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Compelling communication skills are important in a hotel regardless of some staff members not being guest-facing. Not only does the staff need to communicate successfully with the guests but also with other department employees. Being the department head, if you are often facing such challenges then there is a problem and you need to look into it sooner. Arrange for a communication skills program that will be helpful for your employees to communicate effectively with the guests in crucial circumstances like dealing with complaints, co-ordinating between departments, attending to guests at the front desk and helping in documentation like menus, bills, reports and other hotel procedures. Successful communication is a two-way process which requires the management to periodically listen to their staff member’s views and ideas.
The best way to successful communication is to observe your guest’s own communication style and to respond accordingly. As stated above, effective communication skills is a learned art and not a natural skill so it doesn’t mean that the relevant skills cannot be developed.
We all want our kids to be able to understand the feelings of others, and to respond to them appropriately. Carl Rogers, the founder of the humanistic approach to psychology, almost literally wrote the book on active listening – actually, he and Richard Farson wrote an article called Active Listening in 1957. Listen for total meaning: Sometimes your child will tell you something that’s pretty straightforward, but often, simple changes in wording can convey information that requires some thought on the part of a parent. Respond to feelings: This is probably one of the most difficult things that parents have to do. So parents should listen to the whole message, using body language and other nonverbal information to understand how their kids are feeling. Convey understanding: When you think you have an idea of what you’re child is saying, it’s time to tell them by paraphrasing or rewording the message. Note: Posts on Family Anatomy are for education only, and are not intended to replace professional or medical advice. Sometimes as a manager it’s difficult to get honest, genuine feedback on how you are performing from a member of your team.
I was talking to a Finance Director the other day (it’s nice to see an FD who has great people skills) who told me he has a specific technique for getting effective 360? feedback so I thought I would share his tip here with you.
When you are giving feedback on someone’s performance whether it be in an informal moment or at official performance evaluation time, also use this moment to solicit feedback on your own performance.
Te ayudamos a ganar confianza a la hora de hablar en publico y exponer tus mensajes con claridad. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Cutting hair, styling hair by drying and setting techniques, shampooing, conditioning hair and scalp, creating a finished look, changing hair color. If someone were to ask me, I’d say it would be the capability to communicate effectively with the staff, colleagues and guests.
A few hotels spend considerable amount of money on training their staff to interact with the guests.
Few of the staff members might be able to speak in manageable English but those who don’t have English as their first language suffer due to their inability and fail to understand simple instructions and information.

The training should be conducted once a month so that they get a chance to improve their communication skills. There may be instances where your hotel might receive a complaint from guests in verbal or written form through reviews.
For instance, when you are dealing with a guest, you may notice that some guests make small conversations and others may be interested in the issue to be dealt with quickly and spontaneously.
Hotels should emphasize on providing communication skills training courses which cover everything from basic communication techniques to advanced empathy skills program. Empathy is an important aspect of emotional intelligence, and it’s an essential skill for maintaining relationships. But often, especially in high stress situations, we become distracted, thinking about what we want to say next rather than focusing and trying to understand someone else’s point of view.
Their focus was on business relationships, but the same principles apply with parents and kids, spouses, or friends. There isn’t much interpretation required if your child says, “The teacher gave us math homework tonight.” But if he sighs, “The teacher gave us MORE math homework tonight,” there’s some additional, important information. It requires us to try to understand what our child is telling us without immediately offering solutions, trying to make him feel better, convincing him of a different point of view, or taking what he says personally.
Parents who are sensitive to body language, tone of voice, and hesitations in speech are more likely to be able to get to what a child really means and how they feel.
Remember, saying, “It sounds like you’re feeling overwhelmed by math homework,” doesn’t mean that you agree that the teacher is assigning too much – it’s an acknowledgement of the child’s point of view. If you need to talk to someone about family or mental health issues, you can get a referral from your family doctor. Not only will you learn a lot about your own effectiveness and how you can improve, just asking your team members for their opinion shows that you care about them and respect their input which is very empowering. Being in charge of close monitoring of the personnel’s daily sales results, condition of treatment rooms, supply of products needed for body, skin and hair procedures. Providing facial massage and skin care, facial electrical treatments, makeup, wax depilation, body electrical and mechanical treatments. Offering gents dynamic men’s facials to smooth and re-energize the skin and soften the beard. Additional courses or certifications as: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, Chinese Herbs, Electro-Acupuncture.
In this new age of electronic communication, one should not forget that effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills should be emphasized and well-executed in the hospitality industry. Good communication skills are a learned art and not a natural skill so one should consider training to enhance staff skills. You need to listen to your employees as they are the ones dealing with the guests on a direct, day-to-day basis. The person in-charge to solve these matters must be well-trained in order to handle the issue wisely and subtly rather than ignoring it or dismissing it. So observe your guests and act accordingly as it is important to think how you address your guest or deal with complaints (use humor for light-hearted guests).
Developmentalists expect this skill to appear naturally as a child matures, as long as they have a secure bond with a caring adult.

Active listening is an essential skill (for parents, spouses, leaders, employers) – Ross Greene and Stuart Ablon talk about it (albeit briefly) in their Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach, and we included listening as the primary parenting skill in our Genuine Parenting Philosophy. With kids, active listening not only helps them to feel understood (and valued), but it also helps them to understand themselves. If I send my son into time out for swearing at me, I might not hear him using bad language again, but is he going to talk to me when he’s mad? The nonverbal cues are especially important when kids don’t yet have the vocabulary to talk about their feelings! In fact, it’s best not to necessarily agree with what the child is saying, because you won’t give him a chance to consider alternatives. Doctor Brian discussed kids in general in this article, but every child is unique; your experience may vary. Ask for feedback continually, generally we don’t get enough of it and people will be very reluctant to give it to you without prompting. Excellent communication skills enhance guest experience as it conveys that you are listening to your guests, valuing their feedback and conveying clear messages.
For all you know, they might have ideas to better customer service or improvising of hotel functions if they encounter problems. Urgent matters can be handled with ease if your staff has good communication and behavioral skills. That is, kids will become empathic if they believe that they have someone who values them and understands them.
Let’s focus on how Rogers’ and Farson’s steps for active listening can be applied by parents.
Will he learn better ways to understand or express his feelings while he’s alone in his room?
For example: my son tells me that his friends were talking and laughing on the playground, and he feels bad because he thinks they were gossiping about him. But constant two-way constructive feedback creates an atmosphere of openness, trust and the feeling that we all matter and are striving to improve which can only be beneficial for the company. The best way to listen to your employees is to hold feedback sessions on a weekly basis, take their inputs seriously and reward them. Instead, an active listening response involves saying, “It sounds like you’re getting tired of doing math at night,” could let the child know that his message has been received.
Good communication skills will impress your guests which will further prove beneficial to your hotel business. If I can stop myself from taking it personally, use active listening skills, and say, “You’re really angry right now,” I might have a chance of getting somewhere.
I can talk to him about the language later when he’s calm, but if he’s mad, he needs to know that I want to understand why.
Our responses to our kids’ feelings helps them to understand them better and to develop language to talk about them.

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