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Another interesting thing is that while Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is there with 107 million copies sold, the second book in the series only has 60 million copies sold, so it seems that about 40% of people are not continuing on with the series after book one.
I was surprised to see series there that I had to look up; Perry Mason, The Railway Series and San-Antonio, I expected to see only series that were radily familiar. I’m going to guess that there is either a copy of a Harry Potter book or A Tale of Two Cities in your house. We run a pretty sweet little bookish Instagram account, if we do say so ourselves (and we do).
Raise a glass (or four) to the reading life! Our new bookish pint glasses are buy 3, get 1 free.
Aside from food, water and love, I honestly believe the greatest thing you can give your kids is a love of reading. Lemony Snicket: Both of my kids loved this series centered around Lemony Snicket, a troubled writer and researcher falsely accused of felonies and continuously hunted by the police and his enemies. Percy Jackson: This adventure series is great for your teen or tween, but might cause nightmares for younger kids.
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These are just off the top of my head there are many many more I am sure … Perhaps I was a bit of an advanced reader but there are SO many good children series!
My daughter loved and was obsessed with My Side of the Mountain too, and she researched other Jean Craighead George books. My young kids (preschool through early elementary) love Mo Willems books, Elephant and Piggie, and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. A book with a dystopian picture of love, poverty, kindness…a book which strikes a chord of emotions, as if you are on a ride.
It is fantasy series and the characters in this fantasy literature may be a little bit baffling. There have been many movie adaptations of our favorite books in the past few years because of the rise in popularity of films that are shown world-wide. The first on our list is The Mortal Instruments franchise that everybody has been talking about.
Although not as popular as the books themselves, the film adaptations have steadily gained fans throughout it’s releases. With the first installation, The Maze Runner, a complete success, and the following film The Scorch Trials, received with generally good reviews, the film adaptations seem to be promising among the rest of the film adaptations of other book series. Another book series that has a dystopian setting is the Divergent trilogy that has since captured many fans. Next in the list is the ever so popular Hunger Games trilogy that is almost at the level of the big guns such as Twilight and the movie adaptations aren’t even done yet.
The first of the big three, the monstrous trio that has captured the hearts of millions of fans world-wide.
The second of the powerful trio of book series to make successful movies is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And of course, how can we forget about the series that brought us to the world of witches, wizards, spells, and potions: Harry Potter. Almost 5 years ago, Estelle & Magan met at a wedding — where M was the photographer and E was a bridesmaid for her best friend's big day. Since then, we’ve shared our love of books, Zac Efron, and shopping on this blog, changed jobs, had babies, moved, visited DC and Disney World together, and constantly stayed connected -- despite the miles between us. Share book reviews and ratings with Magan (Rather Be Reading), and even join a book club on Goodreads. The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr — Death and betrayal lead Lucy to walk away from being a concert pianist. Reboot by Amy Tintera — I met Amy at ALA Annual this year and she’s the sweetest little lady!
Return to Me by Justina Chen Headley — Life changing news + a girl on her way to college. Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi — I am so anxious to learn more about these characters. The book I hadn’t heard of but is now on my list thanks to your post is Return to Me.
Jamie - Love how our lists are so similar (obvi because we have great taste in books ?? )…ahhh how did I forget Requiem (like major fail…you know how excited I am) and This Is What Happiness Looks Like??! Cynthia - I’m soooo lame, totally forgot to add This is What Happy Looks Like and Falling for You to my list. The Reading-ista - Return To Me was not on my list, but I am looking forward to that one too. While there are MANY fantastic dystopian novels on the market, these are my 10 favorite series.
Each year, The Capitol selects one girl and one boy from each of the 12 districts to compete in the Hunger Games – a fight to the death match, with one celebrated victor. I actually loved all three books in the series, and was happy with the way the series ended. Cinder is a cyborg – a second-class citizen despised by her stepmother, forced to work as a mechanic to pay the bills. If we were to add together sales of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, arguably a series, they would fit in right around the middle, with 250 million books sold. It’s a quirky, fast paced series that stretches the imagination and keeps you turning pages. There are 50 books that follow Jack and Annie as they confront mysteries all across the globe.

This is one of the best children’s series ever written and easily crosses gender lines. Younger kids will like them because they are such a quick read, and older kids will like them because of the crazy plots and hilarious situations Greg Heffley finds himself in.
Our little neighbor girl is obsessed with the Geronimo Stilton series and spends hours in her room reading book after book.
Seriously though these books are perfect for your little reader or even your non-reader who loves to be read to. I loved the Anne of Green Gables and the Baby Sitters club but I would read almost anything I could get my hands on.
The book full of fantasy, fun, imaginary characters like the lion talking and is the main centre of attention.
With the City of Bones as it’s first installment, it seems promising in terms of following the series until the very end.
Because of how complex the plot is, and how demanding the fans are I might add, the film adaptations of the immensely popular Percy Jackson book series are not as expected. Opening at number one in both movies’ premiers, it has already garnered many fans world-wide. The first installation which was Divergent was a success in the box office earning millions of dollars in total. The unique plot, the lovable characters, and the treacherous villains will make you beg for the next film to come out right after you’ve watched the most recent one. The Hobbit series has proven itself just as popular as it’s predecessor, with unbelievable effects that will make you jump on your seats. From the beginning of the books, where everyone was dying to read them because of the supposed vampires in the book, to huge multi-million dollar film productions, clearly the power of imaginations in books are what makes stories what they are. It’s unbelievable success has reached from three simple books, to multi-million dollar films and even video game adaptations. RBR has been the our own version of a coffee date, our way to mark the time before we can hang out and gab in person again. I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the awesome crew at The Broke and The Bookish.
I am trying to branch out of dark and twisted murder stories and experience more light-hearted fiction, so I am definitely looking forward to This is What Happy Looks Like. A few that didn’t make my list but are still must-reads for me are Falling for You, The Moon and More, and Return to Me. I have This Is What Happy Looks Like, Through The Ever Night and Requiem on my top ten as well! I have heard of it, and it’s on my want to read shelf on GR, but I just wanted to say again that it sounds AMAZING. I loved the notion of the factions and the implications that come from defining yourself and your life by your defining personality trait. Society tells her it was just a glitch – but as she gets to know Ky and develops feelings for him, she wonders if the Society should be the one telling you who to love. I didn’t fully love the ultimate choice Cassia made and would have ended several things differently. On their 18th birthday, all citizens receive an injection, curing them of the ability to fall in love – and the evils that come with it. When Prince Kai employs her, she sets forth on an intergalactic adventure – full of secrets, plot twists, and suspense. These were completely unlike anything I ever read, and I was surprised at how the story sucked me in. Please notice that unless specified otherwise the copyright of all the articles in this blog belongs to the author of this blog. No Copy without reference or permission.I have spend a lot of time creating the contents of my blogs.
Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days. The fact that A Tale of Two Cities sits at the top of this list is fantastic and astounding and unbelieveble and gives me hope for the human race. The way that The Hobbit is selling now (top 5 on a few genres on amazon) means that it may actually be approaching the 300 million mark as a series. The illustrations perfectly carry the story along and make for a light, easy read for a wide age range.
This is another series where adults might find themselves borrowing their kids’ books to read themselves.
The cool thing about this series is that it originated in Italy and has become one of the most popular children’s book series in the world after being translated into almost 40 different languages.
The BFG is one of my all-time favs, but Matilda, James and the Giant Peach and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory tie for a close 2nd. Tolkien- the writer very descriptively narrates beautifully depicting Middle-Earth and the journey that the fellowships take and not only the book is full of magic and fantasy but also the dead language used by the author itself carries the readers to the far away land to feel ita€™s a€?Avatara€™a€™. The character added by J.K Rowling is almost the same to any other ordinary human being and has given a realistic look and features and can be pictured very well how Harry looked like. The ambience created by this book so well created as if one is literally dwelling in the world of fantasy. The complete story is a complete mix and match of horror- because a€?Deatha€™ is the commonplace in this book. That’s probably one of the reasons why there are so many book series to movie adaptations now.
Although it received a lot of mixed reviews, it has still gained success due to the immense popularity of the book series itself.

However, it is still popular nonetheless especially to those who are so dedicated to seeing their favorite characters come to life outside of their books.
With the dystopian future concept rarely used in film series, they obviously took that opportunity to capture the audience’s interest. With the immense popularity of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, it was only a matter of time before the Chronicles of Narnia film adaptations happened. Although there are some alterations from the book, it has still prevailed the harsh critics and is becoming one of the popular film franchises of today.
With it’s tremendous success, millions of fans world-wide have even made their own fan-base in support of the characters. The world of Middle-Earth, which is also a part of the Middle-Earth Universe but is a separate entity, has been stamped in our hearts as we imagine dwarves, elves and dragons at our doorstep. Although there are a lot of differences between the books and the movies, they still stick to the main plot and is probably one of the most successful book to movie adaptations ever. On your 16th birthday, you must choose which faction you will remain in – often forsaking your family and way of life. Cinder must uncover the truth about her past, her identity, and the plague ravaging New Beijing. The storyline picks up!Additionally, if you read Fairest, you just might find yourself feeling empathetic towards the villain!
This is an allegory and forces the reader to consider things like hope, value, joy, and knowledge. I’m a pastor’s wife, mom to four pretty incredible kids, founder of Chasing Supermom Vancouver, lover of children’s literature, advocate of imagination, and a champion for mothers everywhere. Anyone who to posts them on other websites, or for any publishing, please contact the author and get the permission first. Before you do anything to make other peoples' hard work your own, just go through the Copyright and Fair Use Guide to avoid making a costly mistake! I also suspect that its age gives it a bit of a head start and that it is probably mandatory reading (and buying) in some parts of the British elementary school system. They are also fast-paced, so your seasoned reader won’t get bored and your new reader will want to stick with it.
Sometimes finding perfect reading material is as simple as reintroducing the books we loved as kids!
If I ever decided to change up my wardrobe I’d go big or go home and adopt her extravagant style with boas, tutus, ruby slippers, fairy wings, and fuzzy slippers. It has also the subtle message portrayed by the author that how the power of Magic was replaced by human dominance. J.K Rowlinga€™s brilliance of such combinations like magic, love, pain, revenge, friendship, loss of loved ones and also sacrifice.
Katiness a strong protagonist in this trilogy shows how she solves her one problem and takes charge of her own life, struggling with her emotions between two boys. The story has and can be seen from much perspective and each character in the book keeps changing giving a different taste- a taste that will keep on lingering on readera€™s mind.
Especially since writers have an incredibly imaginative mind and they can supply just about anything that can be made into a successful movie. Let’s just hope that it gets better in the future installments that they plan to put out. If I ever decided to change up my wardrobe I’d go big or go home and adopt her extravagant style withA boas, tutus, ruby slippers, fairy wings, and fuzzy slippers.
I could hardly narrow this down — do you guys realize how much amazingness is coming out in the next year? Tris’s choice takes her down a path not just of self-discovery, but of one that could forever change the way her current society is structured.
Throughout the trilogy, their story progresses, until Lena is forced to make a choice – a safe loveless life or a life with Alex? But, off late there are good books which are actually really addictive especially trilogies and cana€™t get rid of it. Tolkien makes this a€?Lord of Ringsa€™a€™ a universal and all-embracing tale and a magnificent efficient by him to incorporate- an epic tale of love, friendship, heroism- a just celebrated classic of all genres. With all the movies that has been released, the popularity is still increasing and the number of movie adaptations increase with it. With two more installments showing in 2016 and 2017 consecutively, it’s already a promising future for the film series. Will she betray her best friend who ran away prior to her operation to live amongst the rebels, or will the allure of the rebels change her mind? The writer has very well weaved every detail such that it suits the mystically created wizardly land at its best. When Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory, he begins to understand the secrets and truth about his community.
The moral lessons are even more subtly cloaked with magic and with mystery enough to instill in the hearts and minds of the young readers. Each year, the twelve districts sends two representatives, a girl and a boy to participate in this hunger game until the loved one will be chosen until each district will be left with the sacrifice of another.

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