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The Chronicle of Higher Education has launched a powerful new search tool for universities and colleges to find top job candidates through Vitae.
College and university leaders and human resource professionals can now access a versatile new search tool for finding top job candidates from Vitae, a service of The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Vitae is the largest higher education-only talent community, and now Vitae Recruiter gives recruiters access to that talent.
For the nearly 800,000 faculty and administrative staff who make up its growing membership, Vitae offers career management tools, career advice and insights, job opportunities, and a thriving online community.
Vitae Recruiter allows human resource professionals, academic officers, and others who are searching for higher education job candidates to easily access Vitae members’ profiles, which contain education, experience, bodies of professional work, and much more.
Deep searches based on 17 different advanced fields, designed specifically for higher education. Instant access to candidates’ dynamic profile information, and unlimited messages to those candidates.
A feature allowing adjunct professors to indicate their teaching availability, so that academic departments can connect them with teaching opportunities quickly and easily.

Unlimited saved searches with specific criteria, and the ability to share top candidates among the hiring team. A small group of universities beta-tested Vitae Recruiter last fall, and based on their experiences, The Chronicle is making it more widely available now.
Vitae, a service of The Chronicle of Higher Education, gives higher education professionals access to free resources and advice so they can network, collaborate and grow in their careers. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The denial was issued to the center for excellence in higher education, a nonprofit company that owns four for-profit colleges. The embattled chancellor of the university of california at davis resigned tuesday as the system released its investigation into accusations that she had engaged in. In today’s headlines, the chronicle of higher education looks at how state higher education officials are discussing ways they can promote the goal of making. The chronicle higher education newspaper website presents news, information, jobs college university faculty student affairs.

The chronicle higher education, independent weekly newspaper devoted national issues affecting higher education.
Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective replica rolex daytona trademark owners. For instance, a taxonomy of academic disciplines—often a pain point for recruiters—has been carefully developed by experts with feedback from Vitae members. Interested human resource professionals, academic administrators, and others looking to connect directly with an engaged audience of higher education professionals can click here for more information. The Chronicle of Higher Education, the company’s flagship publication, has more than 270,000 print and digital readers weekly, and reaches 2.1 million college and university faculty members and administrators online every month.

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