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Social media is the result of the Internet revolution, and the Internet revolution is the result of human innovation. The theory of evolution is at the center of our survival story, and equally valid in the world of business. While it was a must to have an Internet presence for your business in the past, today, it is necessary to have a mobile presence in addition to an online one. After my father died, we left New Jersey with its death and dying and cold winters and fled to Southern California. So a should we turn left or right happens and we choose left instead of right and end up in Santa Monica, where we live next to a man, his two daughters, and their beagle, Darwin, whom they keep locked up in a cage.
I’m leading a yoga and writing retreat in The Galapagos Islands and no matter where you go, you hear Darwin’s name.  Me?
We stand in the grass in our bare feet and I ask, “Can you feel how connected we all are?” which sounds like some bad yoga teacher cliche. The cafe is loud and I can’t hear most of what he says between my hearing loss and the clanking plates, but I record him anyway on my iPhone.
As we sit in the dark and people begin spewing their Thanksgiving thank yous, one of the women says, “I’m grateful for the shooting star I just saw,” and I think of Michael’s poem. Rob, the man who owns the house here in the Galapagos, is a lively Brit who’d gone to Spain to become a dive instructor.
I watch Iona pick flowers with the cook’s daughter, an Ecaudorian girl who speaks no English.
As a volcano erupts and empties its magma chamber, the surrounding rock will collapse into it and leave huge craters in the earth. After decades of living in profound denial, I finally accepted that I had severe hearing loss. When the doctor said severe hearing loss on top of tinnitus, it occurred to me that the eeeeeeeeeee sound I had made as a child was my way of mimicking what I heard in my head.
During one of our designated beach days, while we do our best not to accidentally step on the gigantic iguanas all over Tortuga Bay, Rob tells us that some of the kids on the Galapagos Islands don’t know that they live on an island. Snorkeling on Bartolome Island, I would never know that I am hard of hearing unless I remind myself—and why would I? I learned something….why do I need to keep reminding myself of the things that hurt me, and then try to talk myself out of the pain?
I just want to know why is it taking you a long time to start learning American Sign Language and also do you know anything about disability rights? As a Deaf person myself, I grew up in an era where the hearings were thought as final authority on everything, no matter their ages. But now after learning about disability rights, I would have at least complained about it to the interpreter behind the kid’s back while making his sandwich. Children, Churches and Daddies}, which showcases poetry, prose, fiction, short stories and art. To see what materials and what writers appear in this book, peruse through the issues of cc&d magazine and chapbooks below.
This is the first time a Scars Publications collection book has been released in such a wide variety of formats. This collection of poems and videos does not include studio recordings of her reading poetry for audio sampling, nor does it include any poetry from performance art shows. Kuypers also released a chapbook ofpoems read while reading poetry in the streets (and in cafes and restaurants too), called Once Took Poetry to the Streets. Kuypers is the widely-published poet of particular perspectives and not a little existential rage, but she does not impose her personal or artistic agenda on her magazine. As for the fiction, the piece by Anderson is quite perceptive: I liked the way the self-deluding situation of the character is gradually, subtly revealed. Write to Scars Publications to submit poetry, prose and artwork to Children, Churches and Daddies literary magazine, or to inquire about having your own chapbook, and maybe a few reviews like these. This cruelty-free lifestyle provides many benefits, to animals, the environment and to ourselves. We can succeed in shifting agriculture away from factory farming, saving millions, or even billions of chickens, cows, pigs, sheep turkeys and other animals from cruelty. We can free up land to restore to wilderness, pollute less water and air, reduce topsoil reosion, and prevent desertification. We can improve the health and happiness of millions by preventing numerous occurrences od breast and prostate cancer, osteoporosis, and heart attacks, among other major health problems. A vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle may be the most important step a person can take towards creatin a more just and compassionate society. Children, Churches and Daddies no longer distributes free contributor’s copies of issues. We also have a discussion group for all issues related to vegetarianism, which currently has about 150 members, many of whom are outside the Boston area. Dusty Dog Reviews: These poems document a very complicated internal response to the feminine side of social existence.

The magazine Children Churches and Daddies is Copyright © 1993 through 2009 Scars Publications and Design. Hope Chest in the Attic is a 200 page, perfect-bound book of 13 years of poetry, prose and art by Janet Kuypers.
Mark Blickley, writer: The precursor to the magazine title (Children, Churches and Daddies) is very moving. Dusty Dog Reviews, CA (on knife): These poems document a very complicated internal response to the feminine side of social existence. Debra Purdy Kong, writer, British Columbia, Canada (on Children, Churches and Daddies): I like the magazine a lot.
Children, Churches and Daddies (ISSN 1068-5154) is published quarterly by Scars Publications and Design.
Children, Churches and Daddies copyright Copyright © 1993 through 2009 Scars Publications and Design, Children, Churches and Daddies, Janet Kuypers. At first there was only one kind of fish in the ocean, but there were many different environments: tide pools, rocky shores, quiet lagoons, and the deeper water. In each environment, some fishes survived and some were eaten by predators or were unable to find enough food.
Notice that groups of these fishes have changed in body form from generalists that could survive fairly well in a number of environments to specialist fishes who are experts at surviving in a particular environment.
Charles Darwin illustrates a very important notion through his words: that survival and evolution are inherently interlinked.
Entrepreneurs, managers, business owners and other business-driven people need to adapt and improvise in the new environment that dominates the business world today, in order to succeed. The environment in which business is operating is constantly changing and evolving, and business owners need to evolve with it if they want to achieve success.
We were the three of us in a station wagon—my mother, my sister, and I, and it was a simple case of “should we turn left or right?” Which, I’ve come to realize, is the way most of life works. Turn left: and there he is on the sofa in his frayed cutoffs and we never make the trek to California. But hey, I might be mean too if I was confined all day to a small metal prison inside a dark kitchen. The cat stops in between us, the woman with the tears down her face looks up, and under the canopy of trees I try to memorize colors because when I can no longer hear sounds I will still hear colors.
He had been dead since July 15, but somehow the empty chair at the head of the table that Thanksgiving was the first time I spoke of his absence.
He’d somehow ended up owning a coffee farm in the Galapagos, where he now runs a hotel with his Ecuadorian wife and their two small children. He is about to move to mainland Gyuaquil so his daughter Iona, a dead ringer for Pippi Longstocking, can attend a good school with the kids of the “movers and shakers” of Gyuaquil.
On Santa Cruz Island, collapsed into the earth, sit Los Gemelos, The Twins, as they are called,  two large craters that were once underground magma chambers. It was a miserable sound, a godawful droning noise, like one of those old tests that television networks used to broadcast (This is only a test…)  For hours at a time, as I colored or read, I would make that sound as if I were alerting the world to something. The audiologist put me in a box, stuck a piece of white paper over his mouth, and asked if I could hear what he was saying with the paper covering his lips. They have no idea that there is ocean all around them, that there is geography beyond their bodies. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including, most recently, The Rumpus, Mutha Magazine, and Modern Loss.
She is still not ready to talk openly about her hearing loss and reply herself, but she said that she, too, experiences some of the same things that you articulated.
Your voice – ( your writings) always touch my heart and make me feel, think, and act more like myself. I can relate on so many levels in all of your experiences & wisdom that comes to many of us with hearing loss! Scars Publications also produces collection books and books by individual writers, runs poetry conests, and does design work.
The issues are kept in the order the way they appeared when the print issues were released, and the cover of each issue is even printed on a page before each issue is displayed in this book. After seeing an image of a Chicago poet reading poetry in the streets of Chicago for an event, Kuypers decided to collect some poems and read them not only in the streets, but also at parks, resaurants, a gas station and even a mall in Nashville (in from of the life-sized replica of the Parthenon), New Orleans and Naples in December 2008 (one poem was even read on the street on Christmas day). This collection also does not include and poems that were samples with Galapagos video footage or Pacific Ocean footage for video display.
I like the spacious lay-out and the different coloured pages and the variety of writer’s styles. While vegetarians avoid flesh foods, vegans don’t consume dairy or egg products, as well as animal products in clothing and other sources. Janet Kuypers does good little movies, by which I mean her stuff provokes moving imagery for me.
In order to receive issues of Children, Churches and Daddies, contact Janet Kuypers at the cc&d e-mail addres.

The group is focusing more toward outreach and evolving from what it has been in years past. And as the book proceeds the poems become increasingly psychologically complex and, ultimately, fascinating and genuinely rewarding. It’s a wonderful lay-out, looks really professional - all you need is the glossy pages.
The work shows brave self-exploration, and serves as a reminder of mortality and the fragile beauty of friendship. This collection of poetry, prose and artwork reflects sensitivity toward feminist issues concerning abuse, sexism and equality. Not only does this thought-provoking profile address the plight that homosexuals face in a homophobic society, it also characterizes the essence of friendship.
Collaboration, improvisation, innovation, and other aspects that help further adaptation into new environments are indispensable to successful survival. Small businesses simply cannot survive in today’s tough competition if they do not embrace and use social media, mobile technology, apps and other innovations as efficiently and effectively as they can. Bits of words: tortoise, finch, North Seymour Island, sea lion, lava, Darwin this, Darwin that. Staring so hard at mouths making their O shapes or their various forms of joy or disgust, it can wear a person out.  Sometimes I simply stare into space, because really, what else is there to do when you can’t hear and you’re tired of pretending?
Usually I’ve gotten it wrong, but Google will guess close enough and show me the right version without any judgment.
I ask my students to step outside onto the grass, under the coffee trees here at Semilla Verde. Unable to make sense of the words, I close my eyes and decide I must be like the man licking the payphone in Michael’s poem. He reads my latest work over my shoulder and startles me with his thunderous voice: “Your father sounds like me. He says that he knows Iona will stay Iona, and that what has made her here in the Galapagos—all those morning walks with tortoises—will remain a part of her. So I just float there for a long time on the surface of the sea, listening to my breath as if through a can.
I think though that perhaps it has made you into the wonderful person you are…you have so much compassion and really care about people.
Am sitting on the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia, thinking about the coral reef regenerating itself and my own self-regeneration and am so grateful to know the stories of strong women like you who show me how.
I know you have lost your hearing aids lately and I hope you will be able to replace them soon. Madeline, herself covered with blood, sat beside her lover’s remains for three days, talking to herself, and that is how the police found her. We welcome new members, as well as the opportunity to inform people about the benefits of vegetarianism, to our health, the environment, animal welfare, and a variety of other issues.
We found (Children, Churches and Daddies’) obvious dedication along this line admirable. It also probes the emotional torrent that people may experience as a reaction to the delicate topics of death, love and family. Recommended as poetic fare that will titillate the palate in its imagery and imaginative creations.
We stand in a circle, eyes closed, out in the rain in the mud of The Galapagos, and it feels like the right thing to do.
He has taken my group here to explain about natural selection and Darwin, survival of the fittest, volcanoes and moss.
This is our lot, I say to the fish silently.  I remember Darwin the dog and the colors in front of me (aqua blue, tortoise grey, inky green) as if they have already vanished, my memory the only sure confirmation of their existence. Either way, I appreciate how you verbalize the missing-out-on-things separation that hearin loss brings. Consumtion of animal products has been linked to heart disease, colon and breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and a host of other conditions.
Vivid descriptions, rich symbolism, and candid expressions paint a shocking portrait of victory over the gripping fear that consumes the soul after a painful exploitation. And you can have either one of these things at just five bucks a pop if you just contact us and tell us you saw this ad space. I just can’t fucking hear,” but that may be too on the nose, so I usually just drop a few steps back until I am away from sound altogether. We’ve traveled to China together, we both received a fellowship to study at Bucknell as poets for a summer.

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