strive to deter our students from. Although there is a segment about linear functions, it is discussed in relation to derivatives (a topic taught in the final year of the IMP program). We want our students to explore and investigate to gain conceptual knowledge that aids them in understanding Mathematics and eventually, on their own, come up with algorithms and procedures that work for them. After working through the textbook alongside the Educreation and the Youtube video, students should be able to identify key elements (Educreation) of a word problem (textbook) in order to solve a system of linear equations using a variety of methods (Youtube).
This book may not be appropriate for our students, but it could be used in alignment with more advanced mathematics courses.
As for the trade book, it seems too advanced for the concept that we are teaching our students so we would probably not make use of that resource till next year when students start learning the more advanced techniques for solving system of linear equations.

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