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There’s room for a second Picatinny rail on top, which is included (uninstalled) with the Double Defense.
I live in Northern California, so my survival area would probably be near Tahoe National Forest, Yosemite, or Mt. Assume that I have some sort of backpack for food, medical supplies, and other survival gear, so the shotgun does not necessarily need to hold everything.
Check out the Stoeger Double Defense specs here, and Creek Stewart’s survival shotgun article may also provide you with some ideas and inspiration.
He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. Once you decide what to put on the picatinny rails, you should cut off all extra length that you can, to save weight. But I imagine most of the serious guys get their guns worked on that would serve the rest of us just fine. Could you add a set of AR back up sights to the top rail for more accuracy with 9mm and 22lr? Paradox chokes are specifically designed to get tight patterns with shot while still allowing you to shoot slugs.
A survival gun needs to be optimized for acquiring food, defending against predators, and being easy to carry, not WOLVERINES.
Well if we are talking about reducing possible points of failure, keep a red dot off the gun, that and it won’t do you any good for slugs unless you dedicate one barrel as the slug barrel. Aimpoint comp4 is a must, sturdiest sight out there and one battery will last you longer than any tritium sight . I might suggest a sling for easy carrying and one of those leather butt stock sleeves that fit on the stock to carry a few rounds. Birdshot for small game and birds and close range (not defence its too light to penetrate ) , buckshot for well deer sized game or self defence at close range (25 yards max) and slugs good to maybe 50-100 yards or a bit more. The exotics are usually highly specialized, overpriced and many of them are illegal in California . Maybe instead of depending on chokes for both barrels I would get the lower barrel fully rifled and the upper one smooth with interchangeable chokes. Any survival shotgun should have a good set of rugged iron sights on it for use with slugs. After talking to most hunters after last season, they weren’t very lucky to come back with big game. Slap a bayonet on there, some reliable iron sights your are comfortable with and I say you are good to go. I have repaired FAR more single shots and side by sides with broken extractors, ejectors and firing pins from LIGHT use than I have ever repaired 870s or M-500s from HARD use.

It’s also shorter than pump and semi-auto (barring bull pups), given the same barrel length, which can be real handy in ECQB. I agree, on its own, but it is easier to maintain, which leads to more frequent cleaning, which leads to more reliability and durability. The information below has been collected by Zombie Slayer Special Forces and hardcore zombie survivalists from across the world. To identify and familiarize yourself with a variety of long range weapons and more specifically, rifles, one must also become familiar with that weapon’s inherant traits. Below are the top 5 best long range weapons for killing zombies and surviving the zombie apocalypse. The M-14 would be the same as the M1a good scope doped in your looking at a good 500 to 800 meter shots depending on how good you are. I agree with the robust nature of the AK, but if you want accuracy, the AR platform will put shine the AK any day. And to top it off the rifle pictured for the M24 is an Accuracy international L916A1 most likely chambered in .338 Lapua with that muzzle break.
Guns Ammo Tactical or GAT is your Daily source of news and reviews for everything firearms, gun, weapons or 2nd amendment related. But this is why it’s so critical that you know how to construct a “complete” survival weapons plan. Share This: Friday afternoon, word that Bushmaster Firearms testing had uncovered a potential problem with their Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR). Share This: Europeans with the help of Anschutz and Armatix might live in a world where they need a special wristwatch in order to fire their firearms. However, I don’t have any survival training or background, so I turn to you for savvy advice.
Of course, the backpack can only hold so much, so anything that can be installed on or in the shotgun is fair game.
A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.
I would also look into a stock that has extra storage built in for things like water proof matches, cleaning gear, ammo, a small knife or other items.
I mean, in the post-apocalyptic badlands Max would presumably saw it off into a lupara, but possible leave on part of the upper rail for a laser of some kind. Plus my very first shotgun when I was a wee one was a 20g H&R, so I have a bit of a bias. I’d be a lot more comfortable looking for parts for an 870 or a Mossberg than an imported double like the Stoeger. But if you need a red dot to do what man has been doing for quite some time without then perhaps you need to rethink your survival plan.

Have as simple iron sight as possible and get the sturdiest hollow stock you can find to hold extra batteries and other misc small items. They are fun though and if you are somewhere its permitted and want to shoot a few , it can be a blast. SxS with 18″ barrels is great platform to start a Survival Shotgun as it can be broke in two of almost same length and is relatively light weight.
For survival food, it’s probably going to be squirrel in the winter, rattlesnake in the summer. These traits include weapon characteristics, availability, versatility, ergonomics, and ammunition availability.
Familiarize yourself with versatile weapons that have more than one use…and when that moment of action strikes, don’t be scared to pull the trigger!
For an amazing $399 you get a feature-rich, American-made, bolt-action rifle that combines craftsmanship and value to create a professional-grade rifle. Also get a proper barrel shroud covering those rails (get rid of the underbarrel rails altogether really only thing usefull in a survival situation you can put there is a grip and you don’t really need that). Doubles have two different triggers, two different barrels, that very often shoot to two different places- most assuredly when slugs are fired. The key is to analyze your own survival weapons plan – based on a serious threat-assessment and integrated with a comprehensive response plan for each phase of a disaster, crisis, or collapse. If you find yourself out in winter without gloves a standard railcover won’t cut it, bare skin will touch cold metal and you will get frost damage real quick, and trust me, those are a bitch. There is NO major military or police force that uses single shots or side by sides.They offer no advantage in the CQB arena.
In the case of a zombie apocalypse once you fire rounds you alert all zobies to your location. So slow down your breathing shoot in that natural pause and quit acting like you know what your talking about. And for the record, someone trying to sound like they know about Manly things like guns, probably shouldn’t use girly emojis like [(-_-)]. Good used Mossberg 500s can be had for ONE-THIRD the price of an American made side by side. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood sniper and the United States Army ammunition conservation society. When engaging multiple attackers at a distance, the spread pattern of the pellets (especially at night and under the stress of attack) will be more forgiving than an assault rifle or handgun.

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