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Many people think that Novels written by Indian Authors are not at par with the International standards, that they somehow lack the intellectual prose writing ability or lack of plot. Here is a list of Some of the best books by Indian Authors who are Internationally recognized for their work, some have won international accolades and some have even been in International bestselling Lists. This book was shortlisted for Man Booker Prize, it is Lahiri’s second novel and fourth book. The book is based in Calcutta, India, where two brothers Udayan and Subhash Mitra, who were really close and grew up together. The next part of the book deals with how Udayan’s extremism affected those around it, and how Subhash had to deal with the consequences of his brother’s choices. 15th August, 1947, at the stroke of Midnight, when one country was being divided in two parts, two boys were born, one rich and one poor.
The book traces life of Saleem’s family as India fights for Independence, gets Independence and deals with the Independence. Set in Bangalore, India, this is a story of Balram Halwai, who strives to survive poverty, casteism and corruption that is present in Modern India.
Written in the first person narrative, we get to witness the mind of a murderer in all its amoral, cynical, endearing but unrepentant glory. A novel describing how a poor villager reaches the peak of Indian business culture by the sheer power of his ambition. Written in easy English, this is a story of Raju, a tour guide who, by a twist of fate becomes spiritual guide against his wishes. In a small town of South India, Raju falls in love with Rosie, who is neglected by her husband Marco. This winner of John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in the year 1957, was written by Ruskin Bond when he was seventeen. The book is about a sixteen year old Anglo-Indian boy, Rusty, who lives in the quaint town of Dehradun.
This moving tale of love and friendship that plagues every young mind, as they struggle to understand the complexities of friendship, attraction and love. A debut novel by Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake, was originally published in The New Yorker as a Novella (i.e. The son grows up struggling not only with his unfortunate name, but also with his identity, as he tries to fit in in The United States with the traditional Indian family values.
Mahabharata is an Indian epic depicting the lives of the five Pandava Princes and the hundred Kaurava Princes.
Born from fire with a legacy of changing the course of history, this book is her take on the events that led up to and after the epic war of Kurukshetra. The God Of Small Things is the debut novel of Arundhati Roy, it took four years to compile.
Narrated in a third person perspective, strong themes like Indian History and Politics, class relations, cultural tensions, social disruption, forbidden love and betrayal are portrayed throughout the story.
How neighbors turned into blood thirsty enemies, and horror of the things surrounding them hits people and turns their lives upside down. Set in a quaint, fictional town of Malgudi in South India, each story deals with a facet of life from the lives of people living in Malgudi. From the sweets maker to the Teacher, Kids to elderly gentlemen, every story is intricately designed. ABOUT USBest On Internet is a content research organization, where we do aggressive content research to find best stuffs for our users.
The Indian in the Cupboard is an enchanting tale about a Native American toy that comes to life and befriends the boy Omri. This series follows a family with five children ranging from 4-12 who also happen to be amateur sleuths. Nate the Great is a series of children’s detective stories, and also the name of the main character in those stories. The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a classic tale of clashing cultures, adapting to new circumstances, and the danger of making assumptions about people.
This book featuring a mouse and four stories of his adventures received a warm reception when it was published in 2004. The Adventures of Brer Rabbit is a charming book with a very classic, beautiful style in its illustrations. These autobiographical books follow the life of Laura Ingalls from the age of five through the first four years of her marriage to Almanzo Wilder.
This book received a warm reception when it was published in 1900 but faded in to the background after, not discussed much among children’s lit circles.
This book is a satirical realistic fiction work about a Greg Heffley and his experiences in middle school.
The year of its publication in 1964 the New York Times named Harriet the Spy as one of the “Year’s Best Juveniles”. This simple story about childhood centers on the beauty of the relationship between a girl and her dog. This book won widespread recognition among critics taking home a Newbery Medal, the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction, and the Golden Kite Award, all in 1986, which is also the year of its initial publication.
This is a novel about a girl names Sal coping with her mother leaving after having a mental breakdown due to the death of her younger sibling. This Newbery Medal winning novel was published in 1961 and is considered one of the great classics of children’s literature. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. BEST YOUNG ADULT FICTION OF 2014 THE GHOSTS OF HEAVEN BY MARCUS SEDGWICK (INDIGO) Marcus Sedgwick's beguiling novel about human longing, The Ghosts of Heaven, contains four separate stories. With a country as diverse as ours, it's no surprise that there are hundreds and hundreds of stories from every language, place and culture, but sadly, we hardly hear about them, let alone read them.
Set in rural Karnataka, this epic Kannada novel by Kuvempu takes us back to feudal times in the 1930s. Known in the original Bengali as Sei Samay, Those Days is set in the 19th century and spins a tale around the 1857 revolt, the Bengal Renaissance and two wealthy families whose lives are interwoven. Translated from Urdu, this collection of short stories is full of evocative tales and dreamlike settings. Tamas, translated from Hindi, deals with the difficult and complex subject of Partition with sensitivity and fairness. This incredible novel written in the 1960s is Ananthamurthy's best-known work and was made into an extremely popular film as well. This epic historical novel in five volumes is one of the best-known Tamil novels and has a cult following.
One of the wittiest writers India has seen, Basheer wrote in Malayalam in an uncomplicated style, disregarding grammar and favouring more realistic, colloquial language, that made him extremely popular both in Malayalam as well as in translation. Translated from Tamil by Lakshmi Holmstrom, this collection of short stories by Ambai (the pen-name of C.S. This was a debut novel of Veena C and still is one of the best romantic novels based on Indian characters. This novel revolves around the story of a highly successful man Sanjay, from Chennai, who achieves everything he wants in life. Then one fine day, while staying back in India, on 14th Feb, which is the romantic day of lovers, he finds Gayatri. This novel is simply a mixture of comedy and romance and has been written in a typical bollywood style. His Lady Luck doesn’t favour him in the beginning part of the story as he has to struggle a lot through his career as a script writer in a comics industry.

Finally, he spends much of his time winning the heart of her father so that he gives a nod for their marriage. First of all, this story is based on the life of author’s real brother Benoy Roy, which makes this story really interesting. Satyapal Chandra and Nazia Tasneem present a touching story of two innocent hearted, ambitious B.Tech students. The author, Nikita Singh has very boldly crafted the issues related to relationships and presented them from the point of view of a girl, actually a grown up girl. Sudeeep Nagarkar takes us from the busy metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Delhi to the impressive natural scenery of Manali. If you are really a person who gives much importance to love and friendship, then you should go for this novel. Whats Trending Now in Books is a website dedicated to capture the latest trends in Books and EBooks in each genre. After completing their school, both get admitted to different colleges, but as the colleges are near to their home, they continue to stay together.
Udayan ends up as a part of the Naxalite group and becomes very passionate about the movement.
The ups and downs of his life and that of his family is traced along with that of incidences happened in India.
Marco hates that Rosie should dance, but encouraged by Raju, Rosie starts her career as a dancer.
They discover that it is the small things and incidences that make a huge impact on people’s lives. The book differs from others of its time in a way that instead of recounting just the political events, Singh dug a little deeper and focused on human dimensions.
People from both sides had to leave everything they knew to travel to another country, praying that they reach their side safely. And each character has a different social standing and lookout, thus showing not just one person’s understanding, but how things escalated on a more social level. The books take place in the family’s hometown, and on occasion abroad in other towns around the country when the family goes on vacation. Dick Park, son of a Pony Express rider, Katy Kelly, daughter of a way station master, and Little Bear, a native american boy that lives in the area. It carries many mature lessons about human dignity, spoiled children, abuse, and the human yearning for freedom, even if often it is at the expense of some comfort. The protagonist, Kit, is a strong minded woman that moves to a land where that’s viewed with suspicion.
The praise culminated in the book winning the 2004 Newbery Medal, and not long after it was made into a feature film. They are a charming coming of age story and a rare, incredible look into the experience of average folk trying to make a life for themselves on the frontier. Indeed even after the hubbub surrounding the incredibly popular movie the books were mostly ignored. During the story the kids bring out the best in each other, together they discover new sides of themselves. The book is classic children’s literature has won multiple awards including the coveted Newbery Medal and was runner up for the Hans Christian Anderson Award. The book is a great story about how even if you don’t have much, great friends and pets can make up for a lack of material possessions.
Frisby needs help, this widowed field mouse’s house is about to be destroyed by the farmer’s plow. On a long car trip with her grandparents her grandmother (Gram) asks her to tell stories about her and her friend Phoebe’s (who had also recently lost her mother) adventures.
Island of Blue Dolphins follows the story of a girl named Karana and is based on a true story of a Native American girl named Juana Maria who lived alone for eighteen years stranded on one of the channel islands off the California coast in the mid 19th century.
You no longer have an excuse for that, though, as we did some digging and found that there are plenty of translations available.
What follows is a story of love and longing in a time where it was harder to keep in touch than any of us can understand today.
A feudal landowner is becoming more demanding, while his spirited third wife wreaks havoc in the household, and his nephew brings in modern ideas influenced by the freedom movement to the fiercely traditional village.
Combining romance, history and nationalism, this is one novel that truly captures the period it was set in.
Naiyer Masud was long considered a brilliant writer in Lucknow, and this translation introduces his inimitable style to those who can't read Urdu.
Sahni tells the story from different perspectives rather than a single protagonist's point of view, and shows the violence of Partition as being more than just religiously motivated, and being rooted in several factors. Set in an orthodox Brahmin community, it deals with the entrenched caste system in that society and its difficult relationship with modern values and culture.
It follows the story of Arulmozhivarman, who is later crowned as Rajaraja Chola I, and is a historical fiction written with great skill. Translated from Bengali, these are some of his best short stories, the most famous of which is perhaps The Cabuliwallah. The story of this novel is based on the fact that even if you are completely shattered, it is love which can bring you up and help you to fight all your internal and external fears that cause you trouble. However, fate has a big speed breaker in store for his happy smiles, which get shattered along with his American dream. She gradually takes his life back on track and returns him the smiles and joy which were temporarily taken from him. Kshitish Padhy, the author has tried to portray a fun loving ambitious but kinda stupid guy Ritwik as the main character. Nevertheless, he fails again and again, thus, filling this story with small twists and fun.
Although the story has some erotic scenes, overall it is a good read especially for women folk who are in a relationship. He presents the tale of two lovers Aditya and Riya and the challenge their love has to face to stand against the test of time. The characters have been well presented and their glamorous medical world is awesomely portrayed. It has everything that is needed in a typical love story: An awesome plot, a simple narration, a usual guy who is forced to go for engineering course, a beautiful smart girl, cheating in love, break-ups, twists and turns, and a good ending.
Starting with Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend, we are going to monitor and blog about new book releases.
But Subhash does not share his passion, and chooses to move to America for further studies. And so Saleem Sinai, born to a poor household, finds himself growing up in a big household, even Prime Minister Nehru sent him a letter congratulating him on his birth. Each of the children is a different archetype so most kids will have somebody to relate to, and look up to in this series.
The fast moving adventure story covers how the Pony Express worked, and the challenges of keeping the mail moving fast.
Above all this book is about living in another person’s shoes, and being considerate of other people, as well as the value of telling somebody what you truly think even if it might be hurtful to them. She’s not superstitious but the people in her new puritan town in late 17th century Connecticut are very superstitious. These stories have heart and will serve as a great introduction for children to high adventure. The television show Little House on the Prairie varied in its faithfulness to the books, but nonetheless won the hearts of audiences.

At one point in the 50s the director of Detroit’s library system even banned the book saying it had “ no value” to children and supported negativism and cowardice.
While the book is comprised of short stories, they all center on family, two children spend several summer vacations with their grandmother in rural Illinois and the experiences they have. This book may serve as one of the first deep examination of the concept of death for many children.
The book centers on a girl whose father has gone missing while working on a secret government project.
Greg deals with problems that face many children, particularly relationship problems with family and friends during the middle school years.
The book also has a theme running together about the dual nature of sweetness and sadness, and how they often accompany one another during life.
Jacob, the father, lost his first wife during childbirth, and finds managing the farm by himself to be too much. She seeks the help of the rats of NIMH a society of lab rats that managed to escape from a lab at the National Institute of Mental Health and developed a literate and technological society. As the road trip progresses Sal and her grandparents meet new people, experience new places, have their own adventures and make their own special memories. There are some differences between the book and the real life events, for instance in the book Karana is stranded with her brother while in the real life events Juana Maria was completely isolated. Read on to know about the best of Indian writing in native languages, translated into English.
This skilful translation by Aruna Chakravarti gives us the essence of the author's original text perfectly. There are also several other characters, both historical and fictional, who make appearances in the books. Tagore's short stories are lovely and simple, and appeal to children as well as adults.
It follows the story of a poor farmer in pre-Independence India whose great ambition is to own a cow, and the repercussions in his extended family once he manages to buy one. Ambai's stories typically are typically centred around women and have strong feminist undertones, and this collection is no different. Don't get her started on the English Reformation or the French Revolution, or she'll never stop talking. However, the Indian Literature is stuffed with romance and emotions which are enjoyed much all over the world. They explore the unseen lives and many secrets together until all of a sudden Umrao disappears.
Although there is some violence associated with the characters, it adds the charm to the overall emotional outlook of the book. While Saleen, born in a rich household, finds himself in the poorest of the poor households. The story revolves around Calcutta, Boston and New York to explore a range of human emotions. The story follows their adventures, and the time they spending getting to know each other, Omri caring for Little Bear who can be quite demanding.
The stories don’t just follow Despereaux, some of them focus on other characters, and use them to help build the world. However despite harsh criticism and general indifference from the children’s lit set, this series continues to capture the imaginations of children generation after generation. The grandmom is quite a character and her antic include everything from entering pie competitions to illegal fish trapping. That intense content has made the book the target of banning crusades, it was one of the most challenged books of 1990-2000. The book features a vivid cast of characters including the girl’s athletic older brothers and genius younger brother (sometimes capable of reading minds). His creative solutions to these relationship issues usually end up blowing up in his face with quite hilarious results.
The story of a girl who spies on everybody, takes notes, and whose life ambition is to be a spy is one that children love.
This Newbery Medal winning story deals with everything from the formation of new friendships and relationships, to grief, loss, coming of age, and cultural identity. The story provides the reader with a better understanding of both Native American culture, the abuses of natives perpetrated by european traders and settlers, in addition to being an incredible story of personal strength, and the will to survive.
A tale of exploitation and discrimination (both caste- and gender-based), Godaan, apart from being a moving and evocative story, is also believed to express Premchand's political views.
From the wonder of childhood discoveries to the pain that comes with being an adult alone in a foreign place, a range of emotions and situations are covered in her short stories. Here is a list of top 10 Romantic novels in English language (by Indian authors) and a little description about each of them. In the end, after finding Little Bear a bride, Omri decides to send the whole cast of toys back to their original time (when plastic in this world the toys are alive in their own time) and resolves not to bring them back, until, that is, the sequel which was published in 1985. As for influence, some have theorized that the character Rosamund, both in the way she was drawn and the description of her as just, “strange” was the inspiration of the advertising and graphic novel character Emily the Strange but this has never been substantiated.
She also does several minor things that anger influential people within the community and is eventually accused of witchcraft herself. Children will learn the value of judging people based on their individual qualities rather than outward appearance. While the version from the late 1800s later received some criticism for racist overtones, the modern incarnation of the stories retain all the charm but have been updated for mirror the progress that has been achieved in the mid to late 20th century.
The books even inspired a 26 episode Japanese animated series called Laura, the Prairie Girl. These charming stories of summer escape and adventures are some of the best you can find and kids will eat them up.
The book has gained worldwide recognition, becoming a staple in english classroom and a favorite of two generations of children, and likely many more to come. The book plays with the basics of quantum physics and time travel using simple prose to engage children and not fly straight over their heads. Diary of a Wimpy Kid was embraced almost immediately upon publication due to its wit and charm, it was adapted for the silver screen almost immediately.
The book also teaches interesting life lessons about how your words and actions can hurt other people, and in turn cause them to want to hurt you. Sarah answers the ad, and moves west from Maine to meet the family and see if they’re a good fit. The plot becomes deeper and more intricate as the story progresses, but is told simply enough that children can follow it. This adventure tale captures the romance of the old west, and features one of America’s great innovations, a great experiment in fast, efficient, cross continent communication in an age when such communication was slow and unreliable at best. It also shows what happens when you humble yourself and ask your friends for forgiveness, and maybe tell a white lie or two to soothe their feelings. This tale of love and loss was also adapted for the stage and became a very successful off-broadway one act children’s musical. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH has two sequels and in 1982 was released as a major motion picture called The Secret of NIMH.

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