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This is very famous and free online dictionary that provides definitions, spell check, word origins, etc. It is being updated continuously, so you’ll never fall much far behind in keeping up with the ever-surfacing language.
Launched in 2010, Pronunciation Book is a YouTube channel, which posts American English pronunciations for a broad range of works, celebrity names, and pop culture terms. Even if you are an English teacher, sometimes you feel that it is good to ask a native speaker for the right pronunciation of a word.
This is such type of a tool that provides clue of how easy text is to read, with the Coleman-Liau, Gunning-Fog, Flesch-Kincaid, SMOG and Automated Readability scoring systems. This title, published as a part of the popular Oxford Word Skills series, will enable students to develop their vocabulary. Word Power Made Easy And 30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary by Norman Lewis is a two volume set that deals with English words and their proper usage while speaking or constructing a sentence.
Word Power Made Easy is the first book in this set, and it helps the reader in avoiding certain common mistakes especially illiterate expressions. This is the entrancingly entertaining yet amazingly effective guide that shows you how to know the meaning of words that you have never seen or heard before, learn the history of words so that they come alive for you, master an invaluable and permanent technique of word-viewing within 30 days.
This edition of Longman Language Activator, which is bigger than the earlier version, covers over 850 important words that are arranged together based on concepts and meanings.
The book takes a word, provides more related or similar words, and also shows how to use the word in phrases and sentences.
The book with CD provides over 2,000 words and expressions, presented in comprehensive and relatable contexts and examples.
30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary is a reference guide that is designed to help students of the English language with their grammar and vocabulary.
As the technology is growing, English is playing a vital role in almost every sector from medical to engineering, from education to agriculture, etc. The moment we think of learning and improving our English, different ideas come in our mind like to hire a teacher, to join spoken English institute, to read Spoken English book, to take an online course, and so on.
Here, immediately find precise and broad definitions, word meanings, and hear audio pronunciations. At top of the website, seven headings are provided, out of which first is Dictionary and then comes Thesaurus. One can subscribe to their newsletter and obtain an American, English or urban word of the day in their inbox.
Readability Score is a helpful tool in learning more on how to utilize English efficiently.
The large selection of grammar points in the Intermediate book is suitable for students of all levels above elementary, either to learn more or to review. In academic exams, job exams, interviews and in many other places, a good skill of English vocabulary is necessary as English is a very important language next to your mother tongue.
It contains chapters like insulting or flattering enemies and friends, talking about various professions, successfully discussing science and scientists, describing actions effectively and so on. It contains more than a thousand idioms and phrasal verbs that are used in day-to-day contexts. This book guides beginners in understanding when to use specific words, how to pronounce it and spell it correctly. This book also promises to improve one’s confidence, job skills and educational performance.
A total of hundred colourful and bright units cover a wide range of topics, with two pages dedicated to each unit. We cannot find any field where English is not included.People speak English language wherever they are. Sometimes, you have to come across several odd sayings, idioms, and slang that will baffle you, though English is your first language – that’s where Online Slang Dictionary comes in. The words are pre-recorded independently and this is not in a type of synthetic speech; thus, one can hear the American and the British pronunciation of the words with a clear voice.
With Readability Score, you can take any portion of your writing, paste it in, and then the website will scrutinize your words as per various readability tests.
It is for those who aspire to learn and practice idioms, verbs and prepositions that will in turn help them speak and write naturally in English.
This book has been created not just as a guidebook but also a comprehensive reference list.

All one has to do is sit with the book everyday for fifteen minutes and complete the tests and exercises provided. The 200 Greek and Latin roots discussed in this book, while only a fraction of those that exist, have produced the largest number of common English words used today. This dictionary shows how one of these words with similar meanings may sound correct in a particular context or phrase, and why the other may not sound apt. Topics like People and Relationships, Work and Study, Travel, and The Environment, are used to explain the new words and exhibit them in a working example. From India to Pakistan, from China to Netherland, if you don’t know the native language of a place then English language is the common medium to communicate. There are several free online resources you can use to improve the quality of your English knowledge and speedily advance your proficiency.
This tool helps students greatly as now they need not to use the hardbound dictionary in their classroom to assist with their papers and schoolwork in the classroom. Moreover, the site has many good features including “Word of the Day”, games and tools to build your vocabulary, and explanations of the history behind words. Here, you will get above 24,000 real definitions for more than 16,000 slang words and phrases. Some of their unique features consist of usage and vulgarity stats, and maps displaying where every word is used. Pronunciation Book has numerous videos on how to pronounce specific words, and these videos are divided into categories such as alphabet, everyday phrases, days of the week, prepositions, and so on. With more than 160,000 entries, you’re more probable than not to search the words you require. The Fleisch-Kincaid Reading Ease test is the major formula used, which will depict, on a scale of 0 – 100, how trouble-free it is to read your writing. Learning to improve English vocabulary constitutes words, formation of words, origin of words, usage of words etc. This work also helps remove any outdated references and provides a more up-to-date list of idioms. Knowledge of these root words helps you retain the meanings of the new words presented in the book and enables you to understand the meanings of words you encounter elsewhere.
An entire unit has been dedicated to the various aspects of vocabulary learning, and one for word types and WORD formations. You only need a computer with internet access, then go to some English learning websites and teach yourself without paying a penny. Hosted by Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl is determined to eradicate bad grammar, as well determined to make the procedure as trouble-free as possible.
On the other hand, Pronunciation Manual is a channel with absurdly incorrect pronunciations that appear similar to the videos from Pronunciation Book. Based on your grip of the English language, you should able to tailor your words as per your audience. Some of them give complex explanations of grammar (I use this if I need to explain something in great detail, for example). With the skills of English vocabulary, you can better English, you can speak in the correct way and you can use the language like a master. Once the origin of the word is explained, a lot of similar words sharing the same origin are introduced.
It also puts together important expressions and phobia terms and more, which are essential for today’s day and age. Check out here some best free English learning online tools, which are able to take your English writing and speaking from average to great in an effectual, competent way. A dictionary will assist you with basic vocabulary, definitions, and spelling while thesaurus will assist you to increase a basic knowledge of English into more refined realms. The thesaurus is structured into hierarchical topics, allowing you drill down for particular meanings, or take a step back for a broader outlook. If you have a well-built grasp of English but desire to push yourself ahead of the mistakes that most people make, then this tool is best for you.
Some of them give grammar points or exercises designed to be used in a group, or in a class setting. This technique is useful in remembering a lot of words, as they are related by a common source which serves as a mnemonic. It’s important in global market place is very high.As much as the popularity of smart phones is increasing, importance of English language is also increasing.

Grammar Girl makes difficult grammar questions easy with memory tricks to assist you recall and apply those disturbing grammar rules. Just enter the word that you would like to hear the pronunciation or browse the word from their library.
Textbooks used in classes aren’t meant for self-study, and usually need a teacher to guide you. If you want to learn English without any cost and with your ease and priority, you can learn with your Smartphone. This book, however, is clear, to the point, and gives simple exercises suitable for individual learners. BusuuBusuu is fun and easy app for learning English by which you can learn a new language by just giving a few minutes a day.
You do not, for instance, have to read large blocks of text to understand how the grammar works.What makes it the best English grammar bookEnglish Grammar in Use is clear and concise. This provides comprehensive audio learning material with videos and photos with a lot of lessons for vocabulary practice.Click Here to download Busuu Android AppClick Here to download Busuu App for iOS2.
Each page is a lesson on its own – I often use a single page from this book as part of an English lesson. It gives many interesting and creative ways to understand the meaning of any word so that you can remember it later.
This makes it effective for me as a teacher and for students who would like to use it on their own.
It has user deigned interface by which you can interact with other learners that see how they are learning the same things that you are learning in different ways.There are almost 30 lessons ranges from simple to high level. This also gives the ability to keep track what you have learnt.Click here to download Memrise App for AndroidClick here to download Memrise App for iOS3. DuolingoDuolingo teaches many languages apart from English like Chinese, Russian, polish and many more. However, the best grammar book in general is the Intermediate version, available here, as students of all levels can use it. Even advanced learners can use the book for practice, as the English grammar exercises are a good method for revision.The books are also available in other languages, though you will have to check locally for availability. I am aware of Spanish (pictured left) and Japanese editions, for instance.As a teacher, I find this English grammar book invaluable. Rosetta StoneThis is one of the best language learning software where you can easily and quickly learn English online. FluentUFluentU uses the natural scenario so that learners can learn English quickly and easily. It makes use of real videos like news, inspirational talks and commercial news so that you can learn how to speak in the real life.
It uses flashcards to learn English so that you can understand the meaning and can learn how to make sentences with those specific words. This app has the unique feature to recommend real text based on the vocabulary that you chose and article that you want to read. Advanced English tenses: Get a deep and flexible understanding of English tenses today - find out more here.
Master word order: Learn excellent sentence structure fundamentals - available in print and eBook formats. VoxyIf you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Voxy is just one of the most suitable apps for you.
It gives a whole set of predefined template that how a word should be pronounced and let you to  learn the correct pronunciation of any word which is one of the essential and primary step of English learning.Click here to download Listen and Speak app for AndroidClick here to download Listen and Speak app for iOS10. English Level checkerAs the name of this app implies, this app lets you to know about your position in the field of learning English. She is a passionate blogger, technology lover, plays chess, likes to express her views via blog and is music lover. She is blogging since 2011 and has contributed a number of great articles to the internet.Latest posts by Alka Saha (see all) Most Important Design Factors for Game Designers - August 7, 2016 The Importance of Web Development - August 3, 2016 Why is My Computer Making a Grinding Noise?
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