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As the title of this post said, you should choose one of these JavaScript ebooks, or some ebooks to start learning if you are JavaScript (or Progamming) beginners. Yes, this is the first JavaScript ebook that I think you should begin; you do not need to have programming experience to learn this ebook.
This ebook released the 3rd edition; and you're able to learn how to take advantage of native JavaScript objects, manipulate objects and everything else to develop the interactive, robust, and personalized pages using JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to enhance a Web site with interactivity.
If you’re serious about web development, you have to be strong in Javascript programming. And Sams shall teach you all everything about the JavaScript programming language by easy-to-understand tutorials. This JavaScript ebook includes three parts, 15 chapters; give you one fully, friendly, solutions-oriented guide for JavaScript problems.
I'm sure this Top 10 Best JavaScript eBooks that Beginners should Learn will definitely help me..
Wrox also keeps the cd examples on their website so they're easy to get to when you need them.
There are content management systems available that make it easy for people who only know basic HTML but if you want to produce unique and fully functional websites that stand out among the rest, you have to learn javascript.The problem with Javascript is that unlike HTML, you won’t be able to learn it on your own just by looking at sample codes.
You need access to good javascript books, and you need the ones that are geared towards self-study. This unique book starts with key concepts, like the relationships between functions, objects, and closures, taught from the master’s perspective. Rather, it is the difficulty of finding the best javascript book out of the sea of available choices floating around. You’ll grow from apprentice to ninja as you soak up fresh insights on the techniques you use every day and discover features and capabilities you never knew about.
But first, why does one need to study javascript when there are more accessible programming languages out there?Why Program in Javascript?There are alternatives to javascript. In fact, dynamic webpages and web applications have existed long before javascript even became a thing. But if you want to stay relevant as a programmer, you have to learn javascript and be constantly updated. There are a number of perfectly good reasons why – first of which is the fact that it’s easy to get started. You’ll start with the basics of programming, and learn to use variables, control structures, functions, and data structures. If you have a web browser on your PC, you already have everything you need to program and test javascript on demand.Additionally, javascript programmers are in demand these days. If you want a constant stream of projects to come your way and be professionally employable, you want “javascript” to be included somewhere in your resume. If you develop sites or applications for the Web, this book is an absolute must.Head First JavaScript Programming by Eric T.
Chances are you’ll see javascript knowledge as one of the requirements.Lastly, it’s easy to learn javascript because there’s a wealth of learning materials available.
You won’t just be reading—you’ll be playing games, solving puzzles, pondering mysteries, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined. The fact that it’s easy to come by learning resources means that even though it’s not as easy to learn, javascript is still the ideal starting language. And you’ll write real code, lots of it, so you can start building your own web applications.
Some of these learning materials come in the form of a javascript tutorial, but the best ones come in the form of books, such as:Beginning Javascript Book Beginning Javascript is already in its 5th edition, which shows how popular it is.

Many chapters have been completely rewritten to bring them in line with today’s best web development practices. The book teaches practical coding techniques to beginners and veterans who need to brush up on their coding practices. VIEW BOOKPro JavaScript Techqniques Book Pro JavaScript Techniques is already in its 2nd edition and contains updated lessons on modern Javascript. The content assumes no previous programming experience, other than knowing how to create a basic web page in HTML & CSS.
It’s written for people still unfamiliar with the nuances of Javascript, but is designed specifically for experienced web developers who just need to know how powerful Javascript is and what the language can do for their websites. VIEW BOOKJavaScript and Jquery Web Development Book This book is a comprehensive javascript book that will help any beginner Javascript programming master the language from the ground up.
Full color illustrations help memory triggers as your brain never forgets an image, metaphor or schema. The book relies on gorgeous visual examples and easy to follow text instead of esoteric jargon. VIEW BOOKSams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours Book If the title isn’t clear enough, Sams Teach Yourself Javascript in 24 Hours is designed for complete beginners who have no prior experience with programming, much javascript. While it won’t turn someone into a master of the language, it does wonders as a primer for Javascript and can serve as the gateway to more complex programming languages, should the reader choose to study further.
The second part dives into the server, mobile development, and a plethora of leading-edge tools. VIEW BOOKReliable Javascript Book Reliable Javascript was not written for programmers who already know the ins and outs of Javascript, but it’s not for complete beginners either.
The target readers are those who already know a little bit of javascript and want to learn practical techniques and best practices in coding. The book will teach readers how to code more safely and produce robust applications using Javascript.
VIEW BOOKJavaScript & Jquery Best Book This is a beginner-centric book that covers basic javascript patterns, while also teaching readers how to save time by relying on jQuery and libraries of prewritten code. The book promises to teach complete novices how to build web pages that can be easily mistaken for full-fledged desktop apps. VIEW BOOKSpeaking JavaScript Book Axel Rauschmayer’s Speaking JavaScript is written by a veteran programmer who claims to understand where beginners are coming from, having experienced what it’s like to be a complete novice at Javascript as well. The book promotes brevity by providing both basic and advanced javascript tutorial using easy to understand instructions. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. VIEW BOOKCoding Javascript for Dummies Book This javascript book is part of the famous ‘For Dummies’ line of beginner’s books, which is known for taking complex disciplines or subject matters and condensing them to the point where they can be understood even by “dummies.” It tries to do the same with javascript coding, boasting that it can teach the language to someone who has no prior programming experience.
VIEW BOOKJavaScript for Kids Book This book goes beyond teaching Javascript to beginners, as it aims to teach the programming language to kids. Everything from the cover design to the text is lighthearted, with visual aids that help keep a young one’s attention even through some of the more difficult javascript patterns.
VIEW BOOKJavaScript Cookbook Book This Javascript book approaches the learning process in a unique way, as it presents many common tasks and challenges associated with modern Javascript programming much in the same way food is presented via a recipe.
The topics covered run the gamut – including JS objects, Ajax, Node, data persistence, and multimedia applications. I find that reading a printed book allows me to get away from the many disturbing elements constantly popping up on computers and tablets. VIEW BOOKLearn JavaScript Visually Book Learn JavaScript Visually was written by a veteran programmer who aims to buck the trend, by taking Javascript lessons that used to require 8 hours a day of constant coding to master and teaching it in a visual, practical way that cuts down the time it takes to learn and makes the entire experience fun.
Ebooks and podcasts are gaining a lot of popularity as well and you may find many of the books below in digital form and recorded up to date tips and tricks on JavaScript that will serve you well on the move.

VIEW BOOKHead First JavaScript Programming Book Head First Javascript Programming is a javascript book that tackles the fundamentals all the way to advanced topics and presenting them in a brain-friendly, fun way. I must admit that for reference lookup, e-books are much faster than going through the index in a printed book. The book achieves this by repackaging javascript tutorials as games, puzzles, and mysteries to be solved instead of relying on mundane programming formulae.
Most of the books I have included below are useful for beginners as they give a good introduction to the JavaScript language and also introduce the new concepts with useful examples. VIEW BOOKEloquent JavaScript Book Eloquent JavaScript does more than teach the language to fledgeling programmers – its true goal is to teach would-be javascript coders how to carefully craft lines of code and produce beautiful, easily-to-document, and optimized JS code.
Learning it in systematic and real manner also adds up advantage to your expertise.Here are some books I reviewed that are best for beginners and can help you big time.
The javascript tutorials in the book are comprehensive, starting from simple programs all the way to artificial life simulation.
There are tons of useful plugins available to get really cool and advanced solution rolled out with limited coding.
VIEW BOOKJavaScript Crash Course Book JavaScript: Crash Course is part of a series of programming books created by a group of IT professionals, with the end goal of providing knowledge in compliance with modern times’ new technology and breakneck pace.
This javascript book has an ambitious promise: it aims to teach a beginner how to program in Javascript in under 12 hours.
A few of the books should also be helpful for intermediate programmers to take it to the next level.A reader recently requested an update of this article, originally published in March 2010. You don’t have to be expert or well known about any programming language to read this book.
VIEW BOOKThe Principles of Object Oriented Javascript Book This book will be a little bit more interesting to javascript beginners who have past experience with older programming languages, as it frames javascript within the characteristics of traditional object-oriented language. This approach makes the language seem a little bit more complex than it really is, but has the benefit of showing just how powerful javascript is when mastered. This has impressive knowledge sharing tutorials that guides you through installing and utilizing jQuery framework.
Thomas’ Data Visualization with JavaScript is the perfect book for people who prefer to jump from chapter to chapter and browse random sections of a book as opposed to reading everything from cover to cover. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you).
Instead of a structured javascript tutorial, the book presents various sample code and javascript patterns that help readers visualize the nuances of the language.
I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. The first part is further sectioned into 22 chapters, teaching you all the JavaScript statements and syntax. The book is user-friendly and assumes no prior programming experience, but it does require the reader to have a computer at the ready so that he or she can learn by coding instead of relying purely on theory.
VIEW BOOKWith all the different javascript books provide above, there’s no reason why someone who wants to code in javascript can’t go ahead and self-study.
One important thing to note is that many of these books will work great in tandem, so feel free to purchase a couple or three and see where they take you. This is one of the best guides that cover all the sections you have in your dynamic website. Over time we have moved on to cover Blogging and SEO tips, Social Media, Computing tips, Web tips, Make Money Online tips, and apps reviews also on TGC to achieve our goal of making it a central information portal for geeks and general IT users.

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