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A very important and sometimes overlooked emergency preparedness item is the first aid kit.
You can spend some time and put together a first kit of your own, or you could simply buy one. The Complete First Aid Kit contains first aid products made in the United States and packaged in a 510K Certified, FDA Regulated facility.
I was looking for a good first aid kit for my camping pack that bridged the gap between efficient size and diversity of contents. 2) well organized – Things are color coded, plastic wrapped, clearly labeled, efficiently spaced, and well packaged. 3) extra space in the included box – There was an extra few cubic inches in the included box. 1) Plastic box could be a bit more sturdy – the plastic box is about the only thing I would improve on this kit.
In my mind this is the perfect 1st aid kit for home, car, camping, workplace, or emergency supplies. Prime is actually an Amazon membership, which incidentally I recommend for anyone who uses Amazon more than just a few times a year. Another important thing to add is a list of all household members’ medical history, medications, doctors, insurance company, and emergency contact persons with cell phone and office phone contact numbers. Consider taking a first-aid course through your local Red Cross or, or ask for basic information from friends in the medical field. Put your first aid kit in a place where it is visible and accessible, but out of the reach of young children.   A cold, dry location would be preferable to store medicines properly. A complete first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to injuries and emergencies.  If you are well-prepared, unpredictable accidents are manageable and you might just save a life.
Not seen in this video - Newest Improvements and additions hit the stands on Thanksgiving day 2015. This was found over at Armament Services International, a place that deals in NFA-regulated firearms. Best Made Company is dedicated to outdoor products that are timeless and can pass down for generations. Tierra Design Studio are responsible for this stunning modern house on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand.
Designed by Los Angeles based architects Marmol Radziner and Associates, the Vienna Way Residence is located in Venice, California.

The first question of course that came to mind when i saw this was… why did the Axe company need to suddenly go into the First Aid business? Contents include:certi-strip (16), certi-gauze (2), certi-gauze roll (2), triangular bandage with pins (3),wire splint, adhesive certi-tape (2), antiseptic BZK towlette (10),silver mylar rescue blanket, CPRotector mouth barrier, elastic bandageforceps, nitrile gloves, bandage scissors, trauma pad, and afirst aid wall chart. While this is a-lot of first aid supplies for $29 (as of this post), and the kit is designed to include what they consider the best for that price point, if you augment the kit with a few additional items it will be even more complete. Things like Quality scissors and tweezers like the SlipNSnip brand folding scissors, and the number one rated professional quality tweezers (use for slivers, etc.). Save-A-Tooth – If you are a parent this should absolutely be a part of your first aid kit.
Unfortunately all indications that we’re about to enter into an era that seems to indicate a much higher need for medical first aid requirements than in our past, those preps will most likely be used!!! Another method for a severe trauma injury is maxi female kotex pads…cheap and relatively effective.
All the right stuff is truly important; but what is missing in ALL prepper sites and documents is the need for knowledge.
But it does contain a ton of useful items, from bandages and gauze strips to a mylar blanket and even a first aid chart.
During and after an emergency or disaster, the immediate priority may not be shelter, water and food; instead it may be treating the injured (which may even be you!). When was the last time you checked it out to see if some contents need to be replaced or replenished?
Any first aid kit is better than none, so do what you can to get your hands on one (and one for your car).
Also, since I work in the healthcare field, I was a bit picky when it came to what contents I needed. Whether this was purposefully meant or not, it allows you to throw in a few extra things you may want in your kit. It takes up enough space to add rigidity to my pack, while not being bulky or oddly-shaped (like my last strange first aid kit). Definitely not a big deal, but I figured I couldn’t write a review without at least one con! Just giving rehydration salts will give the person a bit more time and thus a chance to fight off the bug that got them sick. Floor to ceiling glazing and connected outdoor living spaces seamlessly integrate the home with the California native landscape.

This particular kit while not designed for professional EMS, is apparently designed and priced for typical use by the average Joe – while providing more value than other similar kits. For example, most of the drug store kits have medical tape made of plastic, meaning whatever you put on will be sweaty and gooey by the end of the day. Take the time to look over the contents and understand what each is for, and how you would use it. A tube of super glue can also be used to close a wound that other methods might not be able to, especially on a finger. This will require having the right medical supplies in your first aid kit to deal with the most common of injuries. For example, I was able to add iodide tablets, water purification tablets, mesh laundry bags, three vacuum shrunk towels, a 2L plastic water carrier, and a box of waterproof matches.
The latches that close the box don’t feel very sturdy, and I suspect that after several opening and closings of the box, they MAY give out.
And in it - i was smitten by the Best Made All Purpose First Aid Kit, the image of all the contents laid out especially.
Insect sting wipes, ace bandages, glow stick, lancet, rescue blanket, burn cream, splint and tooth saver are not items that you normally find all in one place.
You will often find these at schools that offer adult education classes, and there are even courses that are simply one session. Of course, this is entirely based on my perception of the box, and not any actual experience. Non-chemical forehead temperature indicator strip b) Eye-wash cup c) flashlight d) metal tweezers for removing splinters e) magnifying glass for that "fine print" on labels. You cannot navigate through the forest, around some hostiles, if you haven’t been trained.
The tea can be brewed to drink with the honey for sore throat, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used on the skin.
For example; my cell phones contain books on survival, first aid, surgery, celestial navigation, maps, shelters, escape and evasion, communications, etc.
Brooklands was of course the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, and the location of many major car and motorcycle races in the years before WWII.

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