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Make sure you’re not putting things off, thinking that one day you’ll go see your family, one day you’ll make things right. Instead of thinking, “This stinks, I can’t believe this happened or that happened.” Have the attitude, “It’s just more fertilizer.
So in view of King David’s Testimony , you may be facing some situations or challenges in your life today,  and don’t know how it’s going to turn out or how you could accomplish your dreams. Bible said in Romans 4:18-21 that Abraham was giving glory to God in the midst of challenges, knowing that God who has made some promise to him can never fail. If you can see it from the scripture , its yours by faith demonstrated with upfront thanksgiving.
I declare by Joel Osteen : Arise and declare, “God, I know there’s nothing too hard for You.
Trying to Keep Everyone Happy : Don’t miss your destiny trying to keep everyone happy, everyone fixed. Plan of God for Your Life  : You may be facing situations where you don’t know how it’s going to turn out or how you could accomplish your dreams.
Dreams and Their Meanings : When you have a dream and you know deep down you’re supposed to take a step of faith, you may not feel like you can do it.
What Does God Say About My Future : No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what others might have thought about you…you are who God says you are. Spiritual Intelligence : You have skills that can open new doors, skills that can lead to an abundant life, but those skills have to be developed.
The If I had it all Mentality : It’s easy to think, “If I had more money, I could accomplish my dreams. Trust God : You can go through life fighting everything that doesn’t go your way, and be worried, negative and upset, or you can stay in peace knowing that God is directing your steps. How to Cope With Stress :  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut while dealing with the daily pressures of life. When you go through difficulties and unfair situations, it may be uncomfortable and you may not like it, but God is getting you prepared to take you higher than you ever imagined. When you start talking about how great your God is and how no weapon formed against you is going to prosper, saying, “This didn’t come to stay, it came to pass. Don’t let how you were raised or what somebody said keep you from knowing who you really are. When you let go of wrongs, that doesn’t mean you’re weak, you’re giving in, or you don’t care what someone did to you. When God gives you a dream, when He puts a promise in your heart, it doesn’t mean it’s going to come to pass with no opposition. It may not be easy, you may not understand it, but faith is trusting God when life doesn’t make sense.
Press the Delete button on anyring negative that trys to filter ur mind GOD HAS PROGRAMED U WITH THE POWER TO DELETE ANYTHING NEGATIVE. Am prospera from Ghana ,I have been watching you on television every morning and evening and am indeed blessed ,your sermons have helped me to know my purpose in life ,who I am in Christ ,the day I listen to your sermons that says don’t rely on people from that day I have learnt to be independent and have helped me a lot I say God bless you. UBER IS GIVING OUT FREE $500 DOLLARS TO EVERY NEW DRIVER , SIGN UP TO MAKE EASY MONEY DRIVING YOUR OWN CAR.
Colleen lives in East Texas with her husband, their three boys, their dog, Pacey, and their zombie, Steve. We recently interviewed Colleen to find out more about her book tour, her upcoming release and how she navigates the book business.
CH: At the time, I had never considered the possibility that people might actually read my book, or that I might get published. DBD: Who are some of the bloggers you developed early relationships with and how did those relationships help you grow your readership? CH: The first blogger to ever review Slammed was Maryse, and I think it helped grow my readership immensely. Want to win your very own copies of some of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling titles and a Kindle Fire HDX?
Discount Books Daily participates in the affiliate marketing programs of the retailers we refer our subscribers to. This entry was posted in Observations on Life and tagged antoine de saint-exupery, businessman, conceited man, creativity, drunkard, geographer, joy, king, lamplighter, life lessons worth sharing, pride, smell the roses, the little prince, value. What a wonderful beginning to the day, these reminders to not just live but to be aware of the life we are living, to enjoy the moments that carry so much value if only we are aware of the lessons, the joy, the meaning in every moment. Kimberly – I think the Katharine Woods version is the best, but unfortunately it is out of print so snatch a copy up if you can find it.
You are not here to leave a tepid impression on the minds and lives of those you come in contact with.

Little House on the Prairie is the third children's book written by Laura Ingalls Wilder in the Little House book series. Pa Ingalls decides to sell the little log house, and the family sets out for Indian country!
Whenever religious debates near the topic of the bible, often when considering it as a piece of literature, some advocates are quick to announce that the bible is the best-selling book in the world, of all time.
Firstly, the bible in its many versions has been in print-production for hundreds of years, over which time their number has not been reliably counted. All of this considered, the bible must be one of the least read, least desired books in the world, as a ratio to the number of copies that exist.
The article you have pointed to states that the bible is the most read book, however it completely ignores the fact that most who own a bible have not read its entirety.
Additionally, the article you present gives no measure of the uncertainty on its estimation, which in the scientific community would render it worthless. You seem to have missed the point of this article, which was not to provide accurate figures for best-selling books of the world, but which was to highlight the fact that some people try to insinuate a level of greatness to the bible that it does not deserve. Carey’s Merry Christmas became one of the best-selling holiday albums of all -time when it hit shelves 16 years ago.
Don’t be vague and thoughtless, but live accurately and purposefully.” If you’re going to reach your highest potential, you’ve got to be an on-purpose person. I know You have the final say.” When you realize you’re heavy with favor, you‘ll have the boldness to believe for the fullness of your destiny. You may have encountered some great obstacles, but it’s because God has a great future in front of you. No matter what kind of setbacks you face, no matter who does you wrong, don’t stay defeated. God said to Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7, “Don’t judge by appearance or height, for he is not the one. Your faith can cause your child to accomplish his dreams, your faith can cause that friend to get well—your faith can be what God uses to push someone into their destiny.
We look up, and we’re not expecting anything better, not releasing our faith, and thinking this is all there is. When you go the extra mile to keep unity in the home, you’ll not only have God’s anointing and blessing that comes from being in agreement, but you’ll have His protection. There are times where we have to be patient: seasons of waiting, being faithful, passing the tests. There will be things you don’t understand, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get discouraged, but remember your dream. Dare to believe that He’s blessing you even in the dark places, that what is meant for your harm is going to work to your advantage. One lucky winner will receive an exclusive prize pack featuring Colleen’s best-selling titles and a Kindle Fire HDX! However, so far Maybe Someday has the best overall rating out of all of my books on Amazon, with 4.8 stars.
Now that the book is done and the cover is revealed, there’s not much left to do besides wait!
Prices may change without notice so please verify that the deal is still available before purchase. Mark and I have all of his books and were just speaking of them with your post on piloting yesterday.
I look forward to realxing in the day and to allow the joy and wonderment to reveal itself! My daughter and I spent about 5 minutes yesterday morning looking at the beautiful sunrise that was framed by our kitchen window. One by Katharine Woods in the 50’s and one by Richard Howard more recently; do you prefer either one? It was published in 1935, and illustrated by Helen Sewell, and in later editions by Garth Williams. They travel from Wisconsin to Kansas, and there, finally, Pa builds their little house on the prairie.
Whilst it is not explicitly said, the insinuation with this is that because so many people have purchased the book, it must therefore hold some philosophical truth. However, not only does the mere volume of books sold have no relation to the validity of its content, obviously, but the bible should not be considered by any to be the best-selling book of all time, for several reasons. Hence over such a time period only an estimation can be made for the number of bibles sold.
Indeed enormous numbers of bibles are handed out free of charge, particularly when considering the actions of missionaries. If we turns our attentions to a modern novel, it would be a bizarre and ludicrous experience to only read a few pages in the middle and ignore the rest.
It seems like my teen can quote chapter and verse from Harry Potter but can only guess wildly whether Moses is Testament Old or New.

The multi-platinum-selling songbird has announced plans to record a holiday album filled with a new set of Yuletide classics just in time for the 2010 holiday season. Voices may try to discount you, but if you’ll dare take that step, you’ll discover things in you that you never knew you had.
You’re anointed for this—God would not have allowed it if you weren’t ready for it and equal to it. God does not see things the way you see them.” People judge by the outside, but God looks on the inside.
If I had more talent, then I could do something great.” But as long as you feel like you’re lacking, you’ll make excuses to be less than your best.
But there are also seasons where God will do a quick work, where He’ll accelerate and do things so fast, so amazing that our head will spin. I can do all things through Christ,” that’s when God will make things happen that you could never make happen. There are lot of people who love your message and we watch every morning 5am our Ghana time in one of our biggest private television station.
I was worried about how people would receive this book, so I’m really excited about that. However, they also always take my comments to heart and do their best to come up with a cover I’ll like. Sometimes farm life is difficult, even dangerous, but Laura and her family are kept busy and happy with the promise of their new life on the prairie. To demonstrate these points, it helps to compare to a modern successful book, and for this let us consider the Harry Potter series.
These cannot be counted in a best-seller list, not only because they have not been sold, but because the person receiving the book may not actually want it. And remember all those abandoned copies of the bible that lie in bedside draws in hotels across the country, which are never read, and rarely even seen by a living creature. It would be irresponsible to consider the reading of a short passage of text within a book on the same level as reading a book tens of times over. The scripture says, “Our faith is tried in the fire of affliction.” When you’re in a tough time, that’s an opportunity to show God what you’re made of. The contemporary romance SLAMMED series, which includes Slammed, Point of Retreat and This Girl. They told all of of their friends to read it, posted about it on Facebook daily, and even gave copies to strangers.
How do you ensure that a designers visual representation of your title meets what you envision and what will appeal to your readers?
I am so grateful to recognize before it’s too late that life is what is happening now. Compare this to the Harry Potter series, where the number that were given away free dwindles into insignificance.
Other books with a similar number of readers don’t have as many spare copies lying around. He helped you to get started, but there’s something more important: He is going to help you finish. I have listed to you also on radio and you made me addicted to tuning my radio to the most listened Radio station in Ghana.We need more of your books we are poor to afford them here honestly. The contemporary romance Hopeless series, which includes, Hopeless, Losing Hope and the free novella Finding Cinderella. One of my sisters took a bunch of them to the airport with her and just started handing them out to people who looked like they liked to read.
It would have been so easy to miss that opportunity by being inthe normal morning rush to get ready for school. Many people have not only read the entire series, but many have read the series several times, and some own multiple copies of the books.
That moment colored the entire day with a sense of joy and set up each experience afterward in a positive light. It is infectious and others respond to our sense of wonder and if you watch them they begin to smile even when there is no specific reason to do so.
I love Victoria so much and indeed you have taught many of us to lead a life by focusing more on today and future not what is past.

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