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At 34 years old this year, Wei Shufu is a villager of the Yunnan Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture. In November, Wei Shufu and his wife took the several tens of thousands of yuan borrowed from relatives and friends to take their daughter to Guangzhou and were told by doctors that she would need a bone marrow transplant requiring a deposit of 300,000 yuan. For a peasant household that makes less than 4000 yuan a year, 300,000 [RMB] for surgery is an astronomical sum. Over the past few days, Wei Shufu suddenly remembered an idea given to him by a patient they had met in the hospital — fume therapy, where some illnesses can be treated with the fumes released by burning herbal medicines.
Wei Shufu purchased a copy of the Compendium of Materia Medica, and searched for herbal medicine that could be burned. Wei Shufu had his daughter lie on the herbal bed and then he lit the mix of herbs and dry firewood beneath her. She’s dead, but even if others take her place, it [Chinese Red Cross] will be the same. Can we understand it as having to pay a fee first before being allowed to be born in this country?
After this child grows up, she won’t thank the country [state, government], nor will she be brainwashed!
Seeing this, Li Shizhen [the author of the Compendium of Materia Medica] too would silently cry. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers.
We should create a page like Kickstarter, where people like this little girl may tell their stories and ask for donations to save their life. I agree China (and many countries, for that matter) need better health care systems, but waiting for that isn’t going to help this child. Rick, I whole hearthy agree with you (and as such upvoted), but a society becomes a caring society by what people do for the people around them.
It is what we ourselves do, for our neighbours, that changes a society into a caring society. You are not aware that officials and powerful Chinese business people live on the misery of poor people in China through nepotism, rampant corruption and Western corporates nexus with Chinese business and officials. There are countless people in this world who are waiting to die because they can’t afford medical care and she is just one. The Mountain Spirit (Sanshin), Korea’s most important indigenous deity, personifies the veneration of mountains, also manifested by the powerful tiger that accompanies him.
With a saw, some wood, a copy of the Compendium of Materia Medica, and a pile of herbal medicine picked from the mountains, a group of photos were posted online this morning of a father, Wei Shufu, using such simple tools to build in his home an outdoor herbal medicine bed, using fumes from burning herbal medicine to treat his 6-year-old daughter afflicted with ?-thalassemias (major).

Husband and wife are both farmers and together with their children’s paternal grandparents, they live as a family of six in a brick and wooden house no larger than 60 square meters. If the bone marrow transplant is not done, then she will need blood transfusions all her life, with annual blood transfusion expenses being roughly 50,000-60,000 [RMB]. Apart from mugwort, there are many other herbs that can be burned for their fumes as medicine. Very quickly, the thick smoke emitted from the herbs enveloped his daughter lying on the bed. In the midst of rapid development, after encountering various developmental bottlenecks, we will definitely find a path for development [future] suitable for ourselves, and this sort of perplexing current situation is also just temporary. Because it is paternal love like a mountain that is the most important wealth [one can have]!
Would be more meaningful than many joke projects that are currently circulated on crowd funding sites. If people wouldn’t give money, but instead offer to buy them a pork bun or whatever food nearby, then you can easily weed out the fakes from the real.
I thought Maotai prices have plummeted with the corruption crackdown, since their highs like two years ago? The Mountain Spirit is considered a protector of Buddhism and most Korean Buddhist temple complexes include a shrine dedicated to him. As the story goes, Lord Buddha who upon selecting his personal physician sent several physicians into the forest with the task of finding as many plants as they could with no medicinal value.
Despite not knowing whether or not this treatment method introduced to him by a kind-hearted hospital patient actually has any effect, but in the face of being unable to pay the hospital the 300,000 yuan required for a bone marrow transplant, Wei Shufu nonetheless wanted to give it a try, hoping for his daughter to recover as quickly as possible, so she can go to school like other normal children. In 2013 October, his daughter Wei Jinqiu’s skin suddenly completely went pale, lost appetite, and fell into a poor psychological state. Now, his 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter have been confirmed to be a match, but for the hospital to do the surgery, they have to wait in line for five years until it is their turn.
More importantly, for someone like Wei Shufu who lives in a mountain village, these herbs are very commonly seen and extremely easy to find. His daughter choked a bit on the smoke but Wei Shufu said it wasn’t too bad, even joking that the smell of the herbal medicine smoke was different from that of ordinary firewood, and smelled a little fragrant. Its horn when blown could be heard throughout of all Asia, its steam whistle when pulled sounded in both the East and Western hemispheres. Through time and social survival of the fittest, the future China will definitely be a civilized, rich and powerful, and modern country.
In the face of such a cruel social welfare system and healthcare system, not a single one of us can ask her to love her own country, because the country has sought to care about her.

We used to have confidence in this country, people, society, but in the face of a family’s hardships, other than being extremely moved, what else can we do? In the painting, Sanshin is depicted as an elderly sage, with his hair drawn in a topknot, covered by a transparent veil. Each physician brought back many samples of plants that they felt from their experience and meditations had no value. The text claims that Shen Nong transformed the ancient people’s diet from one of meat, wild fruits and clams by teaching them how to sow and harvest grains and vegetables.
During a health examination, it was discovered that his daughter suffered from anemia, and laboratory tests showed that her illness was extremely serious. Under the doctor’s advisement, Wei Shufu also checked with various major hospital, but they too would have to wait a long time at each before the surgery could be performed. For safety, Wei Shufu build a herbal medicine bed in an open space, with the intent of having his daughter lie on it while burning herbal medicine below her so the fumes rise up to his daughter. The solution would be a socialist society like that of Denmark where they are taxed 60% of their income. He sits on a rocky precipice, stroking his long beard and holding a banana leaf, which has the power to dispel evil spirits. Alongside is his fierce tiger, considered a holy animal, and behind him is a pine tree, symbol of longevity. Shen Nong discovered tea by accident when the tea leaves from twigs he was using for a fire rose up on a column of hot air and landed in the water he was trying to boil. The Mountain Spirit gained popularity especially in the late Joseon period for his abilities to bestow such blessings as sons and wealth, peace and harmony. Shen Nong tasted hundreds of herbs in order to determine their medicinal value.The story of Shen Nong has been passed down orally for centuries and has been differently embellished throughout histories. Indeed, Ayurveda recognizes that the earth is packed with medicines, every grain of sand can heal us if we cultivate our Inner Medicine resource. Some versions even claim Shen Nong had a see-through stomach that allowed him to see the effects of various herbs on his internal organs. Not only do Nature’s plants and herbs and barks and tree-essences, plants, seeds, grains, and fruits heal us, but water, air, ghee, space, sound, breath, colors, aromas, and movement are all healing steps.

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