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The image of Winston Churchill that automatically springs to mind is invariably that of wartime prime minister, all cigar and defiance. Jimmy Page had less care for the budget when he published 500 leather-bound copies of his photo-led autobiography in 2010, priced at A?445 each. Sugar Free is the first self-help book written in South Africa to help people overcome sugar and carbohydrate addiction. This book is the only one available to address the emotional and behavioural patterns of a sugar and carb addict. Karen Thomson is the founder of the Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program (HELP), the world’s first inpatient programme treating carbohydrate and sugar as an addiction.
Schoolchildren from overseas have better English language skills than their British counterparts, says Tracy Beaker author Dame Jacqueline Wilson.
If you have any particularly soggy camping memories then you'll just love the Tom Gates books by Liz Pichon. Pichon's books are bursting with humour and you can tell it comes from real experiences and observations. It stands as a symbol of Britain’s finest hour, and for that reason, as Michael Shelden has identified, it reveals little of the man within. There she is at eight, chin in her palm, gazing out from beneath a tweedy man’s hat.

This year Jimmy Page (Genesis) was finally re‑released at A?26, although it has now sold out again.
It was only in the late Fifties, when he accepted a publisher's request to limit his vocabulary to 250 words, that he had his first big success with The Cat in the Hat. It is written by authors Karen Thomson and Kerry Hammerton with the support of dietician Tamzyn Campbell and a foreword by Prof Tim Noakes. Few would suspect the bulldog of 1940 of being so sensitive that for almost half a century he was haunted by a suicide note, that of a prisoner who killed himself out of despair after his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by Churchill when Home Secretary in the belief he was being merciful. Patience: her brother says she was born with a gift for it, while fans have been forced to develop ours, waiting up to 12 years between albums. Her mother and father encouraged her to write and draw from a young age and the scrapbooks she kept have proved invaluable resources. Though not old herself, she obsesses frequently on ageing, the loss of the body’s sheen. In addition to the eight-week programme, Sugar Free also contains personal accounts of addiction, meal programmes and sugar-free recipes.
Before the Dawn was a magical mix of wild imagination, playful theatricality and intimate, homespun pleasures and the same elements are all evident in Cathy (Sphere, A?26). Instead of resigning, he switched to his mother's maiden name (actually pronounced "zoice" in the German way). Pichon nicely sends up Tom's father with a huge 'spot the problem' doodle indicating what his dad has missed: the proximity of the family tent to the river.

His relationships with women have often been a strangely neglected feature of books on him but Shelden is rightly interested in all of his youthful passions.
Yet they do shed new light on his preference for the more serene Clementine Hozier as a wife.
Jive was also the place she met her future husband, Mark Flannery, a music producer who had worked with Def Leppard.
Yet even if one knows how the story ends, this surprisingly revealing biography still makes you want to read the sequel. Compiled and edited by Cally Callomon and his sister Gabrielle Drake, this authorised companion to the wistful genius with a troubled mind includes contributions from friends, collaborators, critics and family, including painful extracts from the diaries of his parents in the days preceding his overdose of antidepressants in 1974.
A drug addict and a chameleon, she carries with her the sharp scent of cypress, cigarette smoke, and betrayal.
She has designed greetings cards (where you have to be funny in double-quick time) and written lots of children's picture books - but all the elements of wit and cartoon and lettering come together in Tom Gates.

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