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Suicide Squad, the third entry in DC’s extended universe features one of the most promising ensembles for a comic book franchise but unfortunately for a film that promised to flip the superhero genre, the film fails in its execution.
Unfortunately, many of the trivial cast members stumble with finite screen time, secondary prequels and sandwiched benefactions. I asked my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day, and like all dads who never abandoned their children he said, “Nothing.” I insisted he must want something and he said, “I would be content in an abyss” before adding, “if there was a chair there, that would be great. I saw my dad way too often for my liking, but Dale got to see his dud once a year at best. What deadbeat dads don’t seem to comprehend is that being a father is not a full-time job. Jesse and I eventually realized his dad had mentioned turtles on the off chance Jesse was in the gift-buying mood and needed some inspirado.
It’s not easy to buy a Father’s Day gift for good dads, because the only thing they want is for you to be healthy and happy. Gavin McInnes is the creator of Vice Magazine but he left in 2008 to do his own stuff which includes a company with fellow canuck Pinky Carnage called Street Boners and TV Carnage, an ad company that pairs commercial sponsors with viral comedy videos called Rooster NY, and a daddy blog called My Dad Homies. Use the form below to delete this Added July 4 2012 Image Size 510 X 382 Px More From Wwwtopit image from our index.
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It’s beaten in the head repeatedly that the Squad are bad guys as if the audience must have amnesia or ADHD.

Jared Leto surprisingly managed to create an incarnation of The Clown Prince that truly stands on his own.
This film had a great opportunity to do things outside the box but it played safe well too safe and by doing so it lost the initial spark that it had in the first act. If there was a six-pack, that would be good too, but an abyss is fine.” It made me wish I had one of those loser dads who was never around.
One year, instead of sending himself, Dale’s dad delivered a beautiful oil painting of…Dale’s dad.
Jesse is a writer I used to work with, and he had gotten in contact with his father despite his mother’s vehement eye-rolling. The first act was executed very well introducing the various characters in a very unique and frenetic way that gave you a look into their life before their incarceration combined with classic songs that surprisingly fit.
The film score I felt was great in the first half since many of the songs are truly classics but it felt odd with the second half shifting to a traditional film score.
His father had promised to take him fishing but had to bail due to some complicated story about a sick friend. The painting always disturbed me—not only because of the guy’s Danny DeVito demeanor but because he was wearing a cheap hockey jacket with the Montreal Canadiens logo on the side. Although it started off promising, it simply doesn’t juggle the large ensemble properly and the film suffers for it despite the efforts of standouts Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.
It’s reluctantly disappointing that such a visual spectacle was wasted on a ghastly plot, haphazard editing, insipid action and yet again a lackluster villain in a film coincidentally celebrating villains. They’re perpetual children who love nothing but themselves and their favorite sports team.

If you hear creaking in the middle of the night, you wake up and go into the hallway to see if your kid is sleepwalking or, God forbid, an intruder has busted into the house.
Most of his performance was seen through Harley’s prequel and I wish he was used more in this film because his portrayal shows promise if given a proper film. It was a wasted opportunity to craft a villain that can stand out in a pack of disposable villains we constantly get in the genre. But if you’re out shopping this weekend, Dale’s dad would like a Maurice “The Rocket” Richard movie poster (framed), Sam’s dad would like a sable-hair paintbrush, Sebastian’s dad would like a Civil War knife, Jesse’s dad would like a spiny turtle shell, and Claire’s dad already got the towel but would like a chrome Giants clock. If The Joker had been utilized more in this film, he could have added that layer of chaos that the film was sorely lacking. I told Sam his time would be better spent archiving the family photos his mother took while holding down two jobs and making sure her two sons finished school—photos from which his father is conspicuously absent. He is the personification of the film’s best concepts as well as its worst proclivities. When it’s time to leave, you let them open the door but you don’t show them how to undo the deadbolt because that’s not safe. The stairs are tricky and you want to carry them down, but it’s important they get better at stairs and now is as good a time as any. Navigating the street outside is like walking a tightrope between protecting them and encouraging their independence.

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