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If Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November, it will be a historic moment, the smashing of the preeminent glass ceiling in American public life. A Clinton victory also promises to usher in four-to-eight years of the kind of down-and-dirty public misogyny you might expect from a stag party at Roger Ailes’s house. Wide stretches of southern Louisiana are once again flooded with more than two feet of water. The images coming from Baton Rouge and its surrounding low-lying areas, of submerged homes and streets turned into rivers, inevitably call to mind the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Louisiana floods, which the American Red Cross on Wednesday labeled “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Superstorm Sandy,” have not dominated cable news nor the front pages of newspapers. There are plenty of ways to celebrate victory at the Olympics: You can do the Lightning Bolt like Usain Bolt.
A comedian and writer for Inside Amy Schumer drew his boss into an internet firestorm by criticizing a theater for banning an accused rapist. Perhaps the biggest misconception held by many stand-up comedians is that their profession somehow makes them experts on matters unrelated to writing and telling jokes. Metzger was specifically reacting to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre banning a comic from its clubs after multiple women alleged he had sexually assaulted and harassed them, leading the UCB to conduct an internal probe.
As people move to warmer climates and cities, small towns throughout the region are weathering decline. NEW CANAAN, Conn.—The house is a perfect Colonial, white with green shutters, with five bedrooms, a pool, and a spacious lawn.
This has little to do with the housing market broadly speaking: In cities like New York, San Francisco, and Boston, prices are rising and homes are sold within days of listing.
Michael Moore has a theory about Donald Trump: The Republican nominee never wanted to be president, and he is now sabotaging his campaign as a way to get out of the race. The claims have been shared thousands of times on social media and re-printed in media outlets, including The Huffington Post and CNBC. On August 21, more than 11,000 Olympic athletes will leave Rio, some carrying medals, others lugging the weight of falling short of expectations.
This emotional drop, in its most acute form, might be called post-Olympic depression—or, to borrow a phrase from the sports psychologist Scott Goldman, the director of the Performance Psychology Center at the University of Michigan, an under-recovery. This week on the Rush Limbaugh program, amid monologues extolling Donald Trump and attacking Hillary Clinton, America’s most popular talk-radio host took time to answer a question from a caller: “You've been telling us for decades now, ‘Don't panic. He went on to explain why he’s optimistic that he and his listeners won’t “lose the country” for good. That’s what a Michigan district court said in a summary judgment against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued Thursday, ruling that a Baptist, family-owned funeral home had the right to dismiss a former funeral director, Aimee Stephens, who was starting to transition from male to female. This decision is the latest in a confusing body of rulings about what constitutes sex discrimination in workplaces, which is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
If the collective impression is that Trump’s campaign is failing, does it mean Democratic voters won’t be motivated to go out and vote? You've been riding with us all week as we counted down our picks for the top 50 anime of the last ten years.

Please report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community fisters, and flag the user (we will ban users dishing bad karma). As hyperpartisanship, grievance politics, and garden-variety rage shift from America’s first black commander-in-chief onto its first female one, so too will the focus of political bigotry.
Downpours have again damaged or ruined tens of thousands of homes, driving thousands into shelters and leaving many people homeless and some dead.
President Obama, other than signing a disaster declaration, hasn’t bothered to interrupt his Martha’s Vineyard vacation of golf and fund-raisers to address the suffering residents of the Gulf. This certainly seemed to be the case for Kurt Metzger, a stand-up comic and writer for Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, who recently posted repetitive Facebook screeds about rape, criticizing the way women report being the victim of a crime. For many observers it simply looked like another terrible instance of abuse, though one that opened up further debate on how to handle rape and sexual-assault allegations in the community.
Rather, it’s a sign that suburban neighborhoods straight out of Mad Men are no longer as in-demand as they once were. Despite their varying degrees of success, many will have the same surprise waiting for them back home: a feeling that life suddenly seems ordinary. It’s also a powerful reminder of how tenuous transgender rights currently are in the United States.
America’s daughters will at last have living, breathing, pantsuit-wearing proof that they too can grow up to be president. Some of it will be driven by genuine gender grievance or discomfort among some at being led by a woman.
State leaders have declared the situation “historic” and “unprecedented,” and the federal government has, yet again, declared a major disaster in the region. Hillary Clinton has mentioned the floods only in a single tweet, and Donald Trump has said nothing about them at all. Metzger’s social-media tirades inevitably drew negative pushback against Schumer, his boss, who decried his actions online.
But for Metzger, the ban was either a terrible miscarriage of justice or a punishment lacking in severity: His frenzied Facebook commentary cut both ways, at times lecturing on the exact manner in which victims should report crimes, with seemingly no care for context. Around Boston, for example, 51 towns and suburbs started the year with price declines while the city’s prices skyrocketed. I know this for a fact,” the well-known documentary filmmaker wrote on his website earlier this week.
But above all, the reasoning in the decision suggests that the powerful effects of the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Burwell v.
You might have some complaints to give, legs to break or horse heads to leave in my bed (it can fit about 4 with me in there), but you've stuck with us thus far.So, are you ready to check out some of the greatest titles of the last ten years? But in plenty of other cases, slamming Hillary as a bitch, a c**t (Thanks, Scott Baio!), or a menopausal nut-job (an enduringly popular theme on Twitter) will simply be an easy-peasy shortcut for dismissing her and delegitimizing her presidency. Indeed, as Blackwood drives me through this picturesque New England town just an hour from New York, we pass dozens of for-sale and for-rent signs outside home set back from the road. These are homes that, one day, might have been on any family’s dream list, back when suburbs were where everyone wanted to live and there were dozens of companies to work for nearby.

While the court’s logic wouldn’t apply to other kinds of discrimination outlawed by Title VII—on the basis of race or national origin, for example—it could apply to future cases of alleged discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. The weightlifter from the Pacific island nation of Kiribati finished sixth in the men’s 105-kilogram Group B final.
Median home values in Fairfield County, where New Canaan is located, are down 21 percent from their peak in 2003, according to Zillow; for the state as a whole median home values are down 18 percent from their 2004 peak. They leave a distinct mark on every project they touch, so that when you watch any of their works, you can identify it instantly -- not only in visual style, but in themes, impact and power. He’s dancing because he’s not sure what else he can do at this point to help his sinking, storm-battered country. We felt it unfair to compete their own works against each other, and so we grouped their works together in a single ranking.I'd like to thank Ben Huber for creating the template that you see on the charts, and the entire staff for helping to vote on these titles and give this list a sense of semblance. In urban areas, they are up—often substantially; in Boston, Charlotte, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle, prices this year have set record highs. Most importantly, though, I'd like to thank you for sticking with us this far, discussing and sharing your ideas, and helping to build a better discussion.
Hopefully in the weeks to come, I'll get to see your own top 10, 25 or even 50 anime of the decade lists. Tackling a lot of issues like the complication of relationships and the difficulty of changing from one lifestyle to another, Honey and Clover provides something that's deep and different. We watch characters of all different stages of life try to deal with what's going on around them, each bringing their own perspective to the show's plot.The way the show deals with everything -- with such aplomb and down-to-earth nature -- Honey and Clover comes across as something fundamentally different from just about every romance title that's out there. The works of Satoshi Kon, in this decade, include Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent and Paprika. His specialty is blending the line between fantasy and reality, for both the viewer and the characters.
Coming out of the school of Katsuhiro Otomo, Kon created works that were hauntingly beautiful, emotionally heart-rending and complex without being Evangelion.In a word, he was an illusionist.
In his time working with the folks at Madhouse, Kon has produced four films and a TV series, in which we attempt to unravel a mystery: the life of a recluse actress or tracking down a dream-hacker, for example.
Once we've entered Kon's story world, we get swept up in a blur of fantastical images -- delving into the past or into someone's dreamscape -- and are taken for a truly memorable ride. It will change how you view the entire cyberpunk world of GITS.In this decade, Studio Ghibli's works have included Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo. If there is anyone to point to as a bridge between the Japanese animation world and the general American culture, Hayao Miyazaki is the man.His works are timeless, plain and simple.

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