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We especially love the holidays because the cold weather brings us to the couch or to Barnes and Noble sipping lots of hot chocolate and reading books. So I thought it might be fun to offer 10 suggestions for holiday books that you might want to pick up for the little ones or check out at the library. I have seen lots of people that use Christmas books as an advent calendar- unwrap a new book for each night in December. These are just our favorites, so be sure to add any others that your family loves in the comments below. And I haven’t picked this one up yet but I plan to add it to our collection this year.
So grab a few of these and use it as an excuse for extra cuddles with your little ones this season.
While we have been able to find some great scores at the Goodwill, be sure to check out Scholastic Book Club online.
This story, which is one that’s turned into a fantastic film, is one of a young boy who jumps on a magical train that just happens to be traveling all the way to the North Pole. This story, a famous ballet by Tchaikovsky, has touched the hearts of many through different mediums for centuries. What happens when a small girl with a huge heart meets a green creature with a heart that’s two sizes too small?
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Madeline’s Christmas by Ludwig Bemelmans was published after the author passed away, it had been published as a book insert in McCall’s magazine in 1956 and as a book in 1985.
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Jan Brett is a great book to read whether your children are familiar with the song or not. Christmas in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown will sound very familiar to you if you are a fan of her book The Big Red Barn, which both my son and I am. Babar and Father Christmas  by Jean De Brunhoff was one of my very favorite Christmas stories as a child. Who Built the Stable?: A Nativity Poem by Ashley Bryan is a beautiful illustrated poem all about who it was that built the stable where Jesus was born. Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner is a sweet look at how the snowmen we build celebrate Christmas. It’s Christmas by Tina Burke is simple and brief but it’s not too simple to share with a wide range of ages. The Star Tree by Gisela Colle  is a fable about the spirit of Christmas and how it gets lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Maisy’s Christmas Day by Lucy Cousins is about as simple as a book about Christmas can get which is why my toddler has asked me to read it to her 300 times.  Maisy’s friends are all with her to celebrate and after opening gifts they sit down for Christmas dinner complete with paper crowns from their Christmas crackers. Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney is the holiday installment of the popular Llama llama series. Doc McStuffins A Very McStuffins Christmas by Disney Book Group & Shelia Sweeny Higginson is the turkey I was talking about. The Littlest Elf by Brandi Dougherty is a sweet book about the youngest member of a family of elves at the north pole.
Merry Christmas, Ollie (Gossie & Friends)by Olivier Dunrea captures the feelings of children leading up to the holidays…wait…wait…wait… I remember those feelings well. N Is for Navidad by Susan Middleton Elya and Merry Banks is a great alphabet book that takes readers through the traditional elements Christmas in Latino ( primarily Mexican) culture. Oh, What a Christmas!by Micheal Garland is a sweet story about how Santa made do when the unexpected happened.
Grace at Christmas by Mary Hoffman is a lovely story about a little girl who lives with the mom and Nana who open up their home to friends of friends over Christmas. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story by Gloria Houston made me cry.
The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup was an instant hit with my son but it was too long for my daughter who sat and listened but wasn’t engrossed in it. How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky is a fun and surprisingly practical story about Santa and how he developed the skills needed for his one of a kind job.  It starts with Santa as a young man and as he keeps bouncing from job to job he acquires skills like going in and out of chimneys as a chimney sweep with ease and without getting dirty,  develops a relationship with reindeer as a zoo worker and gets chubby eating all the food at a all night diner gig!  There are more but i don’t want to spoil the story. As a literacy teacher, former 5th grade teacher, and mom, I feel uniquely qualified to write a gift guide for the 20 best holiday books for children. I wanted this guide to be useful for people who would like to buy books for children, but have no clue what children at certain ages may enjoy.
To add a little Christmas cheer to this post, I’m giving away one copy of Pete the Cat Saves Christmas to one lucky winner! I hope this book list will help you narrow down your choices when it comes to selecting Christmas books to read aloud. If you aren’t allowed to read Christmas stories in your classroom be sure to check out my list of favorite Gingerbread books! Olive the Reindeer is a truly unique and lovable character who is sure to become a permanent fixture on your holiday read-aloud list. This brand new book by beloved children’s author Jan Brett is sure to become a Christmas favorite.
Nobody can relate more to all the waiting that must be done during the holiday season than young children. I know you’re probably already familiar with this book, but this version is a real keeper.
About Vanessa LevinVanessa is the creator of Pre-K Pages and author of the book A Fabulous First Year and Beyond: A Practical Guide for Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers.
The story itself is a curious Christmas tale about a rug seller who brings a little magic to Madeline and her friends.
I love that even though I think of it being a song, my son thinks of it as a math book, counting up the gifts on every page.
I like this book but my son kept saying ” That’s not right” thinking that this was the other book. As an adult I have had some great belly laughs at some of it’s writing .Babar books in general beg to be pre read , just trust me. Georgie is a little fairy who makes gingerbread but when a new shop opens her business drops.
The story reads like a photo album with short descriptions of holiday preparations, traditions and celebrations. An old man  decides to make gold stars just like he did as a child to decorate for Christmas, but when he looks out at the city and their gloom he decides he needs open space for his stars to shine. Like the other books not only does this book rhyme it also connects with it’s readers.
The story isn’t complex but readers get a glimpse into children all over the world and the fun animation style illustrations are bright and fun!

If you have ever seen this episode of Doc McStuffins you will immediately know the show is better than the book.
After that he ends up in a fireplace just as a certain jolly old guy gets stuck in the chimney.
He is ready to choose what area of the north pole he will work in and tries out all the jobs his family does from the book shop, to the bakery, and toy shop but nothing is a good fit. Patience is a hard thing to learn for big people, but it’s almost impossible to be patient when you are waiting for something as magical as Christmas when you are little.
A little girl asks her dad about the decorations on that very first Christmas day and readers are reminded that the true origin of the holiday. As we all know reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh but when the reins break and Santa comes crashing down they are nowhere to be seen!
It’s written in the spirit of ” The House That Jack Built” and the text builds and builds starting with snow falling on a house as children sleep and ending with Christmas morning. A little rooster is at the center of this book, he is so little that his cock-a-doodle doesn’t wake anyone up. Grace isn’t so sure about this but her Nana reminds her what could be more in the spirit of Christmas than opening your home to those who need it?
The story is about the hardships and love of one family torn apart by the First World War as they prepare for Christmas with no resources. I love this alphabet book because it was a childhood favorite I’d forgotten about until I started reading it and was transported back to the early 80s. In this story a little boy writes to Santa and asks for a very specific gift, a real live penguin! The story was all about pirate gingerbread men who come to life on Christmas Eve and faced Santa even though most of them were left for him to eat. In keeping with her usual style, the illustrations in The Animals’Santa are superbly detailed, bringing the story to life for the reader.
In Llama, Llama Holiday Drama little llama is tired of all the endless waiting, can you relate? In this totally groovy version of The Night Before Christmas, Pete saves the day for an ailing Santa and helps spread the spirit of giving. They are comfortable and familiar with the classic tale of Goldilocks, but really enjoy the new twists in Santa Claus and the Three Bears. She has more than two decades of teaching experience and enjoys helping kids and teachers through her professional development sessions.
The elf mysteriously changes locations overnight, and kids love looking for him as soon as they wake up in the morning.
My toddler sat for the whole thing and laughed at many of the rhymes, which if you have read others in the Madeline series you will know are awesome. In classic Jan Brett fashion the illustrations are incredibly detailed , in the side pictures you can follow a family trimming their tree and I particularly liked the holiday salutations on every page in different languages. In this book  Babar goes looking for Father Christmas because he wants to ask him to visit Elephant country.
The vibrant colors are in contrast with the simplistic poem that tells the familiar nativity story from a fresh perspective. When a problem arises with the new shop it’s Georgie to the rescue to keep the holidays smelling ( yes you read that right) like the holidays in her little fairy town.
So he walks out to the country and soon he’s not alone, and before he knows it the stars have made their way back to the city and so has the spirit of Christmas.  Cute story with darker undertones for parents but my son really enjoyed the surface story about shiny stars and gloomy cities. The book follows Ameer a young boy who works for one of the wise men and is part of the caravan to meet Baby Jesus. Walter the dog is eager to get at his present before the big day, when he opens it before Christmas he ends up in the doghouse!
I don’t know about you but our family Christmas dinners were more comical than Norman Rockwell and I related so well to all the different family personalities, and quirks.
The story is all about something that we adults feel but maybe forget that our kids do too.
A little girl sees a homeless man, and that’s what she sees , a man in need, instead of the stranger her mother sees. My daughter loves getting a sneak peak into different countries and I like trying to find the flag in each page.  It really is brief and perfect for an introduction into different celebrations not an in depth study of other cultures. I love Doc McStuffins for so many reasons and think that she is a rad little role model for kids. It starts with a single duck playing bagpipes, but it builds on it self until they spot the manger and the infant Jesus wakes.
This is a unique story we both enjoyed , you will never look at another stick in your child’s hands without wondering what it’s been turned into .
Finally he finds his own talent and with the help of the littlest reindeer he catches the eye of Santa too. This book is a great vehicle for talking about being patient, and the little geese will enchant you! The illustrations by Nancy Carpenter are stunning, they vary in perspective and unlike so many manger scenes, this one looks like a mom and a baby.
What I wasn’t expecting is that the author tells the story of The Nutcracker , albeit a very simplistic version, in the rhyming text as well.  The illustrations of the Rat King is a little frightening but nothing that will prevent you from reading it. Throughout this family’s preperations for and celebration of Christmas he notes how he does what he is supposed to and his baby sister does not.  She makes messes,  pulls the ornaments off the tree, has terrible table manners during Christmas dinner and so much more! He is very sad about his inability until that night he finds himself in the manger with Baby Jesus and finds his voice. The book is much older than that though and takes readers through the classic Christmas symbols like angels, and giving and ornaments with a rhyming blurb for each. It’s not long before he realizes that a real live penguin is not as much fun as he thought it would be. I know when i was a kid I wanted to know how Santa got his job, and there are movies dedicated to this so this book  jumped on the bandwagon and did a great job , it’s very cute! That being said, please do NOT crop or edit my images in any way without written permission from me. A charming and humorous look at how snowmen celebrate the holiday, sure to be a hit with young and old alike. Friends wake hibernating bear so he can experience his first Christmas and discover the meaning of friendship at the same time. There isn’t too much text on each page and the illustrations are straight from the TV special. I have spent more than two decades teaching young children in public programs for at-risk English language learners.
The story is about how Barney and his friends want to do something nice for the birds and other animals outside.

In this book though there is something that the other doesn’t have, most notably Baby Jesus.
He searches all over Paris and finally ends up in the North Pole and finds after much effort Father Christmas. What wowed me was the way that Joseph and Mary were depicted as a loving and vulnerable couple waiting for their first child in less than perfect conditions.The book depicts all the people with dark skin which for me is a great opportunity to talk about this with my children since so much of their experience is with the blonde blue eyed Baby Jesus.
There are hidden images in the amazing illustrations and my kids love trying to find them as we read. My daughter likes this book and loves to pick out which fairy she would be on every page ( I’ll give you a hint it’s always the one with the most pink) and I appreciate the message of problem solving and  women owned businesses! The heart of this book though is how it captures the feeling of having to wait forever for Santa to come.
We learn of his devoted dog Ra and their deep connection and when it is time to offer something to Jesus Ameer gives him Ra. When she leaves to go to her Christmas pageant she calls out to him to come, when he does the true meaning of her line in the pageant comes to life.
This book though was painful to read and I will be reading it over and over because my daughter loves it. The story is simple because there is no need for lots of text , the illustrations are amazing.
I loved learning more about how a culture different from my own celebrates Christmas and know that for many of you this will be a fun reflection of your own traditions.
The message that it’s not the reindeer but rather the magic that makes the difference is loud and clear .
What makes this a gem in my mind is that no one ever corrects her, these are all age appropriate behaviors and the family is loving and accepting.  Perfect for families like mine who are expecting a baby, or those with older siblings who like to boss their younger ones around and may need a reminder that babies are still learning, just like they are! She does the best he can with what she has, treks through snow to cut that big old Christmas tree down , and the part that made me cry uses her own wedding dress to make her daughter an angel costume for the Christmas pageant. Even if you don’t have any childhood memories of this book I think it’s still worth a good look! My daughter adores the illustrations of all the babies and the math element is a great bonus too. Here at Pre-K Pages, you can find hands-on lessons, themes, activities, and printables for preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten classrooms. There are some fantastic books in this list of Christmas books, and there are some turkeys. It’s a calm and gentle book about the birth of Jesus in a way only Margaret Wise Brown could accomplish. I love the details in this book, as a child I would lay looking at the pictures of Santa’s workshop and imagine what visiting it would be like.
It is not easy to give away his best friend but he knows it is what he should do, and is blessed because of it. The book is broken into 3 chapters and would be a great book for children in the gap between picture books and chapter books. He takes his dad’s sleigh and gathers all the kids on the list and bring them to the North Pole to explain to Santa why they did some of the not so nice things. Every page looks like a cross between a stained glass window and a ornate mosaic in a Orthodox church somewhere in Eastern Europe. At the end of the book there is an author’s note with longer explanations of each item in the alphabet book. I like how this book can also open a dialog about how even special days can have unexpected bumps and you make do with what you have , just like Santa in this story. I try hard to get books with all sorts of families and in this one Grace lives with her mom and Nana while her dad lives in Africa. Oh but that is not all she sacrificed, she  used the silk stockings her husband sent her from the war to make a doll for Santa to give to her daughter. He is thankful to Santa for getting his gift exactly right but writes a follow up letter explaining how it would be ok if Santa sent a replacement.
The thing is even the turkeys can end up being favorites and I encourage all parents to not worry too much if their child’s favorite Christmas book is one based off a bad TV show.
I would like to read it next year to my son when he can appreciate that it’s not supposed to be exactly the same as the Big Red Barn.
As an adult I appreciate the smallest details like how Father Christmas’s flying machine ( not a sled) has P.N #1 on it , meaning of course Pere Noel #1. The tender relationship between Ameer and his dog Ra will pull at your heart in all the right ways. Your kids will love to see how crazy Llama is feeling and hopefully realize that it’s OK to slow down and just sit with someone they love and let the excitement calm for a bit. My son exclaimed “WOW” many times as we turned the pages of this book, and I know I let out a gasp or two as well, simply beautiful! Not only can your kids learn a few new Spanish words but getting a peak into traditions other than their own is a wonderful eye opening experience.
I read this with my 8 year old and we talked about all different kinds of families, divorce, and how he would feel about spending Christmas without his dad. The father coming home right as they were leaving the church service – once again starting my water works.  It’s an awesome story but probably too long for a group of kids , or toddlers , but perfect for a bedtime story for preschoolers on up. Very cute story, it’s not short though but my 3 year old listened to it happily for a bedtime story. Children will also be able to really understand sacrifice and giving because they can relate to how important a dog is to a young boy.
He agrees if the kids do one nice thing to make up for a naughty thing they still might find a gift under the Christmas tree. Also this book and the one previous were illustrated by Barbara Cooney , who captures such meaningful stories with her amazing work. Laughing at the funny parts and pointing out that he wrote a letter to Santa too, but he didn’t ask for a penguin… thank goodness! This is a great story that realizes it’s hard to be good all the time, but that doesn’t make them bad. Older children will love this 1972 classic, in which the six misbehaving Herdman kids—the "worst kids in the entire history of the world"—take over the church pageant and reinterpret the story of Christmas. Kids love the dastardly character, who plots to cancel the holiday, only to find it happens anyway, even without the presents.

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