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100% Orginal and Safe Female 99 sexual Enhancements Oil GMP Certification Absolutely pure Chinese herbal medicine, non-toxic with no side effects, let him prove who is the most happy, let her to prove who is the Viagra. The result of that trial was a victory for decency – Warshak is looking at a few decades in the fun house after being convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud and money laundering (can Enzyte be used as prison currency?). What the tablets are supposed to enhance has never been made clear, although the TV ads left little to the imagination.

Anyway, I’m hopeful that the conviction and fines levied against Warshak will spell the end of his operation, which means I can finally watch Ninja Warrior without being assaulted by these ridiculously obnoxious ads.
The general theme was that the amount of problems you had in life was inversely proportional to the size of your penis.
Despite the dubious and vague claims and utter campiness of their ads, Enzyte became a cash cow. Probably because this country is full of men whose vanity is outstripped only by their gullibility.

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