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As mentioned in previous articles, if you work in the bush in Canada, you should be able to apply for an Authorization to Carry (ATC) a restricted handgun for the purpose of wildlife defence in remote wilderness areas where you work. During the years I carried the Glock 21, I had to draw the pistol on a number of occasions due to close proximity to aggressive wildlife, but fortunately only had to discharge it once during an attack by two younger predatory sibling black bears. Myself and a summer student were waiting on an old hemlock helipad on a small isolated mid-coast island and were out of radio contact with the chopper. In speaking with author and guide Gary Shelton after this incident, many people consider the .44 Rem Mag to be the minimum handgun caliber for grizzly bear due to its large bullet size, weight and velocity. As some may know, DEPs can be 'finicky' with ammunition and mine does not cycle reliably using most North American brands. The cycling issues with the DEP can also result from weak handling of the firearm and it takes practice to control the recoil so that consistent slide cycling, and 'locking' are achieved.
While a lot of the proponents of revolvers claim reliability, accuracy and power benefits over semi-automatics, I feel that it is essential for people to consider their disadvantages too. In my opinion, we are talking about a fight for your life: it's called combat and once you're in it, who or what is attacking you largely doesn't matter. An ex-coworker turned client had the unfortunate opportunity to test the effectiveness of this revolver around a year and a half ago. While working in a remote cutblock on the BC midcoast he was confronted by a very large aggressive grizzly bear. So these are the firearms I have seen, considered, or would consider if choosing a bear defence handgun. Upson County is home to a Boy Scout camp, a state park, a 5900 acre hunting area, and multiple golf courses. A little-known park on the Flint River, Sprewell Bluff is a great spot for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and picnicking.
Big Lazer (pronounced “Throatwobblermangrove”) is a 7,200 acre State Wildlife Management Area and Public Fishing Area on the Flint in Talbot & Upson counties. Raintree Golf Club, an eighteen-hole, semiprivate golf club, is located south of Thomaston on 1495 Hwy.
Camp Thunder, or the Gerald Lawhorn scouting base, is Georgia’s largest camp affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.
Crystal Springs Recreation, also known as Perks Pool (after its former owner),  has a long history here in Thomaston, starting in May of 1859 when it opened as the Warm Springs of Upson. We are working on the new logo for Hackberry Hollow, and since it’ll probably include a magic symbol or two, we decided to pick up work on the design for the magic system.
Anyway, Adam compelled me to have another crack at the amphibious SUVs since it has been well over two and a half months since last time I tried to work on it.
This is the start of the process of this particular prop design (we’ll be posting more finished designs of this prop later). Stone Sheep have camouflage in the summer that is equal to the Dall Sheep’s in winter.
Elk hunting and mountain cabin lodging, hunt for mule deer, Great lodging and cabins for hunting elk and mule deer in colorado in colorado with backcountry outfitters guided and unguided hunting in the san juan national forest.. Whitetail deer hunting with maine's #1 trophy buck hunting, Trophy whitetail deer hunting outfitter & lodge northern outdoors is rated one of the top 10 in north america.
I won't get into the details about what qualifies one for, or how to apply for the ATC in this article, except to remind readers that in Canada, carrying a handgun in the bush is illegal without the ATC and it is not a given that anyone who works in the bush will be given this authorization. There are in fact a number of negative aspects to consider when comparing handguns to long-guns, e.g. The two bears began observing us from over 400 metres up the hill and made their way down to us while I tried to raise the pilot on the radio. During the incident my bear spray failed because the aerosol had leaked out and the capsaicin had lost its potency.
I found however that factory Sellier & Bellot 240 grain Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) cycles reliably.
Indeed there are fewer issues and stoppages are largely from tired hands allowing excessive recoil to drain energy from the cycling process, which can keep the bolt from locking again. In my opinion this is a good choice since you get the benefits of the Glock Safe Action Pistol as discussed above, with a powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. I have included this option mainly because I have had clients who opted for this cartridge and to the best of my knowledge were issued ATC's. Considered by many to be the minimum calibre and the most reliable handgun action for grizzly bear defence, I have known many who carry it for work and have trained an equal number on it. The worker was backed up to a cliff and had limited options to move anywhere through the 3-metre high salal.

The firearm is very difficult to shoot accurately and in my experience, is not often carried by fieldworkers who I think consider it to be excessive.
The concepts and incidents discussed are of a purely 'self defence' nature while lawfully carrying a handgun in the course of one's legal occupation. Potato Creek and the Flint River are well suited for canoeing and fishing, and Big Lazer WMA has a 190 acre boating and fishing lake. The cool, gently-flowing river is normally about waist deep and is ideal for tubing, wading or just cooling off. It is open for hunts, both archery and firearms , throughout deer, turkey, and small game seasons.
It consists of 2,500 wooded acres on the Flint River in Upson County It has been providing wonderful outdoor activities for Boy scouts and other lovers of the outdoors since 1938. Ever since then the springs, which are actually a cool 66 degrees, have brought people from all over looking for recreation. Now, the logo will probably have more to do with the necromancy field of magic, but that’s not what we are showing here. It’s not that difficult to create an original truck design that looks a lot like a real truck, or a pirate ship that looks like a real pirate ship. Nothing says redneck more than someone who lives in the wilderness in an old cabin, drives an rusty truck that barely holds itself together, but yet he also owns the best modern firearms that a civilian can legally buy. Wranglerstar makes the argument that they are and I have to agree, they are all excellent choices. Issuing an ATC to a wilderness field worker remains solely at the discretion of the Chief Firearms Officers under the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.
There may be any number of other work conditions resulting in a decision to carry a more compact defensive tool on the job.
As they got closer I tried to use bear bangers (exploding pen flares) to discourage them from approaching but when they broke into the open ground ~50 metres away they began charging directly towards us.
This may have been due to working in -40? or a dented can, but luckily for my coworker, my bear bangers exploding near the bear's head and him stabbing and spray painting its head resulted in it letting go of him and moving away long enough for him to get away.
I have heard from clients that this is a big problem resulting in people carrying FMJ ammunition.
Most opt for the Glock 22 although I have trained one person with the Jericho 941 which was nice due to it's heavier metal frame.
I generally stick to S&W because I am used to it's cylinder release, cylinder rotation direction (counter-clockwise), and it's reliability.
The bear began to attack through the salal but only became visible ~10 metres in front of the worker who drew his revolver and at ~8m shot the bear in the face. Which semiauto may depend on a number of individual factors but all things being equal and without the firepower of 50AE, I think I would go with the Glock 20. The Flint is good for both fishing and canoeing, as it is one of the forty rivers in the U.S. There are light to medium rapids scattered throughout the river, depending on the water level.
First built in 1935, Raintree was renovated and expanded in 1999 to provide a full 18 holes.
One of the newest features of the camp is the Gerald Lawhorn Canoe Base, which is home to a pavilion for meetings, a ropes course, and various canoeing and tubing facilities. But when it comes to creating a vehicle that’s completely new, like say for example an amphibious SUV that looks like a sporty off-road recreational vehicle that can also go on water, you enter the realm of completely new and have to design the whole thing on your own.
I know this subject will have a lot of different opinions and I would like to hear yours.A So check out his video below and let me know what you think.
The shorter barrel, reduced powder charge and larger bullet-powder ratio results in lower bullet velocities. I did not want to sacrifice the bullet penetrating to vital organs for a little bit more energy which may not even be enough to stop a large bear any ways. I dropped the bear banger launcher and drew my pistol and by the time I raised it and fired they were about 25 metres away.
With the 'less desirable' ammunition, it is also common to experience a 'Type 3' stoppage on the last round. That said, they reliably cycle and are usually 300 grain controlled expansion hollow point.
For me these are mute points since in the whorl wind of a life and death fight I won't feel the weight of the gun or complain about having too much ammo.
While I consider it the 'smallest' cartridge that one may think about for wildlife defence, I really don't advise taking this option if there is a serious risk of grizzly bear attack.

The Taurus Raging Bull bothers me only because of its extra button required to swing the cylinder out (two simultaneously) which represents valuable time and fine motor skills.
The only revolver I would consider over the DEP is the 460XVR because I know it leaves less doubt and offers some options for practice routines at affordable price levels. In Upson county, the best place to get started canoeing the Flint River is the Flint River Outdoor Center, which is located at 4429 Woodland Rd. Although the facilities are primarily for the Boy Scouts, they will rent to other groups as well. There have been a few including a couple of 43’s but our strong point is the good population of rams and their dark colour.
This in turn can negatively affect some important criteria: shorter range, reduced accuracy, and reduced bullet penetration and energy on the target. Shot placement into the cranial-ocular cavity or nasopharyngeal area and penetration to the central nervous system were my priority since range and accuracy may also suffer due to the weapon system's capabilities.
The round caught the closer bear in the upper chest under the chin as he lunged over a log and he went down and fell backwards into the brush.
The Desert Eagle with 7 rounds of this ammunition, proper training on the weapon system, and a mag pouch with 14 more quickly accessible and useable rounds is the optimum. I will have a death grip and I won't even have a memory of the recoil or think twice about clearing a stoppage. It's really about coming home at the end of the day, not gambling on percentages of success or just carrying a pistol to carry a pistol.
When the season opens August 1, the rams are generally up high taking advantage of the cool breezes. I have a few Olight flashlights and they take a pretty good beating and have yet to have one fail on me. When holding a handgun, there is only one point of contact at the grip and it is held out in front of the shooter reducing stability and therefore accuracy, especially when duress, movement and follow-up shots are considered.
No complaints there because stripping & assembly is complicated and cleaning is time consuming.
The standard "lock slide, strip mag, work action, reload" works but that is something you don't want in an attack. Contact them by phone (706-647-2633) for information on weather, river conditions, and canoe rental. However if the bugs aren’t too bad they have no hesitation to go down into the scattered timber in some of our valleys and on some occasions stay there.
All things being equal, if there is a moderate to high possibility of a dangerous wildlife encounter it is best to consider a weapon such as a shotgun since this type of firearm is usually superior to a handgun with respect to these criteria. Maintenance is also a factor as the shotgun must be dried, cleaned and oiled thoroughly every night.
We started hearing the chopper just after the incident and were picked up a few minutes later. In these agencies it is likely that a shotgun is also made available should the risk of grizzly encounter be higher. Sprewell Bluff is accessible by driving to the end of Sprewell Bluff Road southwest of Thomaston.
In addition to various bridges crossing the Flint River, put in and take out access for canoes is also located at Sprewell Bluff State Park…. We are fortunate in that our population is scattered throughout our area and with the exception of one mountain range difficult to access. We tried to locate the shot bear in the brush but the rotor wash made it difficult to see anything. Stone sheep hunting is best in August as the days are longer and the mountain weather generally better then. The Conservation Officer Service was notified of this incident (See note at the end of this blog). We have successfully hunted them in October but you have to be a gambler to try your luck then.

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