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The cards can be used either within or out with the folders and can be rearranged as required. While we were able to give them needed care and help them, it was frustrating for both us and the patients to communicate with hand signals and gestures. This symbol communication board was created as a tool to assist Paramedics and those in the Emergency Medical Services in interacting with any individual for whom clear speech is difficult or impossible. Interacting with persons with a communication difficulty can be frustrating, but with your use of the symbol board, such interaction can be easier and more efficient.
Award winning activity packages designed to support all members of the team to deliver spontaneous activity. A series of unique art activities design specifically for people with dementia, perfect for anyone with a creative mind. A range or award winning jigsaw puzzles design specifically for people with dementia and suitable for all abilities.

The perfect activity to get people of all abilities to participate and bring everyone together. A range of reminiscence activities and books to help carers and those living in dementia to explore their memories and encourage connection. A variety of seated physical activities to keep people with dementia active and healthy, suitable for all abilities.
Stirling University research shows people with dementia should be provided with a range of activities to meet their needs. All of the products in the Active Minds range have been carefully researched and developed to provide an extensive selection of innovative and engaging dementia activities.
This user-friendly book demonstrates how to use simple music and movements to engage people with dementia, promoting relaxation and enjoyment. I am a volunteer firefighter and recently had a call with Spanish speaking patients with little knowledge of English.

To gather information from a person who cannot communicate easily, simply show the individual the board, point to an appropriate picture and verbally ask the question that fits the symbol.
Then ask them to point to a selection whilst asking an apropriate question.The patient may just point without comment or gesture,A you need to be alert to this possibility. Whether you are a professional carer or caring for someone at home we have a product for all interests and abilities. Covering a variety of topics, our products are designed to be used by a range of differing abilities, helping to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their families and carers. The practical advice and list of useful songs will help you stimulate and entertain less active adults.

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