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According to Buddhist tradition, vegetables are eaten at the start of the lunar year to purify the body and bring good luck.
Why eat out at a Chinese restaurant when you can try these easy step by step Chinese food recipes at the comfort of your own home. China's winter cuisine is a bit different from that of the other seasons, and surprisingly diverse, with dishes changing in cooking methods and flavors. China’s most famous dish to foreigners – dumpling – takes the form of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling, and is a traditional food served at many of Chinese important festivals, like the Winter Solstice and Spring Festival.
Traditional food for Chinese Lantern Festival, Tangyuan denotes family union, harmony and happiness. Another Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Festival) food, this traditional snack is varied in different places, and mostly made of sticky rice or glutinous rice, and combines with sugar, ham, sesame, peanuts, red jujube, etc.
If you are interested to learn about how to cook Chinese dishes, I welcome you to read my little trials and experiments. Many Chinese people in winter are particularly fond of stew or spicy flavor, so as to stay warm.

Most famous in Sichuan and Chongqing, hot pot now is must-have food in winter for all people in the country. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that winter is the best time to adopt a healthy diet for nutritional supplement and speeding up the metabolism. Add Szechuan peppercorns, ginger, and garlic cloves, saute until aromatic, then put winter melon back, stir fry over medium high heat for 1-2 minutes (P2).
Swirl into the cornstarch and water mixture, season with chicken essence, continue to cook until the sauce thickens. The histopathology shows show that the total acid (high dose) have obvious effects for the protection and blocking of kidney damage caused by mercuric chloride.2.
The dietary fiber content of Winter melon reached 0.7%, which have effects to improve the level of blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and lipid levels, and prevent arteriosclerosis, etc.
Protect kidney: consumption of Winter melon helps protect the kidneys through the regulation of immune function and improvement of clinical symptoms. Family members and friends sit around a dining table with a simmering metal pot at the center.

And the cooking method of dumpling includes boiling, steaming, simmering, frying and baking.
Stew based on nourished ingredients and some medicine herbs can help protect us from the cold and dryness, stay warm and build a healthy body in winter. Winter melon contains malonic acid, which inhibits the conversion of sugars into fat, preventing the accumulation of fat, avoid high blood pressure, and weight loss.3. Among the people in China, drink soup cooked by the skin of Winter melon, beans and water, to treat nephrotic edema and cardiac edema. While the hot pot is kept simmering, you can cook all kinds of ingredients, including sliced meat, beef, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and seafood.
If you like spicy flavor, add much hot chili pepper and hua jiao or Prickly Ash like what Sichuan people do.

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