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Make the heads flip the moment you dress up in this sort of a attractive multi colour georgette designer saree. Britney Spears Private Show Perfume is an exciting new fragrance that gets added to the singer’s collection. Private Show contains new and exciting notes that set it apart from its 19 other sisters in the Britney Spears’ fragrance empire.
This is a fruity, floral gourmand that quite reminds me of the new Tone Blissful Body Caffeine and Vanilla Blossom Body Wash. Beautified with print work all synchronized well through the design and style and design of the dress. Private Show is actually Britney’s 20th fragrance and takes its inspiration from her love of dulce de leche, white flowers, iced coffee, and dancing. Private Show brings elements of playfulness but it’s also a fragrance that can be best described as sweetly sexy!

LOL i want to pick it up, even though I have a shelf full of BBW body washes that will probably last me 10 years. If you like your coffee served elaborately with chocolate shavings, whipped cream, and other sweet elements you should get on just fine with this fragrance. I have a love of gourmand fragrances so, I knew I had to try out Private Show for myself, they had me at iced coffee.
I can’t say I own them all but I own quite a few and can happily say that Private Show is not a retake or repromoted fragrance. Too many times, I think celebrities fall into the trap of creating an entire line of fragrances based off of one best seller. It’s more of sugary vanilla coffee drink mix where the vanilla and sugar outweigh the coffee. It’s annoying for me to have new top and middle notes but the base notes remain the same which essentially makes the fragrance a copycat of the one before it.

There’s a good deal of sweetness on that initial mist that reminds me of a mixed coffee drink piled high with whipped cream and perhaps swirls of caramel. It actually sets really quickly and although there are supposed to be fruity notes of clementine and nectarine on that initial mist they never really made it to my nose.
As it warms up and settles down, the coffee and whipped cream element is replaced by dulce de leche tangled with jasmine and a warm, sensual amber and musk. It’s a tricky little fragrance that goes from sweet to sweetly sexy very, very quickly. The fragrance is a little fleeting on my drier skin at around four hours of wear before needing a touch up.

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