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One of my biggest complaints with survival games in general is the player’s complete lack of regard for anything around him. Survival games have to incorporate reasons to let other players live and not simply kill them on sight. As alluded to already, there has to be more to do in a survival game besides killing zombies and other players. There is definitely a fine line to cross when incorporating PvE into a game so very focused and driven by PvP. For myself, get the combat, crafting and building right first, then add some rewarding PvE elements. I’m not saying there needs to be an actual PvE mechanic where players actively seek out killing the zombies and animals in the world, just that those environmental elements must be dangerous to provide a reason to survive (not go out and hunt). Other MMOs with FFA serves seemed to have the attitude of always killing other players with choosing not to attack being the exception. It is more exciting to kill or get killed in an environment where killing is the exception as opposed to killing or getting killed in an environment where it is the rule. I think there should be some dedicated PvE servers, or at least some servers with PvP flagging or some other severely punitive PK penalties. While your idea makes sense on a certain commonsense level Keen, I just think that players will end up getting non-consensually fingercuffed between strong NPC’s and strong PvP groups. I think PvE servers would be popular and likely have a more mature community, and if griefers don’t like it well then join a PvP server and forever hold their piece.
When spawning into this incredibly challenging world drowning will become an instant threat.
Essentials will need to be produced with haste as to avoid the mobs already spawning in the dark. Decided trying to farm zombie flesh with a seemingly endless stream of cave spiders would be suicide, so grabbed an armload of wood and string (from the webs) and headed to the surface.
Made a beach… 4 stacks of fish and 31 levels later came back with a bunch of sand and secured the opening area. OMG this seed is fucking epic i found it on survival and made the stronghold my home but it was hard swimming and walking in caves but i finaly got there! Together with what is left of our military and special forces groups, we have created the JOINT ZOMBIE ERADICATION FORCE (JZEF).
Cost: Preregistration is $50 until prereg tickets are sold out (approx 75 tickets) then cost will be $65. Stage 2 is a rude awakening because zombies are coming at you from 3 yards to point blank range.
Stage 3 will exploit your awareness to identify threats so not to shoot non threatening friendlies.
A: Please check the local weather forecast and dress appropriately, however it is an outdoor range and open toe shoes are not allowed. Q: If I want to run the course again or purchase refreshments, what are acceptable forms of payment? A: We will have someone available to help you fill out your application, take your picture and process it on site. A: Eye and ear protection will be available, but if your more comfortable with your own your welcome to bring it.
Any participant who violates any of the rules will be asked to leave the premises without a refund.
The Axe and the Mace are among the oldest weapons known to humankind and have appeared in every culture and in every age where man was capable of crafting tools. Please note that these weapons are replicas of weapons designed to destroy opposing armor, shields or anything else they might encounter. This style of axe would have been at home in the hands of any European warrior fighting in the Crusades.
Double-bladed axes were historically rare in Europe but have enjoyed great popularity on film. Short enough to be easily wielded on horseback this axe is similarly constructed to the all steel axes above.

A blade style common to the warlike peoples of Northern Europe from roughly the 5th through 12th centuries. This is similar to the Viking Axe above but with a more ergonomically designed haft and leather wrap. This is your typical woodmana€™s axe that can be found in any woodpile, psychopatha€™s tool shed or in the hands of an angry mob. The warning at the top of the page applies doubly to this weapon as the blunted spike is still capable of punching through a car door (or shield) if used by one untrained in Stage Combata€¦actually by anyone. Named for the angled protrusions on the head of this mace the flanged mace was very popular during the late medieval period. This mace is a replica of a 15th century weapon of Polish design and features rounded flanges. Although extremely sturdy and certainly up to the task, this mace is exceedingly heavy for most stage combat purposes and is difficult to control when swung. The flail was yet another weapon adapted from an agricultural tool; in this case the grain flail. This flail, like many of the weapons on this page, is another example where the a€?reala€? version is essentially the same as the stage version. We do not recommend having complete pole arms shipped as the cost is generally prohibitive, although local theatres are certainly welcome to pick them up fully mounted. The Partisan was essentially a spear with wing-like protrusions at the base of the spear blade. The fauchard was originally an agricultural tool and has been in use for more than 1,000 years. The quintessential weapon of the Greek Hoplite complete with butt spike that was used as both counterweight and back-up weapon if the spear head was broken off. This spear is antiqued to look like hand forged iron with a€?Vikinga€? designs engraved on the socket. A Viking would carry several lighter spears (javelins) for throwing at an enemy before closing to hand to hand range. And by that I mean they exist in a limited quantity, and you could in theory actually kill them all. In the real world animals (including people) avoid combat because even if you win you can sustain severe injuries. Once with protection and tools it wont take much exploration to realize these mines practically bombard you with chests and supplies. Because you can’t make a bed in the mine due to all the monsters, I pillared my way up to the ocean level and slept there. Our country has been dragged into panic as the slow infestation of the undead has gone unnoticed.
Shooting zombies is just the beginning, ammunition is limited with only a few opportunities to get more so versatility is key. Quickly identifying zombies will prevent you from getting bit but beware that you dont shoot friendlies in the process. This stage can be completed with handgun or shotgun and will test all the skills you have been practicing. However, Illinois compiled statutes dictates that a person who is otherwise eligible to obtain a Foid Card under the Act. ANYONE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR SHOWING SIGNS OF INTOXICATION, WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE AND WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES WITH NO REFUND! Without proper training even these blunted stage combat weapons will do exactly that to anything they strike. It was seen on the battlefields of Europe from the 13th and 16th centuries in some form or another. The 24 inch mace is perfectly suited for use in one hand while the 32 inch mace is best suited for two although it is light enough to be used single-handedly.
The term flail refers to a weapon with a handle and another object, such as a spiked ball or iron weight, connected to it by a flexible joint (a chain, rope, swivel, etc.).
There are no sharp edges or points but it is still a relatively heavy weight on a stick so care must be used.

The primary reason for their proliferation was directly related to its basic form and the advantage that it gave to its wielder: Pole arms were long weapons that allowed you to strike your opponent before they could strike you! It is famously referenced by Marcellus in Hamlet; a€?Shall I strike at it with my partisan?a€? Hamlet Act I, scene 1. It was used primarily to clear underbrush but it was slowly adapted for war (often with the addition of spikes) as more and more peasants were forced into service.
The protruding a€?wingsa€? would possibly serve to deflect attacks but would also keep the spear from penetrating too deeply into an enemya€™s body. Kill that player immediately because he has stuff you want — the goal is to get stuff. Seeing a zombie should terrify the player so much that if another player runs by the two of them desperately want each other’s help. Base building is a really cool idea if given the proper attention and fleshed out to be a meaningful and rewarding goal. What the player is having to survive against can still include other players, but if the environment isn’t a huge part of survival then the game is simply PvP. But for now the PvEnvironment is pretty strong and the Monsters can be a real challenge if you are not prepared.
Somewhere on the ocean floor there is a cave opening pouring the player into abandoned mines. Fortunately only a short swim away an opening can be found leading to abandoned mines below. When my buddy and I played we found a nook with air near the entrance and expanded it into a setup base. To survive you will need the courage to adapt and overcome your fears and aggressively push through the hordes of zombies and get everyone to the safety of JZEF HQ. Join JZEF for a training event to see if you have what it takes to defend this great nation of ours. What this mean is you don’t have a Foid Card but you do not have anything in your past that would prevent you from getting one. Communities can form around the idea that players go out and find things and trade amongst themselves. Now imagine an axe could mean a disabled limb for a long period of time, or significant bleeding, or potential infection. Hidden in the mines sits a stronghold guarding many enchanted books. Couple this seed with hard and hardcore mode for a hellishly difficult fight for survival. After that we made a bridge to spawn for speedy return and then repeatedly got slaughtered on our way in. I’m not sure I could have done it without a staging area, quite the challenging seed! You will need to save a hostage which has not been infected so balancing your speed and being able to take a surgical shot is necessary to survive here.
If you do bring your own firearm, you will need your Foid Card and you will need to bring it will you.
Unless designated one of a kind we stock several of the listed type with slight variations in haft or blade. This is great as a costume prop, but should only be used in stage combat under the direction of an experienced Fight Director.
Make it so that in the short term their may not be a huge incentive to cooperate, but it being the only long term option worth pursuing. Maybe only allow a single character per server and make it either permadeath or very long respawn.
Have an end goal of eliminating the zombies, with shorter term goals like establishing a safe haven, building to a fortress, that kind of thing. We will have AR15 battle rifles with red dot optics to shoot this stage or you can provide your own.

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