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Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Created by teachers who teach with thebest children's booksevery day in their own classrooms! Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky follows the story of a young girls named Cassie who retraces the steps escaping slaves took on the real Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman as her guide.
Nothing But Trouble follows the story of Althea Gibson, the first African American ever to compete in and win the Wimbledon Cup.
Written by Martin Luther King III, this memoir gives an inside look into one of this nation's most beloved leaders. Born in 1766 Liverpool to a family of linen merchants, Hannah was barely a teenager when her father died.  She inherited his Dissenting faith and a small fortune from him and from her uncle, but she also derived from them and from her mother a commitment to education and welfare, the vocation to help the poor, and an interest  in medicine. She acquired at boarding school in London not only a wide education, a love of reading and of the countryside, but also a circle of radical friends, writers, and reformers, who encouraged her to make the most of her abilities.  In Liverpool before her marriage, she shone in the society of the local liberal intelligentsia. Like many Dissenters in Manchester in the 1790s, she felt under attack for her religious and political views, and her support for the Irish added to the climate of suspicion and anxiety which she had to endure. Though frequently suffering from ill-health, she found time to make her home a meeting place for writers, academics, and travellers.
The second series of Channel 4's The Mill, is currently airing and will continue with episode 2 on 27 July at 8:00pm. If there was anything to distinguish the summer of 1914 from any other it was the exceptional heat.
In its 8 July issue, there was a ripple of concern over the news that in Sarajevo, the heir to the Austrian Empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, had been assassinated along with his ‘brave wife’.
By the end of July, ‘Gay and Glorious Goodwood … the last great gathering of society swallows before dispersing to the sea, the stream and the moors, or the cure’ marked the end of the Season. Due to being a weekly magazine, The Tatler was at a disadvantage when it came to reporting immediate news and when Britain declared war on Germany at midnight on 4 August, the Wednesday issue had already gone to press.
The previous week, the same columnist had written about the current shortage of men in the Regular Army, ‘should any national emergency come suddenly upon this country.’ The next week, a photograph of the baby son of the Duke and Duchess of Brunswick (the daughter of the Kaiser) was published with the news that he, and any future children, would be styled ‘Highness’ and designated a Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This was the world of The Tatler and The Sketch; a world of ballrooms and bazaars, duchesses and debutantes, royal babies, engagements, marriages, fashions from Paris and polo at Hurlingham. Lucinda Gosling works at historical specialist, Mary Evans Picture Library and is the author of Great War Britain, a fascinating, at times amusing and uniquely feminine perspective of life on the home front during the First World War.
Each summer a small and glamorous part of the 1930s comes back to life, recreating magic from an era long past. Giffords Circus will be at Yellow Lighted Bookshop, Hobbs House Bakery Nailsworth on Friday 8th August from 11am signing copies their new book, Giffords Circus: the First Ten Years. Wigston, in the heart of tranquil Leicestershire, was transformed from a peaceful existence in August 1914 as war clouds swept across the skies of Europe.
Roger Hansford is the author of Fawley’s Front Line which investigates the changing role of the fire brigade and celebrates the dedication of fire crews on the Waterside over the last century.  It traces how the fire appliance was developed through this period, and adapted for specialist roles in the area. This week's update features the white glove myth, the prisoners of war who grew 33,000 lettuces and a lot of First World War news.
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Teach your children about the history and meaning of Thanksgiving with these wonderful Thanksgiving books. Your preschoolers will love learning about the history of Thanksgiving and the journey of the pilgrims to America in this book. This book tells the story of the pilgrims' dangerous voyage to America, first harsh winter and amazing first Thanksgiving feast. With a message about being grateful, this book for preschoolers takes the emphasis off the pilgrims and the Thanksgiving feast, and puts it on giving thanks. This fact-filled book for elementary schoolers answers an assortment of questions about the pilgrims' journey, the Thanksgiving feast and their first year in America. Aimed at children 5 years old and up, this Thanksgiving book tells the story of Squanto and how it came about that he learned English and was living in the exact place where the pilgrims landed. This is the story of how the first Thanksgiving came to be, vividly told with color illustrations and easy-to-read for Level 3 readers.
This wonderful book shows your child just what it was like to be a pilgrim child living in 17th-century Massachusetts.
With spectacular photographs taken during reenactments at Plymouth Plantation, this engaging book tells the Thanksgiving story from the view of both the English colonists and the Wampanoag people. Geared toward children ages 10 and up, this book delves into the history of Thanksgiving and discusses many of the Thanksgiving traditions that we celebrate today. This 80-page book aims to enrich your family's awareness about the history of Thanksgiving, God's role in that history and the importance of gratitude. After a dangerous journey across the ocean, the passengers on the Mayflower were helped by the natives they encountered in the Plymouth region. All that "history stuff" happened so long ago that it can be hard for kids to see its importance or relate to the people.
I strongly believe that if you want to know where you are going, you need to know where you're from.
Throughout their journey Aunt Harriet describes the railroad in the sky and retraces her route to freedom. With it's flowing poetry and stunning illustrations, I Too, Am America serves as a reminder to all Americans that we are united despite our differences. In addition to the historical significance of Gibson's story, this book also proves that even "troublemakers" can aspire to be great, and that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. On her way to school, a young girl named Marcie embarks on a magical bus ride where she meets Rosa Parks and learns about the bus ride that changed America. As she feared, her freedom to enjoy this life must come to an end when she married; and her first months of marriage to Samuel Greg came as a profound shock. Bessy, who married the son of her Liverpool friends the Rathbones, became a famous reformer and leader of education, housing and urban reform in that city. He has been writing about Quarry Bank, Styal since 1978, specialising in the famous Greg family.  Prior to joining the National Trust as regional director he was museum director at Quarry Bank Mill, Styal.
The series is set during rural-industrial England during the 1830s, the gritty drama follows the workers and unpaid apprentices at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire as they slave away at their 12-hour shifts. As the mercury rose, The Tatler magazine’s staff worked through the suffocating temperatures.

Under the heading, ‘Flutter and unrest in the diplomatic circle of the near eastern powers’, a page of pictures showed  various ministers and ambassadors flitting from embassy to embassy in London. Not far from The Tatler offices in Milford Lane, off the Strand, were those of The Sketch magazine, in Great New Street, on the north side of Fleet Street. His uncle, described as ‘our very friendly Crown Prince, the Kaiser’s heir,’ was pictured at a tennis tournament in Zoppot. Elsewhere, The Sketch ran a page of pictures on the lavish party held by Mrs Keiller, aka the artist Doll Phil-Morris, at her home, No.
As the country’s social compasses, they reported on the smartest functions and the cream of society, casting a spotlight on those who had talent, influence, pedigree, power or simply a pretty face. Evoking a tradition common in the English countryside before the arrival of radio, cinema and television, since 2000 Giffords Circus has delighted fans from far and wide with good old-fashioned entertainment, complete with acrobats, jugglers, horses, magic, puppeteers, dancers and comedy. This village, the home of farming folk and framework knitters, suddenly witnessed its young men leaving, in vast numbers, to answer the call of King and Country. It's the perfect choice for teaching your little ones about giving thanks for our blessings. Photographs of historical reenactments and lively text pull the young reader into this historical period in time.
As a mother, I now get to relive the excitement of learning about some of our nation's black heroes again. However, taking charge in his family home in King Street, she soon  became a gifted hostess, a strong and intelligent supporter in his business, and a mother, bearing him 13 children.  Though well aware of the iniquity of the slave trade – she had some friends and family who were both implicated in it and others who were campaigners against it - she could not voice her opposition to it while Samuel retained his inherited plantations. Robert, the son who took on the management of the business empire, the estates and even the slave plantation in Dominica, fought for the reform of the franchise, a causes dear to his mother’s heart. But it was one story of many, given as much space as the forthcoming boxing match between the French idol Georges Carpentier and ‘Gunboat’ Smith or the tragic death of Sir Denis Anson, who had fallen overboard and drowned in the Thames during a nocturnal riverboat party, also attended by Lady Diana Manners and the eldest son of the Prime Minister, Raymond Asquith. In its Small Talk section, At Wimbledon, the American Norman Brookes had beaten four times  champion, the dashing Anthony Wilding, to win the championship while Mrs Lambert Chambers slugged her way to a seventh victory beating Mrs Larcombe in the ?nal. The Sketch was a friendly rival and senior by eight years (launched in 1893; The Tatler in 1901).
Greater demands were placed upon those who remained as the factories and farms responded to the needs of a wartime nation. The following are some of my favorite children's books that explore these heroes and their service to American history. He went further, championing the Repeal of the Corn Laws and becoming an MP.  William and Samuel, the youngest sons, started out as brilliant idealists, but setbacks in their business lives tempered their enthusiasm for reform.
The Tatler ran photographs of the two ‘Titans of Tennis’ exhibiting remarkably similar jaw lines. It also had the newly mature Princess Mary as its cover girl on 5 August, and its enthusiasm for girls in bathing costumes was even greater, with four whole pages of comely bathing belles shared with readers. The theme of a Venetian masquerade required everyone to dress in masks and eighteenth-century gowns, and her commitment to authenticity led her to ?ood the terrace of her garden to replicate the Grand Canal and have a miniature Bridge of Sighs constructed to traverse the water. A unique presence was the Glen Parva Barracks, the Regimental Depot of The Leicestershire Regiment, where tens of thousands of recruits and conscripted men received their basic training to prepare them for war. There were the usual preoccupations and highlights of that time of year – speech day at Harrow; centenary cricket at Lord’s attended by the King, and Children’s Day at the exclusive Ranelagh club.
The Royal Horse Show a few weeks previously had been disrupted by protests, and museums and galleries were closing their doors to visitors in fright because of the potential damage that might be wreaked by the troublemakers. Cochrane, Whiteway’s famous Devon Cyders, Colgate’s Talc Powder available in violet and cashmere bouquet (‘delightful after bathing in the sea’) and the Casino at Dieppe reminded potential customers that it was just five hours from London.
Ostend, ‘Queen of the Sea-Bathing Resorts’, in Belgium was publicised as easily accessible by motor car from Paris or Brussels. The sensational murder trial of Madame Caillaux in Paris, accused of killing the editor of Le Figaro, was the talk of smart society, while the equally sensational ‘ravishing’ Russian Ballet was performing at Drury Lane.

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