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When we did a Safari in Masa Mari, Africa we seen the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. The best summer sunsets occur anywhere you are fortunate enough to be outside enjoying them. I’ve enjoyed sunsets in tropical locations, but I think that the best ones happen anywhere that you can appreciate the beauty of them, hopefully with someone, or people, that you love too. I’ve seen lovely sunsets in many locales but like the long beautiful sunsets in Alberta the most. I think that Key West, Florida offers the best, beautiful, breathtaking, amazing, and awesome ones of all!!….
A couple years ago, we were in the Cape Town South Africa area… the sunsets are stunning. Hopi Point Lookout on the south rim of Grand Canyon National Park had the most stunning sunset I’ve ever witnessed.
We were coming back from a star gazing party on the Valley Floor that we seemed to miss or could not find. What appears to be a phenomenal wall of granite during the day is completely mind-blowing at night.

I would like to think it was serendipity for us to miss the star gazing party that placed us in the path to witness the magical sunset.
My favorite sunset is the serene beauty of Carlsbad, CA…no clouds, just a few palm trees and a perfect reflection of the sunset in the ocean! The end of our road looks out due west over canals and a lake and we get the best sunset views – right at my own house in South Florida! The best sunset I have ever seen was while on a beach in Tulum, Mexico, a few years ago, when all was calm, peaceful, and the sun creeping off for the night, divine! The differently angled canyon walls were bathed in rich, warm color variations from the setting sun.
I think one of the biggest reasons I was in awe was because I did not expect the views to be so spectacular. Surrounded by the beauty that can never be experienced in pictures, the moment was ours and it plays over and over in my mind’s eye when I travel back into that bus bench. Beer Can Island on Longboat Key, FL has incredible sunsets while fishin’ with my little guys!
While we waited for the shuttle bus to arrive, we all had a chance to sit back, relax and gaze up at El Capitan.

Until slowly the sun faded and a reddish-purplish glow cast like a thin veil over the textured surface. I’m always inspired by sunsets and the best sunset I have seen has been on the Santa Monica Pier, LA! So tell us where you’ve seen the best sunset and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 Best Western Travel Card!
They do have a nice ground floor waiting area with beautiful views which makes it bearable in addition to the bar area. I always sit outdoors even though it can get quite breezy so don’t forget a sweater even in the heat of summer. I held on for as long as I could, I was absorbed and felt like a friend was departing after a sweet and memorable visit.

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