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Three major factors like aging, injury and involvement in athletic activities are the main cause for knee pain.
For some people, the underlying health issues like arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis), bursitis (inflammation on the knee), accumulation of fluids behind the knee, any infection on the joints, knee injuries, mutilation of cartilages, torn ligaments, medial collateral injury caused to ligaments and minor injuries or sprain on the ligaments etc.
Injury can affect the inner part of the knee called collateral ligament or the outer part or sometimes it may be within the ligaments.
Tendinitis occurs in the front portion of the knee which often happens during strain or rapid jumping or fall. It is a severe form of trauma in the knees which occur during motorcycle accidents causing breakage of bones inside. For mild forms of pain behind knee, avoiding physical activity and taking rest will make it better. The sternum together with the rib bones protects the inner organs such as heart and lungs from trauma and physical injury. Though sternum protects the inner vital organs like heart and lungs, the pain in the sternum has nothing to do with cardiac problem. Sternum pain is not serious condition but if the pain persists for long time, you should consult your family physician. Ideally to prevent venom from spreading the stinger has to be brushed off but if this stinger gets inside the skin and venom starts spreading then it creates localized swelling, itchiness, red rashes and severe pain.
It has the ability to reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by the bee sting and prevents any type of infection from occurring. Another commonly found herb that is available all over the world and is extremely well known for treating bee stings. Instant application of lavender oil ensures the neutralization of the effects of the venom immediately. Measures which involve self-care such as avoiding soaps or other irritants and using ointments or creams may help in relieving the itching.

Although these patches may develop anywhere but they more frequently develop on the feet and hands, behind the knees, in the front of the bend of the elbow as well as on the wrists, neck, ankles, upper cheek and face. The intensity of pain may range from mild to severe depending on the severity of the problem.
When there is any trauma, it affects the cartilages or ligaments of the knee causing degeneration of bones or ligaments.
It is the area of chest bone located in the central part of the chest and is in the shape of “T”. The sternum pain can be as a result of damage of cartilages or injury to the rib cartilage bone. The doctor may prescribe corticosteroid drugs or anti-inflammatory medicines for healing pain. Its sting though extremely painful and causes swelling, is harmless most of the times, however immediate medical treatment is a necessity to avoid any type of allergic reactions and other complications. To get rid of these entirely one can easily resort to herbal remedies as they are the need of the hour. The topical application of this herb can be done in the form of a cream. This cream is procured out of flowers that belong to the marigold breed.
It is definitely edible as it adds flavour to all types of cuisines, however in the case of bee sting it has to be applied and not consumed.
The oil of this herb is essentially used to treat the pain caused by bee stings and other insect bites as well. Another easy way is to crush it between your thumb and fingers and then press it on the affected area. Like other herbs this herb too can be crushed and directly used on the stung area for optimum results. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

The knee has to be put to use properly for warming and cooling down so as to function well. Keep the knees in elevated position and do not sit or stand on the same posture for long time.
There may be acute or chronic pain in the sternum and on certain occasions, there may be crackling sensation on the sternum bone. You will get sternum pain if there is some injury to sterno clavicular joint, fracture in the sternum, trauma to the collarbone and injury to the cartilages of sternum and damage caused to the lymph nodes. The most effective way of using it is by soaking a cotton ball in it and dabbing it on to the stung area. It will not give instant results but when applied regularly it can provide complete relief.
The cruciate injury of the ligament is felt deep inside the knee, creating popping sensation. In case, pain behind knee is caused due to bursitis, then avoid putting the affected knee on the bed; instead use a pillow between the knees to reduce pain. To avoid complications such as lymphoma in sternum, it is better you consult the doctor and take imaging test to diagnose the illness. The best, effective and most easily available herbs (that are inexpensive as well) for bee sting are mentioned below.

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