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British teachers are using graphic books and cartoon images to teach children as young as five years old about sexual positions, prostitution, and “how mommy and daddy fit together,” according to a report released by the Christian Institute.
The report details what conservatives across Great Britain are calling a disturbing collection of books and online educational programs that contain explicit references to sex. Other publications encouraged primary-aged children to learn about anal intercourse, oral sex and prostitution. Justin Hancock, the editor of a website devoted to sex and relationship education for young people, defended the materials – but said he understood how parents could be upset. Hancock suggested the Christian Institute “cherry picks” examples that refer to sexual body parts and sexual acts. The Department of Education told The Telegraph that the books were not recommended by the government. The spokesman also said parents have the right to pull their children out of any sex education class – so long as the class is not mandated by law.
Fancy reading a great book app with the kids for Mother’s day if you are in the US or just a great time with the kids for all of us outside the US! Today the Drip Drops are planning an animal parade at the zoo and you’re invited to join them! This delightful interactive story explores the monster under a child's bed in a positive and silly way. 46 page comic - "The Canterbury Tales", a work by 14th-century English writer Geoffrey Chaucer, is one of the most important pieces of literature ever. Beyond appearances, friendship is the strongest.Discover the adventures of Max and Zoe, a beautiful story of friendship between a worm and a caterpillar. The Global Game Changers interactive app, for iPhone and iPad, brings to life the popular children’s book by mother-daughter writing team, Jan Helson & Rachel Annette Helson, and illustrated by Rachel Annette Helson, by engaging kids to Ignite Good!™ and make the world a better place with Global Girl and her sidekick, Little Big Heart. Thanks for your support - If you like our reviews, please support us and link to iTunes -App Store via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews.
Lulu in Polynesia is a top interactive story book app for both iPad and iPhone that will take your kids on a learning adventure trough Polynesia. The amusement park is open and now Pandy really wants to hop on the biggest roller-coaster in the universe.

Walter’s Flying Bus is a top and touching storybook apps that opens the door to dreams and brings to life the children of Uganda. Today for AppFriday we have 10 great book apps with a magical ebook to introduce kids to music - MusicMage; a storybook app for a visit to the zoo; A literature classic turned into a comic … and few more! It introduces young readers to music and helps them identify the different sounds and names of music notes while having fun reading and interacting with the wonderful creatures of Nisamere. Funny sounds, simple pictures and animations will capture your child's attention and help them understand that they are the ones in charge of that not so scary monster! Influential in so many ways, it was the first text to feature a wide range of believable characters. An odd little ant causes a lot of craziness in this very funny e-book that will leave beginning readers smiling.
At night, he dreams about the coolest machines and the most beautiful inventions of the world. If you liked our reviews, please support us and link to iTune via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews.
Enjoy a fun story with lots of fun interactive features at the amusement park with CosmoCamp: The Incredi-Ride! A chance for your kids to learn facts and various information about the country via a great journey, interactive games and activities. Through the Poison Patrol story and a collection of fun activities like Word Scramble, Tic Tac Toe, Word Find, Coloring and a Maze, the Danger Rangers teach children about common household poisons are and how to avoid serious injuries! Offers beautiful illustration from the children themselves, mini video documentary … and a story that you will want to read again and again. Created to help improve children's recall ability and working memory, this app has a simple story with delightful animations. Sometimes it helps to have someone remind us that we are all special in our own way, and sometimes, we just have to find out for ourselves.
But children between 2 and 6 are in a golden era of brain development when they are most responsive to musical learning. Kids will love to experiment all possible combinations (more than2000!) and play in an environment full of sounds, colors and interactions.

Preschoolers can help color a zebra, connect the dots to create a lion’s mane, match baby animals to their mothers and much more in this delightful interactive story. Characters with worldviews completely at odds with the times at that, and historians are still trying to figure out if Chaucer was perhaps an overlooked, brilliant satirist. This e-book includes three fun word games to help reinforce the phonics skills and sight words used in the story.
A great learning resource in both French and English joining Fun Educational Top Pick list! After a few twists and turns, Migo and Pandy will show him that friendship and teamwork make the rides even better! Its different musical components and subtle reader interactions make the story a nice addition to any interactive library.
Along the way he meets Hank, the little cricket with the big sound; together these friends take a journey that will test their courage, strength and leadership, and seal a lifelong friendship.
Our “Carnival of Animals” is not just an amusing interlude, it enables your children to explore music and learn about the animals and the world in an engaging way. Each activity reinforces an early learning concept such as counting, the alphabet, shapes and more in a fun and entertaining format!
But Wolfie is a slightly confused genius… So you have to help him build the craziest machine he ever invented: a laughing machine. CosmoCamp offers two learning levels designed to adapt the reading experience to the child’s age group (2-3 and 4-5 years old).
Simple and funny image spectrums which designed by experienced music teachers are like sheet music. This beautiful storybook is sure to delight young readers with its superb illustrations, stimulating interactions, funny tactile animations and educational narrative. Included within the text are samples of some of the world's greatest musical compositions from such composers as Vivaldi, Bach, Strauss, Brahms, and Rimsky-Korsakov.

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