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I can only speak for myself, but I want to tell you why I like to read series, and why I like to write them. But anyway, when I began Daughter, it was in a rush of wild writerly joy such as I had never experienced, it wasn't like I sat down and outlined a series arc across several books, with some idea of a multi-book contract and launching a franchise, rubbing my hands greedily and thinking, ha ha HA!
If everyone waited for a series to be complete before reading it, it would never be completed.
And, unlike JRR Tolkien, authors do not generally have the luxury of completing an entire series before it begins to see the light of publication.
Yes, I was going to point out what Laura said, that Tolkien wrote one book which the publisher then split up.I love series. Haha, when I first read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I did not know it was book 1 in a series.
I can completely identify with the feeling that an idea's simply too big to be contained within one book - it happens every time I think of a new book idea!
My friend gave me Daughter of Smoke and Bone for my birthday last year; I hadn't heard anything about it and neither had she, so I dove into the book completely unaware that it was the first of a trilogy, and that I was setting myself up for years of anguish and agony, haha! I thought readers complaining about how long George RR Martin takes to write A Song of Ice and Fire were very unreasonable.
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The reason is the same, and it's very simple and exactly what you would expect: some stories are just too big to be a single book. For some readers, it isn't the issue of a series, per se, but a series that is not yet complete. I gotta say, the reading experience that is more precious in my heart, and more entwined in my life -- not necessarily because I love the books more, though I do love them -- is Harry Potter, because I was there every step of the way. I mean, now would be nice too, but really, this experience of being part of the journey as a series is first published, it's a fleeting thing that feels long in the process but really isn't (unless we're talking about George RR Martin, and I defy anyone to find fault with the time he takes to write those massive and complex tomes). It's perversely gratifying, OF COURSE, that readers are so invested in the books and eager for the next one! I am not linking to this in any way to say "get out of my face about book 3." Honestly I am thrilled readers are eager for book 3 and I'm doing my best to write it -- both for me and for you. As a reader, I love the moment when I discover that I get to live in the world of the story a little longer. There is nothing better than the assurance that I do not have to leave the characters I have come to adore behind when I turn that last page. If you really love a book, you'll want to read more of the characters and the world the book is set in. If the story and the characters are strong enough to sustain across three or more books (and Daughter of Smoke and Bone certainly is!) then I'm definitely in favour of series.

With the last book of a series I love I will also buy it straight away and then not read it for a few days.
While everyone is waiting for the third Daughter book everyone should go read your Dreamdark books and Lips Touch!
Mel Gibson’s Oscar-nominated depiction of the agony of Jesus Christ in His final hours is part of film history, including its rank as the highest grossing independent film ever. There will be waiting, and possibly the necessity of rereading before the next book comes out because they'll have read dozens of other books in the meantime and don't remember every little thing. I suspect that these readers have YA supernatural romance series fatigue specifically, there really are just so many, it's true.
You don't want the agony of the cliffhanger, so you decide to wait until the series is all wrapped up. Part of the experience was the wait, the journey, and being in it as it happened, waiting and all. But I like what Gaiman says here, especially about how different writers work differently, etc etc. It wasn't meant to be a trilogy, but his publishers insisted it be separated into three novels. I love series and being apart of the anticipation for waiting for the next one and the joy when it arrives. That said, some books do work better as standalones, and I have read some series which feel like they were stretched out for the sake of it. Tolkien wasn't happy with that choice, but it worked out well for him!I agree with you that I love the anticipation of waiting for the next book in a series. The feeling of almost-real, where lives and people take time to develop, where I can change with them. That Cheryl Klein flew to pick up the manuscript in person, and cloak-and-daggered it back with her on the airplane, like a secret agent! We write them as fast as we can, which is not always terribly fast but is hopefully what the book needs to be as good as it can be. So thank you for the faith, for the waiting, the patience, the rereading, and thank you for spreading the word. Perhaps it's a mark of the society we live in - getting everything instantly these days. If not, and if it's a series I really love, then I get the chance to reread the earlier books before starting the next installment. Because you do reread (I surely did), and the world becomes more real with each book, and you love the characters so much it hurts when the series finally ends. On the one hand, I was so grateful that when I discovered The Golden Compass, or the Dreamquake Duet, they were already complete. And the release nights, and people racing home at midnight to read them at once, and all the marvelousness. Sometimes I read a book 2 that appears quickly on the heels of a successful book 1, and it feels rushed and thrown together, and that disappointment is a million times worse than waiting.
I think that the internet has served a great purpose of uniting authors and readers in a sense of community, all in service to the books. For me, too, the waiting is delicious, and I like re-reading to make sure I'm ready for the next one.

I haven't gotten a chance to read Blood and Starlight, only because I want some deadline free time to savor it when I read it. I jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon very late in the game (strictly speaking, the fall of 2010), and binge read them all faster than I'd read any other books. I love long complicated stories with an array of characters, which is usually why I love series so much. Google has 67% whereas Bing has around 17% of the overall search engine market share.Google can be considered as the daddy of all search engines, and Bing is trying to catch up with Google. As a writer, I think particularly a fantasy writer, when you have created a world, you're not going to throw it away in one book. There was a day of panicked phone calls to bookstores and driving around trying to trackdown Dreamquake! So that was a special case, of course, but I feel the same way about other series that are underway now. My WIP is a self-contained novel, but I've come up with related books just to stay in that world a little longer.
Yes, it could be good if the books were all released at once, but even if authors DID have all books done at the same time, publishers wouldn't release them all together - they make more money by spreading them out a bit.
I went into it thinking it was a standalone and then got the end and realized it was not and was frankly quite pissed off because I think it would have been much better as a stand alone. I know you’ll make book 3 better than I could have dreamed (your imagination, Laini!), and in the meantime, I have an excuse to read the first two again.
And heck, they should try being a reviewer of ARCs :p Sometimes we may get one book months ahead of anyone else, then the wait feels even longer if we don't manage to get an ARC of the next book! Thank you Reply Pramod Choudhary Hello Nataie,You can easily change the default browser in Windows.
Which version of Windows are you using?Use the free Iobit uninstaller program to completely remove junk applications.
There was a time I am so happy to open my computer and there is Bing taking me all over the world with other educational information like science, nature and anything under the sun and Bing make everything look interesting and make everything look like a nice piece of art even an ordinary stone. Thank you so much for your time and help on whatever help you can share on this post to help others with similar predicaments.
Some friends worry to use google as they fear their privacy is lost with google, but I do not worry about this. My question is, all these years, I use Bing as my home page default and search engine but I did not see any rewards and how do I receive or get the rewards. Also I have three e-mail accounts, one account, Hotmail is set up to notify me for rewards but that’s it. I am not so good in technical aspects including terminologies, I hope you still understand what I am trying to point out. Maybe I should start using it.I still find myself going to Google for everything and it is currently set as my homepage. But i use Bing webmaster for my keyword research and other seo practices.Have yourself a nice weekend over there Reply Sue Price Hi PramodI did not know BIng was the second most popular.

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