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When I was struggling for ideas, I wondered whether anything would spark if I Googled the Top 100 Books of All Time, but as I was scrolling I clicked instead on the Top 100 Best Selling Books of 2012 ….
Game of Thrones also doesn’t float my boat, but when Beth has read them, the Wimpy Kid books do look cool. Hi Goddesses Today sees the launch of the new Shipwrecked Collection, and I have 4 babies that I was sent for review. Morning Goddesses We start today with the matte nail paints, which I was sent for review from Barry M. With exciting adventure, gripping fantasy and alluring romance novels peppering the shelves nowadays, how does one choose which to delve into?
A hugely popular, all-time favourite fiction writers that makes it to the top of our list with multiple best selling books is John Green.
Another John Green novel that has garnered international acclaim is Looking for Alaska, a story about a socially awkward teenager who gets his heart captivated and trodden on by an enigmatic and devastatingly intelligent girl, Alaska.
For all adventure-chasers and adrenaline-junkies out there, the Divergent Trilogy will plunge you into the troughs of dystopian fantasy and keep you excitedly flicking through the pages whilst chewing your fingernails down to a stub. Beatrice, the protagonist of the story, exists in a dystopian world where people are classed into 5 factions: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent).
Dystopian fiction fans have been spoilt for choice with the surge of apocalyptic novels in recent years. The setting of The Hunger Games is also detailed and well fleshed out, taking place in the ruins of North America where the poor in the provinces are forced to participate in the annual Hunger Games as TV entertainment for the people of the Capitol. For those looking to sit back with a cup of coffee and a book that tells a thought-provoking story in straightforward prose, look no further than Catcher in the Rye.
Being considered a classic for all ages, Catcher in the Rye is an astounding piece of literature and one of the bestselling YA novels that can be easily devoured by readers of all ages.
The title that takes the prize as one of the finest pieces of YA literature ever written is the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. As the story progresses, Harry is revealed to be surprisingly mediocre in terms of magical ability and intelligence, barely scraping through in his magical exams and being woefully ignorant of magical spells. JK Rowling manages to deftly entwine Harry’s innate averageness with his individualism to create a character that is multi-layered, and through the help of his loved ones, unwaveringly steadfast and incorruptible. So recline on your couch, sip a steaming cup of coffee and start consuming these Young adult best selling books today!
All through our lives we come across a number of books, some we read, some we don’t, and some inspire us whereas some guide us.  A book is a treasure house of knowledge. Dan Brown’s crime thriller and adventure novel, The DA Vinci Code, is at the 10th position on our list of most popular books till time. Serialized in The Graphic Magazine from 1886-1887, She, subtitled A History of Adventure, was a novel by Henry Rider Haggard.
First published in 1791, Dream of the Red Chamber is the oldest novel in our list of bestselling novels. Written by Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None, is the masterpiece among all her works and one of the most difficult of her books to have written. With an influence of World War II, this novel, The Little Prince was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and published in 1943. Published in 1859, A Tale of Two Cities holds the first place in our list of best selling books. I was surprised that Harry Potter is not listed as a 7 series which, then the ranking will definitely be higher, since Lord of the rings is listed as a trilogy? I have not read A Tale Of The Two Cities, The Dream Of The Red Chamber (but now I really want to) or She: A History Of Adventure.

I love a few of Charles Dickens’ books but must admit shy away from reading what I learned today as the No. NOT OFFICIAL »All the Graphics on this blog are neither our property nor any Image is under our Copyrights. With acclaimed novels that have remained on bestselling lists for months on end, John Green sure is the YA author to watch out for.
The magic of this story is in the relatability of the main character, Miles, who experiences what most teenagers go through – insecurity, anger, infatuation, peer pressure, influence and a loss of direction. Author Veronica Roth was barely out of her teens herself when she published the first book in the series at just 22. Beatrice finds herself possessing qualities of 3 of the factions, but has to choose one of which to pledge allegiance to, or risk being relegated to the ranks of the Factionless. The Hunger Games trilogy has, undoubtedly, revolutionized the YA dystopian fiction genre with its fast-moving plot which will leave readers burning through the books in hours.
The story is, as you would expect, brutal and violent, and speaks about the transient nature of human relationships and the power of circumstance.
Following the death of his brother, Holden Caulfield takes to the streets of New York City for three days, to be rudely confronted by a world filled with phoniness and hypocrisy. It especially resonates with Young Adults who regularly struggle to find their footing during their transition into adulthood. The stories were initially intended for children, but have since reached out to billions of readers across the globe well into their adult years that we can safely class it under the YA category.
However, what sets Harry apart is his unwavering sense of justice and unrelenting bravery – the very bravery that leads him to defeat Voldemort repeatedly throughout the books. The themes explored in this book hold powerful messages of love, justice, equality, courage and loyalty – compelling messages for the Young Adult community. It is a murder thriller story of a man whose body is found in a position similar to the Leonardo the Vinci’s drawing, the Vitruvian Man. It is a story about 10 people who were enticed to visit to an Indian Island and then murdered for their past acts of crime.
Rowling the first novel of Harry Potter series, The Philosopher’s Stone sold 107 million copies to date.
The Fault in Our Stars, his most recent bestseller, is a heartwrenching novel centered on its main characters experiencing difficult fates and despite that, finding love and romance. Unlike most other YA books, though, Looking for Alaska’s plot twist in the middle of the book creates a compelling climax and proceeds to take the characters through a journey of self-discovery laced with the grief of loss which makes this one of the best John Green novels. Since then, she has experienced tremendous success, releasing all 3 books in the trilogy and selling the movie rights. An evident theme throughout this book is one of finding yourself, wherein Beatrice struggles to find herself and understand that life isn’t always clear cut. What is especially commendable about these books is the realistic portrayal of the characters – flawed, human characters who try to survive in a ‘kill or be killed’ situation, adopting questionable morals in the process to achieve the simple goal of staying alive. Holden, as a deeply confused and bitter protagonist, experiences frustration at being unable to accept or assimilate himself into the world that he so despises. As the books progress, darker themes are explored – themes that are by no means violent, but serve to signify the darkness of human nature. It is also this very courage and selflessness that enables him to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of mankind. There is a huge variety of books, and it solely depends on the preference of reader, what they read. Lewis’s series of seven novels of The Chronicles of Narnia.  The novel based on a fantasy land called Narnia, which has talking Animals and mythical creatures.

This debut novel of Rowling is a children fantasy and revolves around a young wizard, Harry Potter as he discovers his magical heritage, and moves to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry. With over 150 million copies sold, the book was originally started as a sequel to his previous work THE HOBBIT but later developed into much larger work.
It is a story of a French Peasantry who was demoralized by the French Aristocracy during the years of the French Revolution.
By the way, I’m a big fan of Da Vinci Code, and was a little disappointed with the movie.
It also holds a powerful message about the reality of teens among us who suffer from terminal illnesses, silently fighting the battle to stay alive every single day. His desire to protect the innocence of children before they fall into the darkness of adulthood is apparent throughout the book, and the reader often feels a sense of hopelessness at the brokenness of humanity as the story progresses. Harry, the protagonist, starts off as a wispy orphan, often suffering abuse at the hands of his relatives who had adopted him after the death of his parents.
Books can be on technology, fiction, non-fiction, religious, literature, science, culture, fashion, civilization, history etc. The novel has received international acclaim and has also been criticized due to its historic content, so far 80 million copies of the book have been sold. The land is ruled by a white witch for 100 years, till the four English siblings find the way to Narnia through a wardrobe and ends the witch’s reign with the help of Aslan, the lion, the rightful king of Narnia. It depicts the journey of a father Horace Holly and his ward Leo vincey, to a lost African kingdom, where they encounter a native race with its mysterious white Queen Ayesha, who reigns the kingdom as Supreme SHE or SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED.
There he makes a couple of close friend and learnt about a dark wizard, Lord Voldemort, who killed his parent when he was one, but failed to kill him and faces his comeback. The novel was published in three volumes from 1954 to 1955 titles as The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King. The Novel was first published in Dickens periodical All The Year Round in 31 weekly installments. It is revealed from the onset that there is more to Harry than meets the eye, for he is The Boy Who Lived – the lone survivor of the curse of death by the world’s most powerful dark wizard, Voldemort. In 2006, movie was released based on the novel starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou directed by Ron Howard. Since the time this novel was published, it has never been out of print and has sold 83 million copies.
He is a Hobbit, a race of small people, who are about half the size of humans with furry toes. This novels depicts the story of rise and decay of a Chinese family during the Qing Dynasty. The sales number of the book is uncertain as some sources list it selling astonishing 200 million while some as 80 million. The story goes around a Dark Lord Sauron, who created one ring, which could rule the other Rings of power.
And that’s the reason it makes it quite difficult to analyze which is the most read and preferred book as there are religious Books like THE HOLY BIBLE, THE QURAN and THE RAMAYAN, etc. The peace of his life turns into adventurous ride, when he is persuaded by a wizard Gandalf, to join him in an adventure quest to reclaim the treasure, along with thirteen dwarves. So in order to decrease the confusion we have narrowed the choice by considering only top 10 all time most popular and best selling books under Fiction and Non-Fiction categories.

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