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When a school is one of the military’s go-tos for desert survival training, you know it means business.
Imagine being on holiday in a remote location, only to find yourself separated from your group and stranded in the wilderness.
Wilderness survival training is no longer confined to the military and the prepper community. Well-known survivalist and TV personality Bear Grylls operates the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in the UK, US, and Africa.
The Bushcraft Woodlore First Aid Course from Ray Mears is an excellent course teaching participants how to administer emergency first aid in the wilderness. Among other things, Elite Survival Training offers expeditions for corporate management teams looking to learn lifesaving skills and build a teamwork infrastructure that will help them be better business managers. Bushmasters offers an intense two-week survival course experience in a jungle environment deep in the heart of the Amazon. The Arctic can be one of the most punishing environments in the world due to the extreme weather and a lack of natural resources.
Boulder Outdoor Survival School is the oldest and longest running survival school in the world, having opened in 1968.
Woodsmoke offers a variety of Bushcraft courses including their weeklong immersive Woodlander course.
Most survival schools teach the skills necessary to survive in the woods, jungle, mountains, or snow. The Wilderness Experience International Survival School is among the most respected names worldwide for wilderness survival training.
I want to undergo training with Bushmasters’ Jungle Survival and experience the wild jungle of the Amazon. I actually met Bear Grylls a few months ago, and we were discussing our childhoods and the effect that being outdoors had on us, and he’s a great guy! You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username).
My name is Jeremy Thomas and I’ve been fabricating heirloom quality knives since 2008. My wilderness living skills studies have taken me from the Amazon to Australian Bush and the the Boreal forest. These knives are constantly tested in the field by myself and my fellow instructors at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

The puukko design is a product of a deep respect for the legacy of Finnish woodcarving culture and a desire to craft a wilderness living tool that is as elegant as it is functional. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Run by survival guru Tony Nester (inset) since 1989, Ancient Pathways offers classes in the art of bushcraft—“walking into the wilderness with a minimum of gear and relying on your skills while foraging and depending on nature‘s resources,” as Nester puts it—ranging from four to 14 days. One of the courses offered is a five-day adventure in the Scottish Highlands, at a cost of just ?1,399 per person. The course is a level II Wilderness Emergency Medics (WEM2) course that will prepare students to administer first aid in virtually any situation. Their corporate management team expedition to Jordan is a five-day expedition that will change how a management team works together. Participants are transported to Guyana where they train with an experienced Bushmasters instructor and two local guides.
Their 28-day Field Survival course takes participants out into the wilderness of Utah (USA) with a minimum of equipment and supplies.
Their extended summer survival course teaches students important concepts including fire building, proper clothing for survival, creating shelters, finding and storing safe water, and more. Nordmarken Kanot-Center is a Swedish survival school offering two Wilderness Experience International Survival School survival courses including the level one Temperate Survival course.
Regardless of the reasons for attending, participants learn new skills and different ways of thinking that serve them well in multiple areas of life.
The native Sani Quechua taught me many things, including elements of their colorful language.
The school’s signature course, says Nester, is the “Knife Only Survival Course” ($295), which actor Emile Hirsch used to train for his role in Into the Wild. In the event of some man-made or natural disaster, would you be able to survive for any length of time on your own?
Ray Mears offers additional 2-day and weeklong courses teaching a variety of survival skills in different environments. It is an experience that seeks to identify the strengths of each team member with the hope that those strengths will be utilised in the work environment as well.
They will learn valuable survival skills in a two-phase programme divided between training and isolation. This course can also be used as credit toward earning a level 2 or 3 instructor certificate from Sigma 3.

It is an experience in surviving a mountain environment with little more than some water, a blanket, and a knife.
They also offer an extended winter survival course with additional skills training for cold weather. It seeks to not only teach a broad set of skills, but also to give students confidence to be out in the wilderness without worry. Such a course might seem useless, but there is a lot to know about surviving along the shoreline. This course teaches fundamental survival skills necessary to survive in Europe’s temperate areas. For four months of the year I’m either out on field courses or living in my canvas tent at BOSS. These knives meet his simple criteria of a good bush knife– a pry-bar that shaves wood really well. These kinds of scenarios are the basis for wilderness training courses held all over the world.
During the isolation phase, students quickly discover how valuable it is to work with local guides who know the Amazon inside and out.
Boulder Outdoor Survival School offers shorter versions of this training at either 14 or 7 days.
This can be a stand-alone course or a lead-in to one of the more specialised training courses offered by Woodsmoke. Students learn how to fish, build shelters with limited resources, produce drinkable water through distillation, build fires, etc. Completing it is the first step in a series of courses that eventually enables successful graduates to earn the coveted Wilderness Experience International Survival School badge. Course providers are teaching students how to survive under some of the most extreme conditions.
My knife design and construction form what I consider to be the ideal wilderness living tool.

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